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Are the rumors true? Mark Zuckerberg is buying it all?

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stop trying to chink people
fuck off with your dying shitcoin

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rumor is that you got JUSTED and CHINKED at the same time....MUHHH ETH KILLER
half of the team are dropouts from sillicon valley

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Have you not scammed enough ppl Pajeet? Or are you a chink? Whatever you are stop trying to scam more anons. Most of us bought @250+. You've milked this board enough. Reddit has more money to throw

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ONE giant mistake. Should have bought HOT. We made it onto the Samsung Galaxy S10 crypto wallet too :)

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>brown ID
>Going from one bleeding shitcoin to another bleeding shitcoin
Yea, I think we've got ourselves a pajeet here. Harmony may be a shitcoin but they have the potential to pull some sjw shit better than a bunch of basedboi boomers lead by a buttfuck ugly tranny

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>T. 115k ONE Suicide holder

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Rumor is the Harmony team and CZ made a shitload of sweet Bitcoin by selling a worthless scamtoken to the dumbest people in crypto

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It's not a rumor. Everyone and their grandmother knows it

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i said it in the past, the ceo of harmony made an app and sold it to apple, silicon valley devs used to sell his project to biggest companies, its the most common pattern, you never listen

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Fuck off Ranjeet. There are already too many of you itt and on this board. It's past bedtime in Delhi.

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apple and facebook will fight to get harmony

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Wasnt there a rumor that zil is partnered with FB right b4 its turbo dump? I have a bad feeling

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kek it hasn't even begun yet u racist nigger

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The funny thing is I bet every harmony fudder actually owns a shit ton, similar to chainlink

Having a good laugh at these threads as a mega harmony whale

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I kept forgetting why I saved this.
Thanks for reminding me.

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Big partnership on way. Yes? Buy buy buy! $1 EOY?

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I can almost guarantee we won't see $1 EOY.
I feel like it's almost inevitable somewhere in 2020, though.

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Coinbase before Binance ban

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imagine harmony rebranded the apple coin, i can see it perfectly

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more because tech dont want to touch foreign companies very much because trump

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And? They kept working for Apple, probably improving Maps.

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The company closed in 2014, man.
We told you all the way back then that there are more than one Stephen Tses

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lmfao. biz never fails to disappoint

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The co-founder, Johnny Lee, kept working for Apple as well.

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Oh yeah, the FUD was about it being a different Stephen Tse.
I guess I was working from the wrong end. This seems even more bullish than I realized.

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those chinks know perfectly his game, their plan was always to sell his company to a bigger company

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Maybe but it is still a good thing as it can help to boost the chances of other coins and projects as well, i like Telecoin and TELEX and they will be aone fo the top coins in 2020

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>This seems even more bullish than I realized.
So are you fucking ready? I have been telling anons on /biz/ for MONTHS that this is the next 100x to get once it bottomed out after the binance listing.

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I have a nice hefty suicide stack. I plan to build on it until it moons.
I'm also very confident in this project. Trust me, I'm the guy that's been screaming about FAANG.

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It's the combination of SV/FAANG links + EVM comparability that will make this a 100x.

Others might have slightly better tech but they don't have the connections or the ease of porting over from ETH

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Mark here. Don't buy on binance tomorrow

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newfags think any altcoin can compete with the eth monster alone, big companies only can compete with big companies

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1M to make it

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1M to see how the Harmony team buys a premium steak with your money and has a fancy BBQ.
>Your money is gone

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aple and facebook will buy harmony sir do the needful

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evan chen here. me and mark have loaded our bags. it's time

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