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is this real? kek

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somebody check out the numbers, im too lazy atm, there is a file number in the lower left corner

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0.00 ETH volume

>> No.15516671

it's real


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bottom selling beta cucks suicided b4 LLC news dropped it's hard to rebuy bottom seller bags from a coffin. news 100% legit https://twitter.com/brappertoken/status/1170311134706094081 airdrop by hot model with 1000's of followers and all that shit https://twitter.com/MissVaylaNL/status/1170304087344259080 get in cucks

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You have still not paid the precedent airdrop the one about gex exchange. Pay denbts

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I am so fucked. Why did I sell my BRAP? I'm such a flaming faggot.

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I hate you bottom of the barrel shit coiners so fucking much

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Sir moderate your language, you sound uncivilized.

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You Brappers are actually going to make it. Models are adopting the platform and accepting tips, brap dot me v1 is nearly complete, Brapper Token is a registered company, BRAP is being traded for 30 gwei again and going up, big news coming soon, no one will be prepared for what comes next.

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Colonel here

Wtf is this thread

>> No.15516890

>LLC news

Do you know what it takes to open an LLC? It's about 10 minutes of paperwork. You can even pay someone to do it for a few bucks which is what you've done because it's through a registered agent lmao.

You know your coin is absolute fucking garbage when the simple act of registering an LLC is paraded as some massive news holy shit lmao so glad I never bought this garbage kek.

I am literally astounded at the patheticness of this.

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It's afraid. Ask yourself, why does Brapper Token need an llc? Hmm? No ico, working platform 2 months after launch, models verified, 16+ exchange listings, organic growth and support, and you haven't seen the best of it yet. I am so hard right now.

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Not going to lie team, having an LLC is not news. Fuck I’ve had like three or four in my lifetime. Get a BTC partnered exchange Xander that would be news.

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Those digits tho.

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Brapper always gets good digits

>> No.15516985

She's the perfect mascotte for this shittoken.

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Brapper at 3 gwei and climbing. Just wait until the BIG news drops.

>> No.15517002

Kys Xander (or pajeet hired by xander)

>> No.15517006

anyone can do this out of delaware

still a shit coin scam

>> No.15517011

LOL faggot...too bad you dumped ur brapper for nothing.

>> No.15517027

Never sold a single brap faggot, I still got my airdropped 696k and will only sell for 1$. But I know brapper will never reach that so I don't give a shit.

>> No.15517055

Too bad you can't even sell because this shitcoin has no fucking volume lmao.

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Uh guys, this is actually big news. Remember that insider thread from last week? If it was Brapper he was talking about they’d have to either incorporate or get an LLC. That way they can legally sign contracts. Fucking clown world.

>> No.15517128

Hahah! What a load of shite. Generic ERC 20 coin.
With a supply of 69 BILLION, you will be lucky if it hits $.0001, which might require a bull run. With the looming global recession not a chance of that happening.

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MFW that actually makes sense

>> No.15517144

this doesn't change the fact its an absolute scam

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Holy shit you little brappies are so immature and stupid. Your simple minded naivety almost makes me laugh. whores arnt going to want to use a coin that is the equivalent of "farters" . It's not sexy. Farty coins don't buld on the sexy image for adult professionals. Why would they want to use "fart butt" coin. Think about it you pathetic brappies.

>> No.15517283

Brappers are something else

>> No.15517294

Yep. Now you brainlets are FINALLY catching on. Neck urself if u dont pick up a suicide stck.

>> No.15517302

nice job pajeets, didn't think you could scam biz again, but hell you did it and i hope it feels good.

>> No.15517319

Plz dont be real. I dont want a community token made from biz autists to make it

>> No.15517334

It’s real.

>> No.15517397

If I end up getting rich off this shitcoin I will never stop keking at everyone here who didn't buy

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It all looks legit

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Same. I'm comfy with my 220 million.

>> No.15517427

Also, this. Getting an LLC is easy, but it's likely a requirement someone who wants to partner up with them demanded. It's just one step to achieve another.

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Thumbs up to the team and devs who are consistent working to develop brap. I would not be surprise if brap goes 1000x someday.

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Is this something new or has brapcoin been a think for a while now?
I like buying hundreds of millions of shitcoins worth nothing just in case we get another doge situation

>> No.15517723

not new, they had a disaterous start, like announcing a token burn and then burning 69 tokens, its a scam.

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That was to dissuade lambo moon boys like yourself. Legit project and available here:


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Sometimes quantity and size doesn't matter at all. Look at the supply of XRP, XLM, TRX and DOGE.

