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>muh number 1394 eth killer
>muh chinks
>muh tps shitcoin
>muh delay
>muh coinbase tuesday
>muh feet
>muh daily shitposter pajeets

Look. I'm not here to hold shitcoins longterm. I'm here to acquire more btc and this is basically what everybody's longterm strategy should be.
Couldn't care less about muh open consensus for 10 billion people. Couldn't care less about staking this shitcoin.
Crypto is the free market and a global phenomenon.
>OMG!!! muh shitcoin pumped 15% TODAY!!
Yes, only because big money decided so, now you will hold and get dumped on.
Some anons are smart, they know that. Most of you are utterly retarded though, so let me explain.
The goal is to ride waves. You don't have influence on the market unless you are a whale. OPEN YOUR EYES and spot the opportunity.
ONE$ has
-FAANG team / SV connections (https://twitter.com/harmonyprotocol/status/1169403337931927552)
-Potentially game changing tech
-Potential of filling a much needed niche in crypto with the messy ethereum and other dapps platform lacking scalability
-Potential coinbase listing (rumors are important enough)
>muh I'm here for the tech
NO!!!!! But holy shit isn't this shitcoin pump and dumpable? YES! It's the perfect shitcoin. It has everything needed for pump and it will. Look at BTC MACRO technical analysis. It's no making a major move for still a little while. Now is a great opportunity to increase the BTC stack. Big money coming in shortly. DON'T FORGET TO SELL.

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Price targets/timeframe?

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from here x2-3 is conservative. Could see a x10 with coinbase listing but that would be a pump after a pump. Aiming between x2-4 end of october currently, but you need to adapt to events and news instead of being stuck in an idea.

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What about the price if you also calculate in Gizem feet?
I see an easy x 100 coming in

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Easy 100x on sats then I'm out ez money

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it’s not getting listed on coinbase anytime soon. stop with this nonsense

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Coinbase literally posted they are exploring adding it to their twitter

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Not selling until $10. Big tech companies are going to fight over this

This is the long awaited eth killer.

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this is what will wreck linkies. Harmonauts too.

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What's your problem with FireWire?

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Coinbase is one of the seed investors of Harmony
Look at the picture with the guy with the Coinbase shirt.

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I've laddered in to this shit and I'm going to ladder out.

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>Alameda Research
very big.

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uh... holy shit
it really is happening this time, lads.

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>total supply: 12.6 billion
>circulating: 2.5 billion
If you hold this shitcoin for more than a day you are absurdly retarded

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>t. literal brainlet
ONE's 24 hour volume, at some point yesterday, exceeded its valuation by roughly $5mil.

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>3) Market Making
>We provide liquidity in all major coins, derivatives, and altcoins on the top 35 exchanges.

these guys will pump the hell out of this when the time is right

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They've (someone) been suppressing this price, which I'm insanely thankful for.
We are very seriously going to the moon, guys.

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Estimated price?

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>Could see a x10 with coinbase listing
yeah oke bud nice bagholder post

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If they maintain and deliver the aggressive development schedule, $1 = 1 ONE is totally possible.

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So how do you feel being in the most connected coin with a suppressed market cap?

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Goddamnit doesnt everyone have enough already??? Theres /biz/ Harmonauts with multi-millions. Big fish must have tens of by now. Let's go already!

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*hundreds of millions
look, these guys probably got in on the ground floor because they know the team personally

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What the fuck?!?!
How did I miss this??????
>$2 EOY

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wow not obvious shill at all, at all

this bbq scam coin is bleeding to death. stop trying to dump on bizlets you fucking yellow niggers

>shit tech (that doesn’t work)
>huge supply
>meme mainnet

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Plsssssssssss I need this....

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Only a few more weeks.

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Have you seen Gizem or her feet bro?
Tell me you don't want to suck on them toes and make her dominate her feet on your face.
>Bull feet flag confirmed

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bump for voyance

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Please explain to a brainlet what that means

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Finally some quality shilling in a ONE thread.

