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>imagine buying link at $4 and watching it bleed out below $1
>imagine buying link at $1 and watching it bleed out below $0.77
>imagine buying link at $0.76 and watching it bleed out below $0.57
>imagine still holding link
>imagine buying link at $0.56 and watching it bleed out below $0.33
>imagine still holding link in six digit amount
>imagine the sweat combined

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Sub $1 in Oct/Nov, guaranteed - probably sooner. Anyone holding this is certifiably retarded.

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Because no news?

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The bottom will be around $0.60 ±$0.10. As for when, I cannot tell you to be honest. But I think if I was holding LINK right now I wouldn't sell, wait it out. Despite the fact sir GAY is a iTODDLER BTFO AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHA, I still think chain link isn't a complete and utter shitcoin, but it is still a shitcoin.

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dumbass. read the flaws in the whitepaper and consider that fact that there is no google integration chainlink's price can benefit from and be aware that the oracle "partnership" is just some minor lab testing with school research projects. forget about the derivatives market because the ecnonmy is stable and smart contracts are not used at all in real life. congratz: you have fallen by the biggeest pajeeting on this board ever.

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is it true that LINK is merely a pointless json parser with zero users, a billion tokens and a dev team who are orchestrating a pump and dump in order to pocket all of your money? will this still definitely hit 1k USD eoy?

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it's literally the next centra-tech once the SEC made its investigations public

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>imagine buying link

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>no news
Aggregation just launched yesterday you tard.

Plus, there was Mixicles, new mainnet nodes constantly being added, Sergey speaking all month, Oracle coming up, etc.

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>there is no google integration chainlink's price can benefit from

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>there is no google integration chainlink's price can benefit from

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Pay attention closely, this is the chainlink team and their promoters. See the organized collusion in obvious false facts? See the message and how they repeat it over and over. Religions work in similiar ways and it's precisely this that is going to have the SEC kick in the fucking doors of their office. They are a cult and they have paid promoters posting over and over. It's like the DNC and Hillary all over again, they're trying to form groupthink here and I can't believe you guys fell for it.

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Absolutely delusion, see you under a dollar.

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>false facts
Go check Google Cloud's twitter right now.

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Bros, I've lost $180k on LINK in the past month and am about this | | close to kys'ing myself. Dubs decides how. Thinking about sending my tokens to the 700k dump wallet before I go, as a fuck you to these greedy fucks.

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Why would he get jailed?

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because scamming people is a crime

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according to this, he has scammed people before projects like NXT


this project reeks to high heaven of S-C-A-M and I don't want my fellow redditors getting taken advantage of.

just to list a few items:

Sergey Nazarov, founder, is a russian con artist who already led other cash grab projects like NXT

It's based in the Cayman Islands (read: avoiding crackdown by US authorities; SEC, FBI, etc)

hundreds of investors got scammed during the ICO. The team refused refunds for tons of people who sent in ETH over the limit, and there were rumors of the community manager Rory giving out his own ETH address as the "ICO address".


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Sergey had nothing to do with NXT you cumbrain.

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holy shit it's fucking over for stinkshitters lmao

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>is a russian con artist
with jewish ashkenazi ancestry. how could biz seriously fall for this over a period of 2+ years?

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Thanks for even easier accumulation losers
More linkies for me

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theory comfirmed

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for dumbfucks: huge dumping and massive reversal within 7 from today on

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The LINK meme is absolutely mind blowing. The energy summoned by it should be studied in universities.

I find it very entertaining, only time will tell if the egregore summoned by /biz/ was well intentionned or not.

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just sell the damn thing now and buy KMD instead. you'll get more than 2 KMD per LINK, and the value should eventually hit $70ish per coin.

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>the egregore
hey kido. how new are you? ever jerked off to chainlink sigils?

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you are now aware that the best time to sell is right now. it will do nothing but decrease in value until it's kaput. cut your losses and buy something which isn't being dumped by its fucking devs.
literally delusional, people are legitimately becoming mentally unstable because of this crap. go read the multiple news stories asserting that LINK is a scam. then sell every single shitty LINK and buy KMD, XSN, XMR or BCN.

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I can't believe so many of you are still this emotional over daily movements. So many other altcoins are dumping too. Do you people not pay attention to the market in general? There is a confidence issue right now in crypto and people are boomering it out in BTC over 10k treating it like gold. I see it almost like people are afraid of a crypto recession/bear market so they want their stacks in the big store of value. Nulinkers are pulling out of link because they see it bleeding a lot less than altcoins. You can do that for short term savings, but you can lose out on the pump. Is it worth that temporary piece of mind?

