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Niggers and kikes manipulating the market

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I bought into the GHSI pump hopefully it doesn't instantly dump.

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kek based yotsuba poster called this reaction perfectly sorry you got snibbed again mister bear better luck next time

>> No.15621799

For gold futures, the latter part of this statement is literally true.

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What a boring ass day

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Bought LCI, SNSS, and GALT.

How fucked am I in short term 3-5 months? Also what do anons think of WKHS Im waiting to see what the price does before entering but I like the company and their vision, I just dont know if they will succeed.

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I mean everyone's known it for forever just nobody was doing anything about it.

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Calm day. Nothing until Powell unleashes his monetary policy stance tomorrow. Let’s see if his stand is enough for Trump.

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the holy /smg/ trinity

you will be rich beyond imagination or sucking dick for loose change in six months.

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WKHS will legit make you rich. SNSS and LCI have promise. GALT is a piece of shit.

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I don’t like making a new OP from my phone, and I like seeing how far we can go. I only get excited to make one when I have something fun planned for the OP.

BILI run!

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Well fuck oil is killed.

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this is advanced flatness

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What did Mr turbin man say?

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I have no clue.


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is anybody actually buying AAPL stock? feels like it's being kept up to unload shares...

>> No.15621916

Weird how you trade shit and doesn't keep up with the news

>"Saudi Arabia supplies have returned to the market"

>> No.15621918

Aramco fully back online. RIP Baggie.

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LCI to $60

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Jesus Christ, now The Economist Intelligence Briefing has a thing about the “mysterious illness linked to e-cigarettes”

Just a little headline risk...

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Seems like GME will fall again after people get bored. When it drops another dollar again ill drop some cash in it

>> No.15621975

LPTX chads WYA

>> No.15621980

No way! Where else will everyone pick up their Nintendo Switch™ Lite™ With funcopop™ Accessories?!

>> No.15621983

oh yeah and MO to $30.......

it should've already dropped.. look at where the shares are.. i've seen this happen before....

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I think they fell off a cliff

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I grabbed at lows and sold, just waiting to buy back in. You might be right

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A little, but not because of LPTX

I’m here, been having some fun with this one, it’s been all over the place and I’ve been pretty far from hitting the top or bottom. Not really sure what’s so bad about the data desss

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That’s not crazy, OPEC does fuck with its other members like that.

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i did the same thing before earnings.. just bought a couple thousand shares this morning just because i've seen a highly shorted stock reject downward price action after a bad earnings... it actually mooned shortly after.. it was MNKD back in aug. 2017... i rode that shit and thought to myself.. wow.. if i ever see that shit happen again... i'm gettin in..

GME is trading tight right now.. waiting to make a huge move.. might be up.. might be down.. but i want to be prepared

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5th day of option trading has been a wild ride

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OPEC isnt even OPEC anymore. US is

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Checking in

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287 puts get fucked namefag

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Overnight lending market almost fucking collapsed today, target rate set by Fed was 2-2.25% but it spiked to 10%. Fed just had to inject an emergency $53 billion into the market to keep it afloat, but it could just be a band-aid if the behavior continues over the next couple days.

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calm the fuck down

>> No.15622126

Literally who?

>> No.15622140

The Trump Cocksucker who decided to shit up the thread with his down syndrome the past few days. I just want to know what his expiration date on his SPY puts was so I can laugh as they expire worthless.

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this is worrying

>> No.15622226

you know they cant into stocks anon

>> No.15622229

In english?

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Does it give Powell more ammo to cut and QE?

>> No.15622246

>imagine thinking he actually held them
my SPY calls....they rise......

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QE is all but confirmed, and sooner than most people anticipated. Liquidity in the USD is tightening like a motherfucker

>> No.15622300

Powell’s going down in history whether he wants to or not.

>> No.15622301

You guys think it was a good idea to buy call on ULTA? It seemed pretty oversold to me.

>> No.15622314


He'll cut, but it'll be like last time: Trump will lose his shit if it's less than the 25 basis points.

Trump wants this economy juiced up to the eyeballs.

If they don't cut there is going to be massive correction.

>> No.15622326

Is this an inflation signal? Nobody gave a shit when QE was orchestrated by yellen.

>> No.15622330

What is yotsuba, I look it up and it's just some gay comic from nipland

>> No.15622354

Keep an eye on SHOP too. Epic skid

>> No.15622357

Didn’t that start when we were clearly in the midst of an historic recession?

