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Lets face it guys, we are less than a year away from the stock markets going to the shitter. What do you guys think is going to start the collapse, when it is gonna happen and how are you managing your portfolios to prepare for it and survive?

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Which stocks should I buy puts on? All of them? What’s going to tank the hardest? Fb?

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i keep hearing this everyday. The more i see this type of post the more i doubted now.

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commerzbank and deutsche bank are going to collapse within 12 months if you ask me. im german so im not into US Stocks a lot but i think the whole tech sector will take a massive hit because people won't have as much money to spend on stuff like phones, TVs, online subscriptions like Netflix, Spotify etc.

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Its a year now that im waiting for the crash to put all my early savings in to an index found.
Im 20 with 20k, not much but its getting bigger every month.

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We aren’t a year away. We are 4 months away max

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Should we be all in cash now... What about buying real estate?

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It will be a minor recession like 2000 or 1990-1991, not 2008.

2008 was a once-in-lifetime event. Sorry to disappoint any of the retarded NEETs praying for societal collapse.

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I would appreciate if you would elaborate on your position.

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>all this delusion
enjoy getting slaughtered

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Try 1 month, fuckboys.

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Real estate is credit dependent. Good to own for practical reasons but not capital appreciation in a crash

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I wouldn't underestimate Libra, whether you like it or not.

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u.s. vs iran
markets will tank

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NEET cope. You'll still be a loser in 2022.

Obvious to anyone with a brain. No fundamental structural or credit risk issues like in 2007-2008. Calculate the implicit expectation of GDP decline to be 1-2% based on futures, which isn't even close to 2007-2008.

Millennials will stay poor and angry though, which is hilarious to me.

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>its going to collapse soon
Its not going to collapse, its literally never going to collapse like it did in 1930. The only way our economy is going to truly collapse is if there is major bloodshed in the us. Im talking holocuast 2.0.

Until then we will just continue deeper and deeper into debt slavery although at this point it doesn't really matter. What's another couple hundred billion to our trillions anyway

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The rest of the world is busy working around the dollar as we speak tho

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"Anyone with a brain" seems like a cop-out for someone too lazy (or potentially afraid) to explain their position. Your forecast rides on "no fundamental structural or credit risk issues." How do you know there are no structural issues? How do you know there are no credit risk issues? We are still in the beginning of an intense trade war, and you don't think there will be consequences in the early 2020's?

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Get real estate after the crash.

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>market back to all time highs

get fucked doomer faggots

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if the government allows it

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idid this during 08 came out with 1.5m but missed out on 12m from just investing on ryvyx

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We're seeing that now, but it's trickling in slowly. The fentanyl epidemic (not just the opiates/opioids), the trade wars, the collapsing of many countries, and inflation not decreasing. There's going to be some ind of pop albeit a war or some catastrophe in the financial market. China is prepping by hoarding more gold. Bitcoin may be a factor eventually. That is being hoarded as well.

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Stay poor

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this nigga knows, proxy war through Iraq

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>Im talking holocuast 2.0
>implying 1.0 ever occured

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If everyone thinks a recession is going to happen then by definition it can never happen. There would be too many people betting on a recession to make it a reality.

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Your biztism is showing

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shut up faggot this isn't some mumbo jumbo anti pysch shit. This is a planned event, which is why it'll be a short one. as anon says >>15562573

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This seems very likely.
>pic related

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buy bitcoin, its literally digital gold. Im your age btw

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Nah, a recession happens when the powers that be have thrown the kitchen sink at preventing it, and then it STILL happens. Past a certain point it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, basically critical mass.

When non-financial media has the stock market making decade long lows as a major evening news headline, that is when you're in a recession.

But everything needs a trigger, and right now we don't have a trigger. Here's a few that could trigger it;

1. Another major Middle Eastern war.
2. America and China stop talking to each other and go full trade war mode.
3. China's intervention in Hong Kong.
4. Possibly Britain leaving the EU without a deal, but that would be largely localized to Europe.
5. Central banks refusing to ease when the markets want them to ease. See: December 2018.

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Trump's reportedly considering backing off on Iranian sanctions.

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Its happening,the mystery lies in the veil

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>investing in real estate
literally buying at ath. i get that /biz/ policy is buy high, sell low, but don't actually do that. historically, housing prices fall at times of economic downturn. if real estate is what you're looking for, just be patient and ride the wave.

to answer your question, go to metals.

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There won't be a crash, but if it did humanity would essentially have to start over on a global scale; everything would come to a halt - money markets would dry up causing zero liquidity in a matter of weeks. The world economic climate would completely freeze before being able to crash to zero. Time is running out, I won't argue against that. People argue dark vs light, deepstate vs anti-deepstate, but realistically neither of those sides could afford to let the market crash. It's all about which country can get their AI online first to manage/back everything. China dropped the ball on that with BTC and BCH - they tried but the chinks are too stupid and lack creativity. Russia is a 3rd world country and isn't even a contender even though Putin as cubically stated multiple times that whichever country successfully launched the AI will rule the world. Trump is doing that right now and will succeed. BSV is the only solution, and even Trump's foreign opponents know that. Which ever country can freely manage BitCoin will rule the world. If you really believe that BitCoin was all about decentralization, you feel for the meme that is applied to the stupid people. The block cap will be lifted in 2020 and DeOS quantum/AI global operating system will be running in 2020 with the help of the NSA. If a country wants to avoid collapse, they will have to move their shit to BSV. It's a zero sum game, no matter how much people will deny it. You need to use your brain and realize the true reality: if we were not capable of traveling back to the past to the change the future - humanity would already be extinct. Think about that. You're welcome.

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you scare me

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Is there anyone who can explain to me what's going to happen?

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You had me going until the time travel shit. Now I have to rethink your previous arguments. Why did you shoot yourself in the foot like this? I call bullshit and you’re trying to keep people out of BSV for some reason.

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The coming recession is fake news to scare everyone into voting for one those demofaggots next year.
Kerrplumpffttt is ruining the economy!!!

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Ok Mr. Robot.

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Congratulations on being given an enormous amount of opportunities to free yourself, It's a shame you have to be such an asshole about it. The only thing's we've had/have to bet on was/is bitcoin, etf's, and MAYBE gold probably not though. The retail market will hardly go down, just consider yourself lucky in this lifetime.

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Index funds, keep investing, don't sell. Time in the market>timing the market.

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I’m shorting Israel

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You are out of your fucking mind btw

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>go to metals
Fuck metals. What you want is plastics, kid.

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> Makes baseless accusation, provides no evidence


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>Must be spoonfed because retarded

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>Still waiting on that evidence but please; continue with your lies.

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Actual nigger

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Id like to insert the topic of negative bank rates in the western hemisphere and what the fuck that might to do stocks.

Does that mean that neg. inflation rates could drive people EN MASSE to shove all their savings account monies into going for shitty low-dividend paying stocks? (div. payments are tiny anyway relative to the ever 6% inflation per year)

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