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Hi, anons. Im a /pol autist wanting to learn the art of making shekels out of crypto daytrading. Can anyone recommend any good books, youtube channels on the subject?

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buy n hodl

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go buy as much chainlink on coinbase as you can this week and start the research later

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daytraders are degenerates, similiar to faggots over at /pol

buy and hold bitcoin, that's it, want more risk? buy ethereum and hold

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i'll help a fellow /pol/ack out and tell you to just purchase Chainlink now while it's hit its bottom.

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checked and LINKpilled.

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trading altcoins is literally gambling. BTC-USD pair adds instability to the altcoin-btc pair.

99% of the youtube ''traders'' don't trade they make money from courses.

100% of the tradingview analyst with premium signal channels barely trade, they generally make money from their signals.

You won't find any profitable traders who solely trade spot, the ones that make or lose money can be found on ftx, bitmex, bitfinex margin and leverage are primarily used as hedging instruments.

You won't find any traders on this /biz.
The ones that are consistently profitable operate under the radar or spam the trollbox on bitmex.

If you really want to learn how to trade, prepare to lose lots money before you finally get it.
Don't scalp on the 1 minute unless you can read orderflow and distinguish spoofs, iceberg orders, etc.

Forget magic indicators, they dont exist.

Need to know that you need to constantly learn everything related to electronic trading.
Coding helps suggest python know a bit of computer science, probability theory and statistics, laws like law of large numbers
Need to know stats like marketdepth ratios, how to read DOM, need to know a bit about funding rates, long vs short ratios.

Trading is pretty complicated desu

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This book is the font of all /biz/ wisdom

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great post

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Hello, fren
use your /pol/dar and inspect popular projects' teams. you will find some golden nuggets and you'll know when to buy and what to buy based on that knowledge.
/pol/ has given us many gifts, anon. use them wisely.

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Alex Elder Trading for a living

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/pol/ stays poor, don't forget it. Everything in the hivemind there is to keep people poor so that the false ideology comes closer to reality.

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>use what /pol/ taught you
>invest in a fucking pajeet and chink
harmony holders, everyone

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Fuck off, you're not welcome here bigot.

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Which is exactly why you long projects you're comfortable with.
At the very least, things will increase a decent amount during altseason.
All of the memers on youtube, /biz/ and Reddit are hardly worth listening to upfront. Someone that can't catch that early on won't make it around here.
Frankly, I'm still learning the ins and outs of all of the things you describe, but as someone that stumbled upon this place after spending a great deal of time in the /pol/ sphere, it's easy as hell to see through all of the bullshit, just like it's easy as hell to see that the tech of projects like LINK, ONE and XSN are valuable enough on their own that knowing about all of the things you describe seems sort of pointless. It's seeming more and more to me that the biggest problem plenty of the people in this arena face is Dunning-Kruger... which is why I think it's important to understand the basics of crypto and buy based off of those.
For instance: XSN's lightning DEX will reshape the field. Anyone that's traded virtually at all sees this plain as day. Their roadmap may very well be ambitious, but that seems rather promising considering how stable their coin has been and for the time that it's been stable for. ONE is filling an urgently needed spot and has been sponsored by FAANG and is in talks with Coinbase, who seems to intend to feature ONE on their marketplace soon. Those three things make that buy pretty obvious. Then there's LINK, which seems so clear cut at this point that arguments seem futile.
You give good advice, but as someone's that an extremely quick learner, I fear it may confuse the people just starting out. I'd say the best advice a new person could receive is to learn the size of a given project in relation to the size of the overall market, learn previous trends of market fluctuation, and compare that with room for potential growth, coupled with the project's aim, their current market cap and daily volume and the project's team.

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t. poo

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/pol/ is a well oiled machine.
We all know that money fluctuates based on corporate sway. We all know who decides the market levels and we all know why they do it.
All you have to do, as a /biz/raeli, is buy the oligarchical move pattern.
Basically every single person at Harmony worked for FAANG. Don't be such a brainlet.

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I know only 1 legit trader search for a jew named bruce levy.
I know he is legit because we have similar trading styles.
Avoid all the other faggots who teach volume profile like crypto-ernie, their understanding of gaussian distribution is kindergarten level.
If the faggot doesn't mention kurtosis, variance, standard deviations, mean-mode-median-range, IQR interquartileranges in his courses then you know you're dealing with a internet salesman not someone who actually know how to use volume profiles aka gaussian distribution.
And no it's not a magic indicator just a tool to gauge probability and it shouldn't be used with other tools like mdr, momentum, volume deltas, orderflow, divergences and find bottoms and reversals.

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>but as someone that stumbled upon this place after spending a great deal of time in the /pol/ sphere, it's easy as hell to see through all of the bullshit
At least this part is true.
If you can identify other propaganda you won't fall easily for FUD or shills here

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I'd love to hear about the parts of that comment you disagree with.
Look, I want to be wrong about these things, to a certain extent. I don't want to make mistakes in this sector.

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fuck pol, only shill him alts

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Youtubers will scam you by shilling their shitcoins

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None of you would have ever even thought about crypto technologies if we didn't explain how the FED has been enslaving us for multiple generations.
/biz/ is a refined tool that analyzes market patterns. We do it FOR certain people. If you don't realize that, you're clearly a brainlet.
With that being said, there are many things about this world you don't know. I'll let you take a guess, now, what /pol/'s role in that situation is.

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>coinbase requires text verification
neetposters are posers confirmed

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>Basically every single person at Harmony worked for FAANG.
what you mean is every person at Harmony is a chink running a China Hustle on you fags

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OP good thing you finally came here I used to he poor and on /pol/ then came here in 2017 and bought link

I'm poor but with 60k portfolio lol

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It’s time to learn what type of person you are. Let’s see if you really can make the white man proud

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Time will tell

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buy Harmony one until it 30x

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>Hi fellow anons!
>Im a /pol autist :^)

kys redditter

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Hey atleast im not a faggot rabbi like you

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We tread where we want to nigger.
Get gassed.

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It’s a scam targeted at newfags to trick them, akin to deleting system 32
You have been warned

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