>> No.15622393

yellen didn't do shit the whole fucking time!!! fucking just sat there and kept everything the same.. they just needed someone to fill the seat for a lil while they figure shit out.. kinda why obama became president...

>> No.15622411

>QE is all but confirmed,
It is the new normal
>Nobody gave a shit when QE was orchestrated by yellen.


>> No.15622459

>>Nobody gave a shit when QE was orchestrated by yellen.
you remember the tea party? The whole reason republicans took the fucking gavel away from that whore pelosi was because of this same fucking thing.

>> No.15622469

Crashing the economy with no survivors. It was her turn!

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Who here /VEGN/?

>> No.15622524

>you remember the tea party?

Kek I was actually in it much to my current embarrassment. A youthful mistake.

>> No.15622558

What is likely to happen to stocks once Powell thing happens?

>> No.15622571

they're going to move up and down, trigger all the stops along the way, than pick the direction of least resistance.

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>literally a blue pill

>> No.15622604

your welcome

>> No.15622649

at this point i'd buy 60 dollar LCI calls if they existed

>> No.15622665

Does anyone know when AMRS has to produce it's financials before getting delisted?

>> No.15622676

i'm looking for stock to buy and it's like the only one still looking really good lol

>> No.15622689

>fiscal conservatism
The only time any politician acknowledges spending, debt, or deficit is when the other party is in power.

Just remember this when the Dems are in power again (sometime within the next 20 years?) and All the republikeks cry about the debt again.

The whole “my team vs. your team” thing is ruining this kountry.

>> No.15622693

they come out this week

>> No.15622713

why is TEF, Europe's biggest telecommunication company, with a market cap of 35B's share price only 6.67EUR?

>> No.15622714

i've been hearing that for a month tho....

do you know a day they actually have to produce them?

>> No.15622718

>Dems are in power again (sometime within the next 20 years?

try two.

>> No.15622720

>QE is all but confirmed


Anon, it already happened this morning ~$50B worth

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>> No.15622737

Who’s the trumpslayer?

>> No.15622771

That’s within the next 20 years

I didn’t want to detract from the point with the 2020 election.

>> No.15622793

Cory "Sparticus" Booker

>> No.15622794

Thanks GHSIanon but why didn't you post it earlier!?

>> No.15622800

We'll see. The GOP is not facing a favorable senate map this time. And the last time it did have one it barely managed to keep its seats.

Dems are also snapping up state legislatures. They will control redistricting in 2020.

Unironically anyone except Biden.

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>> No.15622860

If you give him attention he comes back, he used to use the trip Cumshot Caller

>> No.15622877

holy fuck today is fucking lame

>> No.15622880

I lost 33%, there's still 30 minutes for me to lose more.

>> No.15622885

Wall-eyed retardicus is a fitting figurehead for this meme country at this point

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if Shot caller comes on tell him I said thanks! Based tripfag

>> No.15622903

The party of gibs running the country. The future is brite.

>> No.15622921

A local newspaper analysis think an US-China interim deal could cover the following aspects:
- China buying more American agricultural products
- China relaxing some market entry requirements
- Enhanced legal protection on investors
- Relaxed American export control against Huawei
- Further deferral of the American tariff increase

>> No.15622935

Eh, those aren’t lifetime appointments like judiciary

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Sounds about right.

>> No.15622961

Huh. Is that why tvix just dipped into my buy zone?

I still can’t into vix’s Relationship with tvix/uvxy/vixy

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I have 100€
should I even try ? :(

>> No.15622984

Just remember to give mr. Market a nice firm handshake.

>> No.15623006

Dude WTF is going on with SPY? Shit is just mooning for no reason?

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>> No.15623047

Last pump before the Fed dump.

>> No.15623052

GME could make a really good run here soon..

>> No.15623053

Toyota is investing in San Antonio, so the trade war with Japan is over!!!

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>> No.15623097

Israel about to become muslim, you can easily make money shorting this election if Bibi fails

>DEVELOPING: Exit polls show Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu short of securing parliamentary majority with his hard-line allies, leaving his political future in doubt - AP

>> No.15623099

whats so funny about that?

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>> No.15623125

I didn’t get any tweets, what the fuck is happening? Are people just FOMOing in, certain that Powell will cut?

Oof. Having a United Middle East would suck. Get ready for the new holy war.

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Laughing ETSY'S....

