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We're back boys

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Get that numismatic shit out of here, we only stack the ugliest, cheapest silver here.

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Based buffalo chads.

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>his family didnt start stacking when a silver dollar cost one dollar

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Bought a box of 100 random rounds. Got 100 brand new buffalos. I'm in now.

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Lol, actually have a nice stash of silver dollars from my grandma, God rest her soul. Couldn't resist picking these up about a month ago though...

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How many oz to make it

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100 ounces, for your grandkids to immediately sell and then lose everything on whatever their generation's equivalent of shitcoins are.

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Ah yeas the silver buffalo King of the Shitrounds.
Only costs $1.19 over spot ($3.49 from APMEX. And you can sell it for a whole dollar under spot.

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Anyone have experience selling to one of these online shops? I have some buffalos i want to get rid of and swap for ASE's

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Fuck, should I not have gone with bars?

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My nigger go on kijiji and post add saying youll sell at 1$ over spot for bullion and 2$ OVER SPOT FOR COIN and you will get messages within a few days be patient. I only buy and sell through kijiji and pmsforsale

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Is there any reason to buy online if you can buy in person at only 95 cents above spot for generic rounds and slightly tarnished bullion? Other than the lack of variety?

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10z is pretty buffalo chad tier too

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If you have a good lcs go for it. My lcs is a damn rip off and sells 2019 ASE for $25 an oz. I'd like to buy local but end up buying everything online due to cheaper prices for me.

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oof, man that sucks. I got 3 liberty dollars for 56$ the other day. Yeah, don't buy from someone who over charges.

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Nice try. I suspect 20,000 ounces is the bare minimum needed to "make it" and that's assuming you get the timing just right and sell very close to the top. 100 ounces of silver might last you 3 months.

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/voma/ tier stack

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Bars are great up to 10 ounces, anon.
Just remember that if you have a 100toz bar, if silver goes to $50 not many people will be able to afford to buy from you.

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when is the collapse coming? I'm tired of waiting. Will Great Depression 2.0 fuck America? Will we turn into Somalia when the welfare cards stop working? And local governments flee to their bunkers?

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this, im growing old

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it hasn't even been 100 years since 1929.
So much shit has happened since then. 2 fucking world wars, damn near nuclear holohoax, and fucking rise of NEETs.
Trips decide the next 100 years of history.

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Well arent a lot of economists saying that right now has a lot of parallels to the roaring 20's?

Now what happend right after that period?

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UFO Nazi’s save mankind from the Jew and we live in a golden age that lasts 100,000 years

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been hearing that for the last 12 years

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