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What the fuck is LINK? Never heard of it. Get that gay ass looking flash drive out of my store. I only take goy bucks in exchange for REAL MONEY to help other woke /biz/nessmen to preserve their wealth.
I then take those goy bucks and shove them in a stripper's ass and do blow off her tits so she can support her 2 kids that were left alone by their deadbeat dad.
Yeah, that's the good shit.

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just got this sexy piece.

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Is schiffgold the best spot to grab bullion?

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Buying puts on SLV and GLD on Monday. This shit is going right back down.

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Based and Paganpilled

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nice tarnish on those bars

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Got this badboy and 50oz of silver with my last paycheck.

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you freight broker?

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No i'm not the freight broker anon. I don't even think he is into PM.

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I had out some of my Morgans next to new silver eagles I just picked up, twenty of each, and decided that old tarnished coins are much more fun to handle and look at. When coins are pristine it's makes you want to not touch them, especially mirror finish rounds. Makes it too uncomfortable to larp as a pirate. Tarnish > Mint.

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Should I pay a premium for junk silver that is in somewhat decent condition compared to paying less for having a lot of wear?

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A lot of people make the mistake of cleaning them, which ruins much of their value

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buying 5 more this week again

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just buy bullion or bars, K.I.S.S

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I bought 2 silver bars from a guy on eBay. 1 silver bar is okay, but the other one is funny, a magnet sticks to it more than it should. Although it seems to be minted at a reputable mint. Should I keep it or just sell it to some other sucker on eBay?

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File a claim on eBay and get your money back plus you get to keep his bars

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Is that a proof coin outside of a capsule"?

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i don't know if it is a proof coin since i only have 1 libertad so i can't compare it. But it has a really nice finish to it it could. I usualy keep it in a capusle i just took it out for the picture.

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it's a 5 oz one too

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I have some junk coins that look so disgusting and wretched that I don't want to touch them either, like they pulled the coins out of a sewer or something.

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Did scratch test and both are fake. Thank god for paypal.

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This is why you buy COINS minted by the government. These have security features that normies can't just copy and coins are just as hard to copy as cash.

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Could someone explain to me why precious metals are worth buying? And are gold UK sovereigns legit?

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How much is a suicide stack

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I just normally buy Krugerrand from the bank (so if they turn out to be fake I can sue the shit out of them) and Reichsmarks on ebay and flea markets.
These bars looked too good tho, got them a 70c over spot, would be nice if they were real.

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>buying niggercoin

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lol imagine buying bullion with a wog on it

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You can't appreciate it's beauty until you see it in person.

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What is the best silver bullion coin and why is it the vienna philharmonic?

>classic instruments
>from austria
>no heads
>no leafs
>no african animals
>only downside is euro face currency

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Literally buy from no one but, mints or dealers with 99.99% satisfaction and at least 5k+ reviews minimum if your going off of ebay. Also if your buying from a store MAKE SURE they do more than a scratch test, Chinese have gotten good at getting around fakes that beat most tests.

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>This is why you buy COINS minted by the government.

I still won't trust them unless they come from a dealer or mint, chinese sell really good fakes and government ones are the most faked

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I get my coins from a dealer, but I still wouldn't trust them to sell me bars, that's how paranoid I am.

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Nope me neither anything above 5 oz, I am looking into getting an Sigma ultrasound machine when I am out of school.

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No one fakes these right lads?

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nah, deal breaker.
it's still gold though, but shamefur display anyway.

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>What is the best silver bullion coin

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God BLESS. Thank you All Father

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Why did you buy ooga gold?

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>he holds physical gold/silver

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As long as it has swastika, your're safe. For some reason the chinks don't copy coins with swastika. There's 5 reichsmark with the eagle on Aliexpress, but none with a swastika.

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1000 ounces of silver RCM bars
>500 ounces in 10oz bars (50 bars)
>500 ounces in 100oz bars (5 bars)
1000 ounces of silver maple leafs
>40 tubes (25 coins each) straight from the Mint
1000 ounces of fun silver
>Perth min stuff
>>Kookaburra 1oz rolls (20 in a roll)
>>Kookaburra 10oz
>>Lunar series 3 1oz rolls (20 in a roll)
>>swans 1ozs if I can get them
>>emus, koalas, other stuff if cheap
>silver Panda
>silver philharmonic tubes
>Silver Eagle tubes
>Silver Britannia tubes
>silver krugerrand tubes
>Silver kangaroo tubes
>silver coins from NZ Mint
>silver coins from Royal Australian mint (looking at the dolphin)

300 ounces of gold
>gold maple leafs
>gold buffalos
>gold Perth mint Lunars
>gold Perth Mint kangaroos
>gold Britannias


No gold eagles or kurgerands and no sterling or junk silver since Mixed coins are taxed.

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>Buying PMs when the S&P500 are still cheap

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I love sovereigns.

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1oz silver pandas are expensive now they dont make them anymore. (30 gram only now)

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Great plan. How far along with it are you?
Prices going to get steep soon me thinks .

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Perth Mint is the best government mint.

They produce different coins in addition to the standard kangaroo every year and so you get collectors value.

>t. bought 1000 Emus for $28 each. They are out of stock and I can sell for $40+ each right now.

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I know but it doesn’t matter. Silver is silver.

This is more of a long-term goal. I only have 30oz of silver and 1oz of Gold. I started in April but stopped just before the rise in prices. I was betting that prices would go down which is why I didn’t stack to my hearts content when I had the chance. I won’t be buying now though.

I agree. Perth is definitely number 1 in silver coins.

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Or just buy from the mint. Texas Precious Metals is where I buy my shit from, and they own the Texas Mint, which makes our rounds and bars.

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>that much gold
no point even though gold will moon, in the end, 1 silver ounce will be 2x as much as a gold ounce

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Paganpilled #basedreact

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Yes, a little extra vig is no big. Get something someone else would buy from you someday

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100 oz Silver
1 oz Gold

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Threadly reminder to smelt down your pretty boy coins and verify that you have actually received what you paid for. There are tutorials on YouTube on how to smelt and separate pure gold/silver.

Don't be a sucker and just blindly trust your seller, even big well-known companies would make a lot more from skimming than what they would lose from the occasional lawsuit that goes nowhere and drags out for months.

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Oh that would piss me off.

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>not buying government bullion in order to cut corners on premiums
it's deserved if you do this.

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Governments steal your fiat savings with inflation. It's much harder to mine gold than to add zeroes to an account.

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