>> No.15623143

How many elections does israel have a year? Fugg

>> No.15623149

Someone send me the links to these three books
>A Random Walk Down Wall Street: The Time-Tested Strategy for Successful Investing

>The Intelligent Investor

>Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit

>> No.15623153

So what are everyone’s December predictions? We getting a Santa bump, or Santa slammed like last year? I’m debating buying at the next dip, or waiting until the new year.

>> No.15623163

Fuck. At what point do I just kill myself for buying all the wrong stocks?

>> No.15623167

Ror! I used to have a girl who worked in the factory there. They make trucks.

>> No.15623178

>Reading books

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Ding ding ding! How did everyone do today? I'm down .08%, nothing day. I'm very much concerned about the 53 fucking billion the fed is playing around with in the lending markets, anyone want to explain what the fuck caused that??

>> No.15623224

Also there are rumors that China want to make a secret deal with America because they are afraid that publicizing such a deal will make the public question the party's ability to lead China into the bright future they promised. But I cannot imagine how Trump is going tell the publix that he's going to sign a secret deal with China

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>expires 9/27

h-help me b-b-bros

>> No.15623265

posted weeks ago. lately everyone here only interested in gold silver and recently oil

>> No.15623272

You didn't sell when it was at strike?

>> No.15623288

>Fed Ex

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I'm so glad that I bought INTC instead of AMD!

Down $33 (0.13%).

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keeping cool in my SCP POOL

>> No.15623297

Im down after buying M, ODP and WPG. Do you think they’ll bounce back?

>> No.15623306


>> No.15623320

Oh no poor Fred Smith...

>> No.15623363

Guys I'm approaching 25k in cash. Never had this much before. I'm scared bros.

>> No.15623428
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G guys check fedex on robinhood is that a fucking glitch

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>> No.15623460

Spend 2% of it on something you like to do

>> No.15623461

Is Uncle Powell going to inject 10 trillion in stimulus tomorrow and bring rates back to 0 to avoid the coming apocalypse?

>> No.15623478

The only thing I like to do with my money is make more money!

>> No.15623537
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Breddy gud. +2%. Took some profit from Green Thumb position. Cresco Labs held double bottom for the second day to close +1.5%. Bulls and bears both tried to do something in the final 15 minutes but both got rejected for a doji candle. OH dropped -4.7% and once again looks attractive for an arbitrage trade on the Cresco buyout offer (I have no OH position at this time).

Cresco and Origin House both submitted their certifications of substantial compliance with the request for additional information from the DOJ (antitrust request). They should now be clear to proceed with CL's buyout of OH any time between October 17 and November 15.


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W....what is wrong with GALT I thought they just got a good patent? Why did you do this to me /smg/ I thought you were frens....

>> No.15623553

That's the right attitude

>> No.15623580
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>5% of global oil supply destroyed
>markets flat
Plunge protection team is working overtime

>> No.15623601

Bad news increases the probability of a big rate cut, and is therefore bullish.

>> No.15623611

t. Justin Trudeau

>> No.15623624 [DELETED] 

If he doesn't what is the likelihood of a hard crash?

The person who bought my call option, assuming the call option wasn't sold to someone else, hasnt sold and the price has gone down hard. He lost out on about $700 and if taken now is less than $50.

>> No.15623635
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Streaming services are officially meme status. Jesus Christ.

>> No.15623673

How do I invest in pewdiepie

>> No.15623681
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>imagine taking financial advice from idiots who think this

>> No.15623711
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>Justin Trudeau

Trudy will be gone soon. If I say it enough it will be true. Leaf election is next month.

>> No.15623713

Genuinely curious, what's the American to Foreigner ratio in this general?

>> No.15623715
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Down 1.2% today, but I started yesterday

>> No.15623725

They're clueless retards who don't understand value when they see it

>> No.15623731

Also, how do I make back the 120% I've lost this month?


>> No.15623732


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Down with the weedstocks, all of them except Canopy and IIPR took a hit today.

>> No.15623770

Didn't Trump said interim deal possible before election?

>> No.15623777

Nothing, they're just idiots

you know nothing about any of those companies, most likely including WKHS
willing to bet you only bought into it because of stocktwits posts

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Let's do the high res on that. Yes let's.

>> No.15623785

Oh shit, Crude inventories are up...

>> No.15623805

That's a nice pair of ID colors. Like cream and light teal.

>> No.15623808

Radio this morning:
>gas may raise as much as 25 cents over the next couple weeks

>up 30 cents on my way home

This is going to be bad, isn't it?

>> No.15623818



>> No.15623819
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Based ty anon

>> No.15623820
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Greenies brand is owned by Mars which is privately owned.

