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There is no greater feeling in this world than ordering a Pizza at next to closing time and seeing wagies get flustered because they thought they were going home early.

there's also no greater feeling at seeing their faces light up when I say to them "keep the change" I envy them in a strange way

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OP likes the taste of cum and piss on his pizza. That is why he does this.

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HOW DO YOU KNOW MY SEC-I mean of course not-w-why would I like that ..ew...

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Protip: For the instructions, write that you will give $20 and apologize for the last minute order. Then don't tip.

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>closing at 10pm
>people get in the shower in the locker room at 9:57
how much shitcoin to escape this hell

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hey newfag
spoiler does not work on biz, since it's not about shows or games
and the spoiler tag is like this text
better luck next time bitch

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That's not a big deal and they're prepared for that because there is always a rush before closing time. If it would bother them, they would close earlier.

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