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Link Marines only Thread

When it hits $1K, seriously, what are you going to do?
Will you sell you're entire stack? Will you hold? Will it go any higher? Will you sell some then hold the rest? Will you stake and sell your additional gains as passive income?

Seriously, this has me puzzled on what to really do

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I will sell this garbage at 50 dollars and never look back

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if it hits 1k that means it has been adopted by every industry and the staking rewards are worth the price of admission. why would you sell something like that, ever?

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So are you saying the passive income is the better route? And that it's a bad idea to just market sell at that point?

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sell sell sell

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If it reaches 1k, how many linkies roughly do you think i could gain annually with a 5k stack i reserved?

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anyone who tells you they know the answer to this is full of shit, but at least 250 to make staking worth it

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>When Link hits $0.25

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Noted, thanks anon. Even 100 would be a comfy passive income for someone like me, so 250 sounds nice

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Holy fucking hell. Okay. LINK is part of a wider asset-class called "crypto". LINK's USD value is completely tied to how the rest of the world values "crypto". It's all the same shit to these people. They have no idea what the fuck the nuances of this industry are. BTC and ETH are the same shit to them, despite being radically different.

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>LINK is part of a wider asset-class called "crypto".
It's literally not.

> LINK's USD value is completely tied to how the rest of the world values "crypto"
Nope. Link marketcap will surpass bitcoin in 2 years.

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If it makes $1k it'll make 5k. I sell 1k @ $1k. I buy a modest home, and a couple modest cars, and a super high-end PC. I don't change my lifestyle much at all, I run a node. I wait a few years and see what I want to do then.

Maybe start a non profit that fights circumcision (did you know most makes are sexually abused at birth?) And promotes breastfeeding. Also try to get women back into the home.

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>Links success depends on how people feel about shit like OMG.

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Since I have a decent stack after the influx of nulinkers, I'd probably cash out a couple hundred, maybe thousand linkies and buy my parents a house. Spoil myself and a handful of closest people with some materialistic garbage.
The rest would be staked for passive income.
I'd also start a business that I'm passionate about, just so I'm not bored.

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Get a hold of yourself. The world economy is huge. When major players buy into this industry, they view it as buying into "crypto". To think otherwise is fucking delusional bud. Doesn't matter that we know LINK to be exceptional. It's "crypto" to REAL money;

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They aren't buying into an industry. No once cares about your shitty buttcoins. They are literally using a network that securely transfers data through their private blockchains.

No one will use you shitty crypto projects, the big business will just make their own crypto, like Libra or Corda. And they will all use LINK, while you are flipping your useless shitcoins, because confirming and securing offchain data requires more decentralization than blockchain does, and LINK is conveniently built around banking and corporate ISO standards

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This anon gets it.

> In fact there are already some private Ethereum blockchain on banking.

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>No once cares about your shitty buttcoins
I've never held BTC in my life you fucking moron. Completely missed my point. How much LINK do you own? Less than 10k, I'm willing to bet.

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52501. Average buy price 36 cent. Will be selling at $1500.

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Link will literally never hit $1000, $50 tops and that’s a big MAYBE. Imagine being this delusional and retarded

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I've been here since ICO and participated in every major warosu worthy thread. LINK WILL NOT MOON WITHOUT A WIDER CRYPTO RUN. You have to be fucking retarded to assume otherwise.
t. fucking wrote the literature on this investment on /biz/, fucking faggot

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>will be selling at X
If "X" is denominated in fiat you're a fucking cuck.

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Literally mooning in a bear market.

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you don't know what mooning is then you fucking pathetic faggot

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U dumb as shit

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Anybody hear what Dan Pena (I know he’s a crazy old bastard but still) said about Buttcoin? He said when people find out who’s behind Bitcoin the price will drop to zero. Why would the boomer make such a statement.

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>t. holds 1k link

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40x performance from ICO to ATH with the worst bear market on crypto.

> Not mooning

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I feel like a nigger for only having 1k. Will I make it?

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U dumb as shit n i own 30k but ok fag

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You're a fag

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have 1.5k
any higher than $50 and I sell 500 linkies and quit my job and live the legendary neet life.

Once link hits 999.99 I sell the rest

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Once we make it, I'll Make you my cumslut and have my waifu watch and make her enjoy it

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>what will I do with 200mil.
Watch it drop back down to 300 and wait for 3k.

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You just don’t get it do you? Link IS the next crypto bullrun.

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50% for staking, 50% for a few properties and shit. Never tell anyone I know anything about the money I made, including anyone I'm dating/partnered/married to. Make them think I'm getting by but don't lead on I'm doing super well.

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What if somebody figures it out?

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Link will be the driver of the crypto run.

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he’s a faggot larping as a billionaire

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I've got 16k, so I'm planning to sell 1k at every $200 price increment ($200, $400, $600 etc.), leaving 1k as a reserve. if it gets up to my maximum of $3000 I'll walk away with $24mil, or around $35mil in my local currency.

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hello ausfag

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Imagine when everyone realizes that there is no point in selling because of the passive income from staking. What do you think that will do to the price?

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Hello ausfag

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You're right. But you misunderstand what anon said

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Based and redpilled

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Tie up all obligations, live life with my family, and invest in startups and real estate.

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I will have about $50m and I’ll be selling all of it

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What's the best broker that doesn't have heavy KYC and big fees?
Please frens i need to cash out.

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this is how most markets work you retard. Even stocks look at over valued and undervalued stocks.

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>he fell for the cashing out meme

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Off grid 3 bedroom concrete home on acreage. Ostrich farm.

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Big house on the countryside, raising a family.

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>link @ $1k
>market sell 1000 link for a million dollars
>build node and stake 10,000 link to it
>keep remaining 10,000+ link in offline paper wallet
>quietly enjoy bottle of expensive champagne while admiring the new york skyline from a comfortable rooftop bar to celebrate alone while reading the threads on /biz/

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How ther hell am i supposed to make it if i can't touch my funds?

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>sell you're entire stack?
>you're entire stack
I'll teach you some fuccin' proper English, you FUCKING PAJEET.

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If you’re a burger and most linkies are, capital gains will eat up around 20% of your gains if sold.
Staking rewards will be taxed as burger income, so higher than cap gains but the trick is to keep a small amount of link to your name and the rest in a company taxed as a c corp.
basically, when staking profits pass 21% the remaining link should be in a c corp.

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because he's a fucking fraud?

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list your node on LINKpool and get a cdp against your staked link...... spend the money freely and if LINK does another 100x just cash out some of your collateral to buy back your original stake

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No one will fucking know it's because of LINK. I'm thinking way more complex than you right now. Crypto mooned in 2017 because of ICOs, but real money bought in because of Bitcoin. The same thing will happen this time. Barely anyone from the outside will buy into crypto strictly because of LINK. They will buy smartcontract platforms. Think about it, you moronic mouth-breathing mammary-gland-having retards.

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