>> No.15623844

Idk who stockwit is I like wkhs vision and would love to have one of their drone copters one day if it comes to fruition plus it would be cool to see people shoot delivery drones out of the sky witg shotguns for trespassing on their properties. I do not know much about GALT which is why I ask. I do know that at least in the 12 years I have been on 4chan I have never onced been such a giant faggot I felt the need to tripfag though.

>> No.15623856

Is that supposed to be Trump?

>> No.15623882

the fact that fed is willing to inject money whenever banks fuck up is an incredibly bullish signal. this economy will never fail because the money printer won't let it! ror! buy the spy calls and enjoy the ride!

>> No.15623905

>you will never own Menards stock

I cry every tiem

>> No.15623908
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I got a feeling king krab is going to decree the market wants to be snibbed and snabbered.

>> No.15623930


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recovering but still not 100% whole from the massive loss I took yesterday from oil popping

thankfully I didn't panic sell

>> No.15623944

The S&P500 is forming a cup and handle. This implies a bullish outlook for the market.

>> No.15623953
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>> No.15623955

>USO down
time to collect more calls lads

>> No.15623974

Hontoni beisedu

>> No.15623994

Lol that pic

>> No.15624018

fuck you, you don't get to see my loss porn.

>> No.15624027


>> No.15624048


>> No.15624061

Ah to be a zoomer

>> No.15624124

We all knew this is how the media would finally die
>They don’t know they are placing themselves in competition with the internet now
Once these shits go on the internet, networks will drop like flies

>> No.15624156

We'll yeah he's a bull

>> No.15624191
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Forbes posted on an update today on how the field is looking for the SAFE banking act for state legal dude weed. House passage is very likely. Senate has 33 signed on sponsors so far. Senate is the hurdle here but it's not out of the question a bipartisan situation could occur. The legislation does not run contrary to Republican platform. Republicans have been mostly pro states rights in recent dude weed controversies. The act just ensures the federales can't go after banks for allowing cannabis companies to use them for business purposes. State legal dudes weed running all cash businesses isn't good for anybody. I think there is a chance for a couple republican senators to cross the aisle on this one.


>> No.15624197

Yay, insider buying means my TLRD bags will skyrocket tomorrow right!?

>> No.15624211
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if digits we get another drone strike tonight.

>> No.15624218


>> No.15624237

Czech it out.

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>> No.15624295
File: 1.25 MB, 480x480, yield curve.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We've had our warnings. Had this webm for a good few months now.

>> No.15624300

inverse bagholder fund says that this won't happen because you predicted it.

>> No.15624316

Still another day. Another day where AMRN gets another new backer coming out in support.

Truly the writing is on the wall now far as broad approval goes. Only a colossal fuck up can derail it now. The support is to strong, the evidence to damning for there to be any other option left for the FDA to legit do. Put it like this, if they reject I fully expect a lawsuit or some shit to be filed very fast.

If nothing else the backlash of millions of people who were counting on this to help them if they reject will be very bad far as P.R goes.

Nothing to do but ride the wave, wait for the meeting to be done with in Nov, then wait for the formal "Approval" meeting in dec (more like a "rubber stamp" meeting if you ask me). And also hope for the Holy buyout at some point in the middle of Nov/Dec.

My new job is still in the works. I think by end of this year I'll be in a new position. Nice thing about the state, you switch jobs there's no limbo as in the private sector. One day your at your old gig, next day you start the new one.

>> No.15624324
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>> No.15624366

Just bought 10 bags. You’re welcome.

>> No.15624370

2007 all over again
who will be the Bear Stearns?

>> No.15624403

2007 happened because fed didn't intervene fast enough. fed just dumped 53 billion right away. yes, the banks fucked up but it doesn't matter because there's an unlimited amount of money to fix it!

>> No.15624420

Mega Dip 2.0 will start very soon I hope. If it does come to pass that my T-babies have a nice big shat down to $31 again soon I'm thinking of pulling 1k outta my savings and using it to buy the dip.

It ain't like I'm gonna need the money soon anyway.

>> No.15624421
File: 85 KB, 1080x1312, Screenshot_2019-09-17-18-00-50-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thing has to be manipulated. It's like there's some secret power that's buying or selling some option for each month and lets it do whatever. Then right before expiry, manipulates it the other way past the strike price.

>> No.15624430

Looks like Mr. Sell Calls may get to keep his shares after all.