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>altcoins are dumping too
stop lying. deceive retarded people and not us. we can see the chart and we can differentiate healthy correction from shitcoin link is dumping af aka bleeding out to sub 1 dollar levels aaaaaaa

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You can post brainlet level fud at me all you want, but I know more than you. I've seen you people posting for weeks, and I can say for a fact you don't know what you're talking about. You don't know the market, you post bullshit TA, you predicted Link below 1 dollar already by now too. Its sad to see people falling for such stupid people like you. You only take advantage of obvious pullback/corrections and a bearish market and fill the air with lies and bullshit hoping SOMETHING you made up looks like the truth.

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Can you post a...
To some of these articles?

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uh huh. the dev is dumping, the net is full of news articles detailing how it's a scam, the price is tanking and you are mentally ill. this is business, not your fucking support group

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just google "chainlink" dude.

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Why are you so obsessed with Link? You spend all day fudding it. Who's paying you?

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t. lost 50% of his net worth in 2 months
Yeah, im not intrested in your advice

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i'm sick to death of biz being saturated with kids screaming "never selling!" - i mean that's just throwing your money away on absolutely nothing. their delusion has reached infuriating levels, and they'll only get worse as the dev continues to bail and hoover up all of their money. mentally ill.

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BTC went 14k to 9.5k you dumbfuck. Stop giving me brainlet level fud. You people are so fucking stupid you can't scare me with this.
I'm sick to death of your faggot ass screaming at me to sell for 4 weeks. You ruined this board with your retarded fud threads.

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Hello Joshua Seth Wheeler. Do you like Letterkenny and Trailer Park Boys?

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>You ruined this board
yeah just imagine if biz was nothing but people like you. people who have apparently no interest whatsoever in profiting from business. that is the worst possible kind of trader, why in god's name would anyone want that kind of shit here? what we need if we're to profit is the board to be filled with those who were wise enough to sell at the peak, not hold on until death because of some mentally ill emotional tantrum.

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If you’d only listened to us. But yeah, we’re the retards here.

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What? You retards telling me to sell link and telling me to buy BSV? OR any other scamcoin which has actually dumped?
You're stupid and deserve to make pitiful gains chasing manipulations and pumps and shaving years off your life from the stress. I'm sorry but I see you now as just an opportunist. You can sound smart saying hindsight things. Yes, we all didn't know the google pump would be this crazy. Yes, selling at the peak and buying around now would be a good idea as BTC is stabilizing which means that altcoins will start moving soon. I've been doing this for long enough. You just think you know shit because you can state the obvious.

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1st result:
2nd result:
3rd result:

This third one clearly states the team is not behind the dump. Do you know how to read or is someone just telling you headlines? There are two more articles written by literallywhos that cite nothing other than the company name An.Chain.

I’m a skeptic and a trader, not a hodling maniac. But I don’t understand why if link is such garbage that people have to resort to smoke and mirrors to try and tell me how bad it is, just like how your response is “GOOGUL IT BRUH”

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uh huh. the dev is dumping anon. you are mentally ill.

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10k stack you fucking kikes ain't touching.

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>but I know more than you
>trust me

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strongest fud in history of link. will it ever recover? my software sez no.

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Lol my point exactly

11,900,000 out of 50,000,000 (23%) tokens “dumped from dev wallet”
>Over 4 months
>No “dumps” for 20 days
>article you cite specifically states devs are not dumping
Try again, fag. Baseless fud makes me want to buy

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>don't buy link for a year when it was sub-$1 and /biz/ shilled the shit out of it
>FOMO in like a braindead gorilla after it pumps
>wonder why you lost money

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>read the flaws in the whitepaper
Ranjeet you are better off concentrating on things like Sergey dumping and the constant price decrease..I think your stupid brain can at least comprehend and explain them. Read the flaws in the white paper. Kek

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Kek this

>> No.15576705

my cousins agency in bombay was assigned via fiver to write whitepaper because sergey forgetz to uploadz the whitepaper so ico gets delayed ha look oldfag here.

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which one anon?

