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Added two new shitcoins to my suicide folio with profits from RSR. I'm not planning to sell MITX any time soon, but I still got some spare fiat left.

>What else should I look into/buy?

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On my list, need to dig into it a bit more first. Haven't read too much about it.

>> No.15561920

AERGO is really good as well. You should check it out.

Or maybe just add some more MITX if you don't find other shitcoins that are worth it.

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What app are you using?

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Just leverage long bitcoin RIGHT NOW. Not even memeing. This one is for free. Doesn't matter, none of you fags will listen.

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no qnt? Not gonna make it.

>> No.15562088

buy mobius sir

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That's called Delta, should be on both android and ios

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I trade for a living and I know what I'm doing on that part, but the point of the thread was to gamble on shitcoins. But thanks for the advice.

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Thank you, would you reccomend?

>> No.15562136

Definitely! I've been using it since it's beta launch, and it's the best I've seen. It's free as well, don't need to pay for the pro version if you don't use all the features.

>> No.15562182

MITX and QNT should be the only one there imo

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Thanks, will download.
Have my bitcoin @ robinhood need a gambling app with more coins tho

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Chx, edge, qnt,

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If you want to go full Russian roulette suicide way split 50/50 into VIDT and MITX or RSR and FTM.

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Not gonna make it without VID-T faggot.

>> No.15562632

It is only for portfolio tracking though, you cannot buy through the app. But it's very useful.

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