>> No.15624454
File: 78 KB, 801x801, 1534815259213.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15624516


I wonder if the world actually believes this sham or if they just play along with the casino gulag model knowing that it's a farce.

>> No.15624520

What's the joke here

t. Dont have over 9000 hours to spend in paint

>> No.15624538

The path will be revealed. CLDR IS WHAT IT SPELLS

>> No.15624564
File: 324 KB, 2151x2603, 1543956607388.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I buy more ACB

>> No.15624579

what matters is what happened in the reality. the reality is the money printer will keep banks propped up by any costs.

>> No.15624580
File: 8 KB, 250x238, 1563899230691.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Buying ACB

>> No.15624587

no it doesn't.....

>> No.15624628

Is cron done slippin'?

I cant slip cause if I slip then I'm slippon'

>> No.15624639

Ahhhhhh the person who bought my call never exercised even when it was at +20ish cents a share on 45 contracts!!! I wanted my money back instead of holding and now the price is crashing, I wouldnt be so worried if it werent for the fact that lots of signs are pointing to a recession.

>> No.15624655

Don't do it. It creates mustard gas

>> No.15624665

The modern economy is not really backed by anything other than an idea and what the masses think of it. Most shit is all electronic anymore. If some bank computer says you have $400 in your account then that's what you got. On the flip side if it says you got $400,000.00 then you have that to. The amount is whatever the computer says it is.

About the only time a teller actually gets involved is when your fucking with depositing checks or cash into the account anymore.

>> No.15624688

>This thing has to be manipulated

Everything is manipulated all the time. It took years for me to get out of the counter-productive mindset of getting mad at the bulls or bears taking the other side of my trades.

>> No.15624691
File: 12 KB, 250x201, 1517621797875.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll take this as a buy signal

>> No.15624698

close but no. the numbers in these accounts are there because of swift network and its associated technologies and policies.

>> No.15624725

>The modern economy is not really backed by anything other than an idea and what the masses think of it.
the non-modern economy worked the same way

>> No.15624745

Fun little tip, whatever you do, keep your transfers under 10k. Funds transfers over 10,000.00 will trigger the Feds involvement. Who needs to fuck with more paperwork? Not me. Plus it'll get your bank all interested in your business. Who needs that.

>> No.15624839

You don’t even go here...

>> No.15624842

If meme lines mean anything, we're at support now, so this would be the place to buy.

>> No.15624843

that's not true, i transfer over $10k all the time. it's when you take out more than $10k in cash that the bank has to report it.

>> No.15624937

Why not cgc?

>> No.15624952

We’re nowhere near countrywide legalization. Prepare for a holocoauster ride until then.

>> No.15624975

Isn't that called structuring?

>> No.15625036

I have CGC too. But I think CGC is likely going to continue to struggle to reach profitability while the other companies are already getting there.

>> No.15625063 [DELETED] 
File: 179 KB, 1125x1450, BA49D715-4742-4439-BEA1-28998052C283.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OK bulls and and other people of BIG ideas. I finally finished Ciovacco’s video from Friday, and I am left feeling VERY bullish on tech. At the same time, I’m feeling very bullish on volatility into Powell’s speech. How often does he really manage to pitch it right through the strike zone?

So I need to know if I’m being retarded here. I’ve built a position of 17 (SEVENTINE) shares of TViX, as well as a few stakes in SPLV, MTUM, and . If/when Powell spoils the market, I’d like to take advantage by shifting the TViX into TECL, and then make a bigger position in both MTUM and SPLV. This is largely due to Cio’s study demonstrating that tech does well under market conditions that resemble our current situation. SPLV is largely a hedge, but also I like it, and MTUM is because I also like the big components of that, and think they’ve been overly punished as of late. However, I am ignoring defense and oil, which could be foolish considering the geopolitical climate.

I’m ignoring individual names because most of them are doing their own thing and don’t really trade with the market, there are limit buys already set up if we get a dip, and most of them are just heavy fucking bags that I don’t want to realize losses in.


>> No.15625132

They are called pastels, like the Easter bunny day egg colors.

>> No.15625136

Bros, with $400-600, what's the quickest way to turn that into $1400

>> No.15625144

buy etsy

>> No.15625159

What's the best way to profit from the coming QE?

>> No.15625168

lern 2 spel skrub

>> No.15625196


I want that hamburger rug thing.

>> No.15625207

Costco, Dollar General and TSMC. Are these good buys?