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>makes me want to buy
knock yourself out anon, i'm sure you'll become incredibly rich by giving all of your money to a scammer, then refusing to sell the investment no matter what.
batshit insane. not /biz/ like at all. maybe check out /adv/ for the emotional support group you so clearly want to turn biz into. we want money, not fucking whinging women crying at eachother and asserting "1k eoy"

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The main one, Google Cloud Platform.
It's at the top of your list.
The one with the 800k+ followers.

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Fundamentally bullish rn you retard, I told you I’m not a holder. If you had any credibility you’d consider that instead of lobbing ad hom. You’re a butthurt bagholder. Just deciding if I should wait for 1.6 or even 1.5

>not /biz/like at all
Fucking lel

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yeah apparently everything is bullish to you hyperdesperate failures. delusion

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I actually sold half of my link at the top at $4.5 and the other half at $3. Not larping

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Y u so mad anon?
Link has been a Traders godsend
100x on bitmex with scheduled “dumps”?
Yes please
It will probably climb back to 2,50 within a week as it bounces off resistance but I guess it isn’t /biz/-like to make money

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1.52 back in anon

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>I guess it isn’t /biz/-like to make money
>says the kid screeching "NEVER SELLING!!", while buying a pointless shittoken whose dev is dumping
sounds highly lucrative i'm sure. i'll bet you a thousand dollars LINK won't be 2.50 ever again, let alone next week. not least because the dev is dumping. the dev is dumping.


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You actually did TA for an altcoin on it's USD pair. You're never getting back the time you spent on this useless graph.

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Post proof the dev is dumping
Show me the evidence the coins are going to market
Show me the evidence sergey is getting paid by the recipient

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Everybody knows that Sergey is just sending the tokens to CZ so CZ can keep them safe for Sergey.

>> No.15576872

If you had a brain you’d know where this came from ;)

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Trannies traveling in packs topkek

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This will honestly go sub 1$

>> No.15577493

more like actual zero. the dev dumped and bailed. it is as over as a newborn babby would be over if his mother sold him for heroin to a sadistic pedo.

sir gay demonstrably doesn't want LINK, he wants money. let that sink in.

>> No.15577513

If you had a brain, you wouldn't be doing TA for LINK/USD but hey atleast you made me laugh.

>> No.15577556

>the dev dumped and bailed
You mean "dumped and then released mixer oracles, implemented aggregation, and is attending a slew of conferences in the coming weeks".

>> No.15577611

no i don't mean that, i mean that the dev dumped. because he did. your cope doesn't change this.

god, what will it take? all of you being broke, with millions of cx-delisted and valueless coins for you to hold? even kneepads with inbuilt pockets cant help you now

>> No.15577624

I also said he dumped.
It's the part that follows that's different.

You moron.

>> No.15577639

oh i saw all of your cope, and while it was positively cute to the point of being adorable, i did in fact ignore it. grown ups are here too yaknow, and we demand an environment which isn't polluted by the incalculable ignorance of youth. i can only cringe so much before i feel i have to write you off as being legitimately mentally ill.

>> No.15577647

Sergey did dump, but he did not bail.
Instead he released mixer oracles, implemented aggregation, and is attending a slew of conferences in the coming weeks.

These are verifiable facts.

>> No.15577648

holy fucking cringe

>> No.15577688

>and is attending a slew of conferences in the coming weeks.
speaking near toilets to random bypassers don't count as attending a conference

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Fren, it's probably best to sell now and buy back in later. Besides, you should've only invested what you could afford to lose. Remember all those times we've had strong FUD only for it to be refuted? Like the Ari Juels fud where a few days later Mixicles came out. It's only dumping now because of the 700k fud and those recent articles about it being a PND. Once adoption starts we finna enter another speculative bubble.

>> No.15578572

i've been here since ICO. just market sold my 40k stack on coinbase pro.

I can start my life now. i think we might go up in 2021 but I cant wait until then.

>> No.15578813

anon... if that is true... we all know: you can't sell anymore. none of us before it goes double digit.

>> No.15578953

>their delusion has reached infuriating levels
Why are you mad at link bagholders for huffing hopium? What else are they going to do?
If anything, fudders being angry dilutes the effectiveness of anti-link posting, because anger is what those bitter at missing out would have, whereas dispassionate analysis would be smug about sitting out a scam coin.
The board is saturated with link shit, but that's the fault of jannies not tard wrangling everyone into generals for the most spammed shitcoins and giving posters flags to prove or disprove the pajeet meme. If link is a shitcoin and its spammers deluded bagholders, just laugh at them. /biz/ has a lot bigger problems than link at the minute.