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It means this shit is going to explode

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kek...imagine being this much of a discord tranny
protip: you can't

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Why so there is less competition on the market?
You are also obsessed with Gizem and her feet aren't you bro?
We can share her feet or swap every 5 minutes.

>Gizem feet, Coinbase, Mainnet, Pangea, Alameda will bring us 2 EOY

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holding on to 10k ONE. what are the odds of me holding for a year or two and offing these at like... 20 cents a pop?

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Yeah but why, please explain. Thanks.

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I bought 50k as a suicide stack. When I look at the millions at each sell level I can't help but think this is one of the most suppressed coins ever.

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Instead how about you do your own research for once

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There's a 60btc sell wall at 130 kek

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Tuesday, Coinbase
0,3 usd per coin

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Double that because Gizem feet

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Bottom is in. Bullish engulfing candle. Diamond support at 84 sats.

We good. I'm out at 3 cents tho.

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Why Gizem feet when she curl her toes Harmony $ONE shoot up 20 cents and $2 EOY
>You have accumulated good don't sell early buddie

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Retard there is nothing about daily volume surpassing valuation and what it means. I assume you don't know so stfu faggot bitch

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The fact you dare not to mention Gizem feet is a confirmation that Gizem feet will be the factor Harmony will be $2 EOY

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fokin gizem let her spread legs sho whole biz fuk her and fokin dump it

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is why you don't make money or you still wondering why tf there is no altrun

its because companies like these Almaeda Research Short 'em to the ground with billions, there are highly sophisticated AI algos that will outperform every single of you

just ride with these folks

just watch ftx, follow the money, and dont forget to join the ONE harmony train


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We don't have an influence on the market? Please explain why when I market bought 1 ethereum worth of DADI at Kucoin the price spiked 4%.

You're absolutely retarded anon

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Thanks, just sold 100k

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is this the coin with the girl with the feet?

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can you guys explain what this means for brainlets?

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tradesatoshi listing when?

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I am unironically excited about this. Any opinion, guys?

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i know one of the people in Alameda Research, and he’s not impressive at all. i highly doubt this company has any significant impact on your shitcoin’s price.

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I thought those guys are one of the biggest winners on bitmex?

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it means a huge trading firm is behind the curtain that will pump it to the moon at the right time and them dump on all the fomo suckers. make sure to get out at the right time though

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good find

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missed the one in 4. place

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hey dumb dumb, the person in the photo is Li Jiang, who works for Harmony. It’s not Gary Wang, who works for Alameda Research. Basically who cares if Li Jiang is wearing an Alameda t-shirt. Quit fucking larping.

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I don't think you got the point of this thread. maybe read it again?

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imagine there exists a highly focused exchange that is able to short coins, coin bulk bags (like midcap coins, shitcoin mcap coins) like an index on any possible combination be it bullmarket, bearmarket and hedge (flat, unsure state)

now not every exchange allows you to short or long / margin trade shittier low mcap coins cuz of no liquidity, no volume etc.. but you actually can on this site, and some big whales are there. All exchanges follow these algos to see whats the Index sentiment and count it in price also

thats why there was bitcoin run and proly midcap major altcoins will pump OR ieos, icos and shitcoins right in late sept

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But they all look the same, how can you tell

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the boy Nick speaking at invest asia thursday

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ok you’re just shilling ft exchange and i know exactly who you are. crypto is a small world. also Harmony is not on the exchange

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so if ftx/Alameda Research is a meme this project is fucked or does it have potential?

>> No.15527750

>if they are a meme
>if they are a meme is this project fucked

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How do you know they're announcing Tuesday?

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I'm just sad I didn't have more money when it dropped back down below 90 :C

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Most obvious 100x in crypto every.

Yeah, other coins will moon too — but you can be god damn sure this one will, more so than any other coin.

ONE boys. Buy some under 1c or you’ll be sorry.

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>capitulating on a coin that just started trading in June

*breathe in*

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bump for you

>> No.15529895

bought at 110 sats, now 85, but still comfy because I believe in the listing on Coinbase.

It's a bet, wait and see.

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what do while waiting on CZ and Almaeda Research to activate the bots?

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Buy more

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put everything I had left this morning

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