>> No.15625217
File: 1.73 MB, 1158x1848, 08DF9768-4173-4B3D-BA72-FDE7E52BA38F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15625245

That's bullish desu

>> No.15625270
File: 116 KB, 736x1472, c00fe6fd557db9ca6d03adebf96547b5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who is this 'rorPOSTOR'!?

>> No.15625273


>> No.15625380
File: 277 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190917_183339_com.robinhood.android.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should i sell my puts on FDX tomorrow morning or keep them throughout the day in hopes that fedex falls even more?

>> No.15625406

SLV calls
Oil puts

>> No.15625484


Ror poster is secretly Elon Musk.

>> No.15625521
File: 193 KB, 900x506, space_shuttle_cleaning_by_ilolamai-d46re18.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ror! I wish... I'd have maids in space

>> No.15625547

>Trump will lose his shit if it's less than the 25 basis points.
Trump will lose his shit no matter what Powell does, he’s the scapegoat if anything goes wrong. He could cut to negative and Trump would say it’s not enough.
But 25bp does seem realistic, and Trump will say “asshole should’ve been at least 50” or something.

>> No.15625561

is Trump even wrong?

>> No.15625577
File: 73 KB, 808x805, 4765761276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15625587

checked, what happened?

>> No.15625606
File: 608 KB, 800x600, 1557177824114.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15625614
File: 2.42 MB, 229x300, 1520526249399.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15625630

what the fuck happened you nigges

>> No.15625634
File: 249 KB, 2500x1688, 78E3E17F-0967-4602-B818-EE96B0291A10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh god the Nikkei!!!

>> No.15625643

What, ever?
Seems like Powell was wrong it tightening one last time in December, just because he had started a tightening cycle. Seemed like a real Bernanke-tier move, if you catch my meaning.

>> No.15625705
File: 27 KB, 477x387, 0___064.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Jerome should have only hiked twice in 2018 rather than the FOUR hikes he did. While markets were in full moon before he started, his assessment of the strength of the economy that pumping was based on was completely wrong. It was very precarious and remains so now.

>> No.15625717

Bank of America dude thinks the market is gonna dip. God I hope so. Cheap T-babies for me.

>> No.15625735

I uhhh... I have to wonder if the US economy would be doing a whole lot better without the tariffs and the uncertainty of the trade war. (Of course there is also the demon of Brexit and the imminent collapse of Germany.)

>> No.15625752

EVFM stock was up today. I don't give a fuck who runs the company or who the product is marketed to. Profit is Profit. Hell a damn monkey could run it and long as Profit rolled in I could care less.

>> No.15625762


>> No.15625773

Got a feeling a lot of people are be getting very rich once Brexit hits. Cause from the look of it they got only one option, Leave period. No deals, no nothing. The other members are sick of it.

>> No.15625779

Is that the vagina acidizing birth control company? Shit that sounded like an interesting story.

>> No.15625786

yes. seems things are going very well for them thus far.

>> No.15625792

is QE really a bad thing? If it doesn't work, it devalues the dollar, making it cheaper for people to buy from us and boosting the economy

>> No.15625794
File: 2 KB, 118x124, 1565275839559s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a leaf and looking to trade so my options are limited. what is the best trading for someone in my position?

>> No.15625800 [DELETED] 



>> No.15625806

Know how that one dude made a shat load of Profit in 2008 when the housing market just shat? Well when the Pound free falls thanks to Britain just leaving with no deal a lot of people are gonna be instant rich fucks. I think the term is shorting.

>> No.15625820

But I don’t think it’ll be great for the EU either so... long the dollar? In other words, just continue being American?

>> No.15625825
File: 571 KB, 801x801, x2b3bvid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15625842

Bloomberg says it's already priced in. May even go up once businesses have certainty of what they're working with

>> No.15625857

Do you think they will be able to market it before some horrible case about secondary side effects appears? this will sell like hot cakes to roasties

>> No.15625866

According to my research they're on track to launch the product in 2020. So the FDA approval is happening end of this year unless something just fucks up.

>> No.15625894

Also has another benefit. Some STD's are prevented.

>> No.15625902

the price was much higher before do you know what caused those horrible dips

>> No.15626018

Depends on how you want to trade and what kind of stocks. Pricing options are either a flat fee for trade or a cost per share setup with caps at the high and low end (min. $5 max $9 is common). I think some brokerages give you an option for which pricing structure you prefer.

If you're primarily trading ETFs and blue chips with relatively high price per share, you want the per share structure as your orders will involved fewer individual shares. If you want to trade mid caps all the way down to penny stocks, the flat rate is usually cheaper.