>> No.15578973

>What else are they going to do?
you fucking mongoloid. everyone of us with more than 350K Link is going to make it. what's so hard to understand here?

>> No.15578990


>mfw I buy a 10k stack at 0.10

Mjeah, buy low bros. Sell highhhh

>> No.15579041

I'm talking about how anons should react when it comes to distinguishing takes like yours between shilling and low IQ hopium.
Link bullshit is dragging down /biz/ because the board as a whole is poorly moderated. Then low IQ hopioid addicts wouldn't be making every thread to try and convert the masses, and you'd get tired of this lashing out at anyone who thinks the coin isn't going to 1000 EOY, because link general would even get sick of that shit at that point.

And if you have 350k link you could already "make it" in a minor way. Or at least swing a couple grand out of it while maintaining the same number.

>> No.15579189

this is a chainlink board since two years. why would you dare to spam this holy board with shit content like yours?
>gives advise to swingtrade

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See this guy? Proof.

Proof that all the link FUD has been a coordinated Nazi /pol/ campaign because Sergey doesn’t want to murder all refugees.

Nazi bigotry is costing you money. How does that make you feel?

(Get punched.)

>> No.15579406

I love seeing link slowly die, when it was $4 and people on here were celebrating I was depressed as hell thinking that I had missed out on another moon. Now I'm happy to see the linkies lose out and not make it, if I haven't made it yet then no one on /biz is allowed to either.

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I swear if CL bleeds out to 30c I will again live off of water and beans, skip paying my bills and sometime even sometimes walk someone’s dog for a few extra dollars.

>> No.15579479

I'll go to USA and join some socialist group. Then try to become the leader. I'm half Italian so all I need is a bit of tanning and some facial hair and I can blend right in with the spics.

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>imagine buying link at $4 and watching it bleed out below $1
>imagine buying link at $1 and watching it bleed out below $0.77
>imagine buying link at $0.76 and watching it bleed out below $0.57
>imagine buying link at $0.56 and watching it bleed out below $0.33
i can't because i bought at $0.17, newfag

>> No.15579488

Lots of linkies made it and you did miss out on a moon, nice cope.

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>i can't because i bought at $0.17, newfag
>imagine the combined sweat

>> No.15579556

As a nonlinker wannabe nulinker I don't wanna hear bitter FUD any more than I want to hear slowpoke bagholder hopium. Just honest appraisals of where this coin is going to go.

>> No.15579571

hehe nebbar seeliing epic

>> No.15579653

You fudders that sold are desperate to get the price down to buy back on. Piss on you greedy fuckers

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This. Bunch of 4channers tried to force it as /ourcoin/ back last month during the presale ico phase of chainlink there was a minimum requirement of 300eth to enter the presale. Bunch of anons pooled up together and shared presale links to fill them with their eth.

Coin continued to get shilled and pumped up and hyped for the sibios event that link was attended, whole event turned out to be a flop chainlink had a presentation in a room of like 18 people next to the public toilets, literally no news or partnership came from the event and the coin dumped back to below ico prices and created 1000's of bagholder anons.

Now during this alt bull run lots of anons and took advantage of this and shilling this coin to all the new money and newfags that joined in december and don't know this story.

The coin is HEAVILY manipulated and the supply is dried up from huge whales who accumulated below ICO price to create a artificially lower supply (a lot like REQ) and these people have so much room to dump on all of you faggots to still be in profit when the time comes.

In regards to actual project that chainlink aiming to achieve it's nothing more than a basic json parser for smart contracts, would take like a day to add to ethereum by itself.. literally making links whole concept pointless and definitely no need for a token. Would take a lot longer to get it working with bitcoin but the bitcoin core devs would be able to work out the solution a lot quicker than chainlink will, think that's something worth noting that literally nothing is completed and you're literally just buying a whitepaper, they have only 2 developers and they don't communicate at all with no proven background on either, in fact sergey was involved in a project before chainlink called NxT that he since been abandoned until it was took over by a new developer team

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Always remember: link investor people support white supremacy and when we make it we are going to fund extremist groups that will help overturn the liberal leftist dictatorship and we will be free to annihilate everybody who comes into our way.

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Stale FUD, bud

>> No.15580558

you are literally making shit up

>> No.15580573

Bought 6k worth at 4.5

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