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Reminder, you are a dumb fuck if you didnt sell above 4

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I will sell above $4 though

Just a little bit though, and only at $1000

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moron, i sold half at 4.15 and the other half at 3.75.

Rebought at 1.60 and x 3 my stack.

From 15k to 45k, you low iq incel

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That's what people said last year about $1. And they'll say next year about $50. Then $1000

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I’ve been burned too many times trying to trade

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Thanks, dumped another 700k

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Sold LINK and bought MITX. So far feelsgood.

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Chainlink? Isn't Chainlink that pump and dump scheme that has been on the news lately?

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why did you rebuy this scam?

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more like

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Buy BAGS token with your bags

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And when it hits 55 cents you'll be right back where you started

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>bragging about his linklet stack
kek. ICO chads like myself have no need to swing.

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