>> No.15626021

I think the FDA was to blame. that and just how the bio market works, people don't know what they own so they sell to quick. Take the quick buck v.s waiting and getting an even fatter buck for your effort.

>> No.15626027


Forgot to mention, my default recommendation for leafs is Questrade.

>> No.15626127

I'm not mad at anyone. I'm not worried about whether I'll make money here. I just wonder about what's happening behind the curtain here.

>> No.15626163

Here's an interesting thought. Suppose the evfem stock hits the top current price of 12 a share. Then Big Pharma comes knocking. Bam, you've just raked in x2 in Profit.

Now this could happen. This is a very small company (Hell AMRN is bigger) with a product that is a big money maker.

So the question becomes do you get in now and take the quick buck when it comes or do you wait for Big Pharma to make it's move?

Most people take the easy route. But when you make shit and your almost hitting middle age waiting a bit longer for a fatter payday is the better play. Especially when you don't need the money quick like.

>> No.15626240

Ahahaha WOW Cramer got /smg/ed tonight, a caller asking about LCI followed by a caller asking about FSLY.

Said Lanett was a short squeeze and not to buy up here, if anything take profits.

Fastly, I think he was just saying too complicated, but hey if China lets Nvidia buy melanox wouldn’t that be great... kind of a dodge.

>> No.15626275

>cramer is a shill confirmed
There needs to be etfs for each of these public figures acting like they know whats up

>> No.15626343

Every time anything even slightly negative is said about this memestock, easily triggered shills come out to spew bullshit.

Do you even disagree that there was a short squeeze?

>> No.15626382 [DELETED] 


>> No.15626414

his name is Mr. Market

>> No.15626435

I fucking bought the LCI $15 top should I just get the fuck out now

>> No.15626447

Henlo frens

I'm posting here again after a few months :) Added to my Facebook and Google positions

>> No.15626449

Pls lv Ben

>> No.15626455

cut your winners and let your losses run

>> No.15626466

I feek NET is a better bet than FSLY, but the valuations on these IPOs are crazy. Few years back it would have been insane to even value them in revenue multiples and here we are with people paying 20x revenue

>> No.15626468
File: 763 KB, 761x761, 1560766265980.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we missed u

you need to re-evaluate some things about your buying decisions

>> No.15626493

missed you too bird


>> No.15626515

>insane valuation
True. And yet I really want to buy more salesforce and Twilio, when I should probably just buy some MSFT. They have the cloud too.

>> No.15626550

Remember Dividends are your fren but you're a pussy ass bitch if you aren't selling calls or puts with your shares at the same time. If you are bullish sell puts. You make triple you would make with just dividends.

>> No.15626572

bullshit.. how would i witness this?

LCI to $60

>> No.15626608

Few tech stonks that look interesting

>Activision Blizzard(ATVI)

These are on my watchlist. For now I only own Google and Facebook in the US market(but in large quantities)

>> No.15626611
File: 736 KB, 1125x1415, 8DEE5815-9D7D-483C-9879-2B7A2930340B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nintendo (7974.T) gapping up, hitting 52-week highs today!

Bloomberg is kind of fun.
Wait, it’s a voice actress with mocap? I thought it was AI generating from interpreting a library of voices “spontaneously”

>> No.15626626

Useless gimmick. Over the long course you are more likely to lose money doing this in spreads

>> No.15626672

those armpits and shoulders are so bare, so exposed

making it really difficult for me right now

>> No.15626728

I think so too. I tend to vote liberal, and though I’m not passioned about this, and see scheer as a human potatoe, he has my vote. We need a Western Pipeline and the blue dog conservatives in Alberta make it to hard for Truedue to justify real action on this in the face of losing votes to the ever growing Green Party.

So glad we have two good choices unlike that dumpster fire down south.

>> No.15626737

2D thots are temporary. Your self respect is forever. Stay strong pidgeon.

Twitter is interesting with the election coming up.

>> No.15626765

AAPL MSFT NET FSLY feeling comfy.

>> No.15626768

Hmm, DIS stock now $136.xx. DIS stock in the future $200.00. You can think the Streaming Wars for that nice bump. Can also think it for giving you all those Divvy Hikes over the next years. Seeing DIS pay out a nice $1.00 twice a year won't be long in coming.

All it takes is a look at the price of Netflix stock. All they do is streaming. If Netflix stock is that price via just streaming alone what the hell do you thanks gonna happen to DIS/T/Comcast,etc once they get off the ground plus all the other shit they got that brings in the Profit to boot. The stock prices will be going up like mad.