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Digits confirm.

>> No.15518282

colonel here. checked. wen moon?

>> No.15518291

Not for a 1-1.5 years. Lot of people aren't that patient, but I certainly am.

>> No.15518346

Another colonel here. My future wife can wait 1-2 year

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Moving now fellow marine.

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i'm holding strong brother

>> No.15518405

Meanwhile in the real world the volume is still 0.00 ETH.

>> No.15518499

Because you can view brap dot me purchases, okay.. :p

>> No.15518666

Zero volume all around the exchanges. Would you mind sharing with us where the tokens from the alleged brap.me purchases are coming from?

>> No.15518716

It’s purchases directly from a devs wallet satan

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Hail Satan.

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Checked, spooky. There is a demonic force that is fudding BRAP, discord trannies.

>> No.15518969

God is Satan too.

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Holy shit you little brappies are so immature and stupid. Your simple minded naivety almost makes me laugh. whores arnt going to want to use a coin that is the equivalent of "farters" . It's not sexy. Farty coins don't buld on the sexy image for adult professionals. Why would they want to use "fart butt" coin. Think about it you pathetic brappies.

>> No.15520026

This. Xanax Xander used the spare change he found in the gutter to type this up at the FedEx store. Get help Xander, stop running scams!

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File: 2.69 MB, 373x324, E157F9F3-9E8D-4372-A32A-21D20B24765F.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Some retard shitcoin scammer learned how to use LegalZoom.

That was actually stupid as fuck, now you niggers are going to American superjail.

>> No.15520413

that instagram girl doesn't even have brapper on her page anymore, you paid her 50-100 dollars for a promoted post, congrats.

>> No.15520472

at least he is not lazy, i cannot understand all this hate
he could unironically make it at some point if he keeps trying
this token is for tipping cam girls and bitches, not a rocket science project with top cryptographists
not ai 5.0 new paradigm, but it solves an use case

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They hate us cause they ain’t us.

>> No.15520744

Here comes the brapper discord. They are just as bad as the trannies I swear. Cult followers might as well be on as much drugs as Xander! Sad! Brapper jannies work for free!

>> No.15521058

Where is your proof? Companies can sue for defamation Jackal

>> No.15521072

is the bullish?

>> No.15521094

meh, i wouldnt buy any if I were you

>> No.15521105

>implying a homeless drug addict can afford lawyers for his make believe company.

>> No.15521199

Product defamation, not personal. He's accusing you of paying a shill, not accusing the token of being malware.

>> No.15521257

Give us a break Satan. This shitcoin is the only chance left to make it. Tell Jews to pump it pls sir.

>> No.15521284

This. Whatever the fudfags say, but that brapper guy is actually delivering more than your average chinkcoin.

>> No.15521295

chekem $.6 eoy

>> No.15521342

>the only chance left to make it
This is why you are poor faggot.

>> No.15521566

Delivering what? The token is useless if you literally can't trade it for money.
It adds an extra step to eth except you can't cash out and a drug addict holds most of the supply.

>> No.15521727

Why do you people keep thinking I'm the one fudding and being a dick on Brapper threads

Stop blaming everything on me

>> No.15521781

Where is the proof?

>> No.15521789

Seems like there is one butt hurt fudder samefagging on a vpn.

>> No.15521795

Not surprised.

>> No.15522050

Brapper jannies work for free!

>> No.15522168

Brapper fudders work for free!

>> No.15522188

brapper to the moon, the new doge

>> No.15522359

One of the SENT devs pay me $.05 per post.

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File: 80 KB, 750x566, 343611D2-09EB-4AF9-8365-03D8441D40C6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Claims to make $0.05 per post
>Calls someone else a poor faggot

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>> No.15522784


>> No.15523895

You wont even make close to that with brapper.

>> No.15523904

We're all going to be saved by dat ass?
That's beautiful, man.

>> No.15523911

Are you saying that the nice ass is making things get bigger and firmer?

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Checked, moist and firm

>> No.15525070

Awful post

>> No.15525096

Why did that whore remove her brap.me link?

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File: 78 KB, 1600x1000, AC653F8B-2A05-4EA8-B020-04DC4B51114F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That’s correct, because unlike your Russian malware scam Brapper doesn’t pay people to post. Bragging about getting paid $.05 to post is like being the smartest kid with Down syndrome.If you’re going to low grade FUD at least post some phat Brappers for us, faggot.

