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I just sold my 12k LINK. Judging by the price I'm guessing I'm not the only one dipping out.

It was fun but I think the meme magic is officially dead. I might buy back in next year if some actual developments happen.

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There is $70M in daily trade volume if you think anything this board does impacts the price you're mentally disabled

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>It was fun but I think the meme magic is officially dead.

Its amazing the pump and dumps lasted this long.

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I'm not some retard trying to FUD the price on here. I was just wondering if anyone else around here sold.

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it definitely can do a devastating blow to link price if the fud was real. Too bad these pajeets are bad actors.

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It's unironically over. Fucking scamtoken, fuck this I'm out

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The same guy is making and replying to himself in all these LINK FUD threads

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Next thing you know you'll be stuck in the trannies dick
>Ironhands Marine

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Selling the bottom kek,

Feels good to have bought triple your stack at 18 cents. See you poorfags in a month

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It's already 2% lower than when I sold and 4x higher from where I bought, buddy.

This is nowhere near the bottom.

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