>> No.15626775

Right, so these companies are late adopter in the streamer business and Netflix is the monopoly.

>> No.15626822

Your forgetting one thing. Content. They got it by the ass loads already. Buried in vaults. So it'll cost them nothing to dig it out. Netflix, they'd have to create it which costs money. Plus if it tanks, well that's even more money down the shat pipe.

>> No.15626835
File: 90 KB, 500x628, E96E41A1-17F1-4EDB-9938-7A7FD092FA92.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Long term view on DIS: top bull
Short term: could get hit on anything oil related. Higher gas prices may lead the market to think fewer families visiting theme parks, less discretionary spending on movies and toys. So you may get some bigger dips.

Netflix may very well be the biggest market donor. I don’t know anyone else who cares about Seinfeld. But I do love Seinfeld.

>> No.15626861

man the thing is, 2d anime girl pictures are actually eternal
I am the temporary one
my great great grandchildren will probably have the same monkey-brain reaction to drawings of anime girl armpits in their space colonies after I am reduced to dust.

>> No.15626877
File: 150 KB, 565x425, 1539377173621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>man the thing is, 2d anime girl pictures are actually eternal
>I am the temporary one
>my great great grandchildren will probably have the same monkey-brain reaction to drawings of anime girl armpits in their space colonies after I am reduced to dust.

... fuck

>> No.15626879

it's worth pointing out that my progeny will only be living as space emperors in the future because I thought ahead in 2019 and bought BILI, KNG, NWL, KHC, CGC, and many other fantastic equities at low prices.

>> No.15627030

Man the way medical shit is advancing now I'd say before we all kicked they'd have it to where you could copy your thoughts/mind into a computer. or robot.

Don't laugh, that Musk guy is supposed to be working on something to allow your brain to interface directly with a smart phone via implants. So it ain't that big of an stretch to assume you could in theory copy your mind to such a device if it was so developed.

P.S -Whoever creates an actually working Holodeck as in TNG will be a rich fucker beyond belief. Puts current "V.R" to shame, makes it look like a kids toy.

>> No.15627043
File: 34 KB, 474x612, b248640e1f9f7d9a1f790e36a1533cd4--star-trek-data-yellow-eyes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My nigger

>> No.15627104

My bags!
Wish I’d bought more than five shares of Bili, I was listening to something about social media in China that made me very bullish. Financial times, Economist, barrons, Bloomberg, something like that. Shit I can’t remember. But I think they’re adding buy buttons and have proven to be “sticky” and it just sounds like good stuff. I can’t wait for the inexplicable dump after earnings so I can load up on more ~13.50

We’ve done very well with incremental progress, but if we don’t make some major discoveries in medicine or fundamental science, I don’t think we’re even within 1000 years of that type of development. We can dream though...

I didn’t want to go that deep into it, but If I must then it’s really that your lust is temporary.

>> No.15627150

my lust is eternal
it pulses and flows in the veins of my ancestors, and it will live on and grow even stronger in my forebears

>> No.15627178

May your progeny be multitudinous, fecund, and slutty as fuck.

>> No.15627191
File: 938 KB, 720x888, hobbit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15627214

I think in this case it's his devious cousin, Mr. Market(((berg))).

>> No.15627247

The character Mr. Market actually is interested in buying ownership in businesses, even if his valuations are sometimes questionable. The character in question here is merely interested in manipulating the share price to secure options profits.

>> No.15627255

Chk, odp, and other pennystocks are subject to wild swings in price

>> No.15627262

when we get these chips down to 6nm you are going to see some shit.

>> No.15627290

If SPY drops 20% what would the effect on QYLD be?

>> No.15627300

That's not it. It's not just that there are wild swings in price. It's that the share price tends awfully close around multiples of $0.50, i.e. the option strike prices, when options are expiring for the month. Behavior that is less easily explained by random chance and more easily explained by parties trying to manipulate the share price to profit off of their options contracts for the month. If I were at a computer I'd see about making a picture.

>> No.15627434

if you've noticed consistent behavior like this, why aren't you making money off of it

>> No.15627448
File: 217 KB, 1296x1458, wojakdick.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>devalue the dollar
>economy boosted
your brain on keynesianism

>> No.15627510


what are your holdings?

What is your method of picking out which option for what company to grab?

>> No.15627569

A new thread for a new day



I phone posted so please apologize any errors. ..

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