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We're reaching critical levels for Link

Basically, anybody who bought in the last 6 months at the very best scenario are slightly up.

Stop losses will get triggered and weak hands will start selling

It's literally ogre

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I never invested in LINK in the first place. Is now a good time to jump in?

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Yes T. Dip Catcher

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Highest Quality Fish Oils.

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>Fishing for stop loses
>among Link holders
You would have to dump on an average down to 40 cents. looking at the indicator extremely low probability

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You realise a lot of peoole bought above $1, right

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There are people that bought above $2 that haven’t sold? Lmao

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Not really. Those are nu-linkers that are panicking easy, they have long sold. If you faggots would stop posting off topic threads and dig the archives you would know that, but expecting creativity from social scientists is like expecting hell to freeze.
>ib4 spikes
Coinbase introduced LINK where do you think they got there supply from champ?

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what do you consider a nulinker anyway? I bought when it was at $1 then the most i bought into was $3 something. Going to keep buying too. No one is selling at least from 4chan anyway.

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Take your retarded questions somewhere else faggot. The only free info you get is on OP, he is a faggot. Now kys

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yeah ok redditor

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you start to learn, interesting. The NLP game is still weak af

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yeah you should check the filename you dumb faggot. reddit faggot.

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>average entry price is over a dollar
>calls others redditors as an insult

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>so ass hurt he has to change IPs

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You’re a nulinker but it doesn’t matter as long as you hold. Not everyone got in on day one for btc and eth but still did well. Take time to warosu and read through the threads and you’ll see how long we’ve been in. We know what’s coming. Also you’re absolutely right, no one from 4chan (the OGs anyway) are selling.

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Nulinker here who did not have 2 years. I think you underestimate how many nulinkers there are. Link was shilled very hard outside of biz during the cb pump and thats how I found this place.

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I'm not screwing with Linkies. found a new coin though not even on the market

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>Take time to
i've done all of this. I've also been on /biz/ sinces its creation just never bought crypto.

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How could you have been on here this long and wait to buy? I bought within 3 months of finding this board

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Some people are just really cautious

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I get that but link has proven itself multiple times last year and was under a dollar. A $100 stack at the very least shouldn’t have been too much

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It is basically because of this >>15611335
I'm a poorfag so throwing money into things is rather hard. I also had a chance to buy into bitcoin when it was still 30$ but I didnt do it because I had zero money. I remember all that hype chainlink has the same damn hype behind it. SO I said to myself i'm not going to miss it this time.

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