>> No.15526636

Brapper doesn’t pay people because it is a scamthat holds no value. Money instantly goes into Xanders drug habit. SENT is a REAL coin that uses real world currency lmao. Something you brappers wouldn’t understand.

>> No.15526797

If you dont have braps you wont make it

>> No.15526819

If nobody buys braps Xander will starve and probably die from herion withdrawals.

>> No.15526856

So if I sell 69 brap to someone who wants to buy 69 brap and they get 69 brap and I get their money that means we both got scammed?
Man, this high finance stuff is complicated.

>> No.15526865

whats his real name

>> No.15526897

Why is sent paying people to FUD Brapper?

>> No.15526917

Yes, nobody is going to buy brap because it is a functionless token unless you trick them into it. In fact most of the brap models have taken down the brapper logo (not all) as no one is actually tipping with the token except for like 5 people from the discord. So yes it is a scam seeing how Xander has created the sell wall all by himself to fund his degenerate drug addiction.
Probably alexander. Doesn’t really matter, he went crazy after his ex girlfriend found somebody better, now he’s a homeless drug addict going downhill fast. I used to have more faith in brapper until Xander was begging for housing. Then I realized the truth of this scam.

>> No.15526932

Any proof he's homeless?

>> No.15526934

I have no Idea, I have a ticker that counts my post and I send it into them and they transfer me little bits of SENT. I’d assume it’s one of the devs paying me but I cannot confirm. I will take a screenshot of the email i’m sending the info to if you want, it’s protonmail so idk how far it can really go.

>> No.15526987

He went homeless after he went crazy as his girlfriend at the time fucked his roommate. He attacked his girlfriend and roommate and the cops got called. Eventually the landlord evicted him and he hasn’t found a new place since! When he stopped begging for places to stay he started talking about drugs and now the telegram is filled with incoherent tweaker posts. I will look through my mass of unorganized images and find the screenshot hopefully, just give me one sec.

>> No.15527239

Non of this explains why sent (a completely unrelated project) is paying people to shit on Brapper.

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What is an LLC and why is this good news?

>> No.15527426

an LLC can sign contracts etc. there was a thread last week by a larper implying that BRAP had a deal on the horizon with a very large company. if the breadcrumbs are true then brap registering as an LLC is a piece to the puzzle

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File: 490 KB, 1536x2048, C95FA48E-A381-4CE7-A062-B2A7FA49C16E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15527929

I have no idea why they pay me, I just know I get payed in SENT so i’m assuming it’s someone from there idk

>> No.15528315


>> No.15528666
File: 346 KB, 750x742, 2848B011-A697-481E-9206-94AC21F1F70B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would like to know for certain.

>> No.15528772

Thanks for calling me a Hot Model. ;)

>> No.15528781

thanks for the compliment! ;)

>> No.15528869

So, no proof. I heard he got a place.

>> No.15528909

If you wanna get rid of your $BRAP


>> No.15529473

No Vayla, the correct address is:




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File: 168 KB, 1317x956, Brapper2Lambo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15529862

So will there be a cam site using it?

>> No.15530151

that's the speculation and for now i really hope xander doesn't say anything that might break an NDA. the larper said it wasn't pornhub, but the partnership was a media company, which to me means maybe one of the pornhub competitors or a site like chaturbate

>> No.15530170

based, i could buy 200 lambos

>> No.15530283


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File: 48 KB, 622x1280, IMG_20190825_100845_878.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you are so concearned, ask her in twitter how to tip her BRAP.

>> No.15530746

Audi's are better.

>> No.15531465

>LLC news
yeah no it takes $100 to reg an LLC and I don't know why they would want to do that, opens up a lot of legal problems

>> No.15531482

there is no big news

>> No.15531535

Enjoy your rebadged vw shitheap

>> No.15531560

lol what the fuck happened to the logo? It went from professional and clean to garbage with terribly placed vector points, uneven lineweight, and bad curves. Just sold it all.

>> No.15531658

True, new logo fucking sucks. They got caught stealing someone else's with the old one.

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File: 397 KB, 673x478, The Brappening.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Despite all the FUD, despite having no volume, despite being worth 10 gwei, developers are still working behind closed doors. Pretty soon this rocket ship will be completed and we will all be dancing like Lance Armstrong on the moon.

>> No.15531699

The dev is a literal schizo, this is gonna worth zero in a couple of months.

>> No.15531737

no buy orders. kek.

buy zuckbucks.

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File: 148 KB, 750x930, D48E7BB9-1E71-4988-B09C-AFA894F7F74A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15532215

Is etherflyer really the only exchange with any sort of volume?

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