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How do I sell my WoW gold for real money? I'm playing the auction house and making mad WoW gold

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bumpbump I wanna know as well

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Buy chainlink xD

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If I could trade wow gold for more LINK I would
t. 17.5k stinker

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XD XD fellow marine strap in XXDXDXD

200k LINk whale xDXDXD we r all gonna make it

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10/10 shitposting

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My linky stay stinky!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD partnership with Amazon xD XDXD mainnet lulz

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Have sex

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Dude you are playing with wow gold lmfao kys

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>wow gold to real money

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How new are you exactly

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against game ToS have fun getting perma banned.

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They don't really care anymore actually...I've bought millions of gold and I never get in trouble. I did once actually. They just took my gold and said don't do it again.

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>They just took my gold
aka your money
and that is why I dont wanna risk it, I liked when diablo 3 had the open real-world trading, I stopped playing the day they closed it.
Does anyone know any mmorpg that has the same kind of marketplace connected to paypal, I want to make my living from playing vidya :(

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gods unchined

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RuneScape gold farming is way easier and more profitable

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It's like 10 bucks for 200k or some shit last time I played, really not going to get you far.

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isn't gold fucking worthless since mages and aoe farm exists, which makes them like an 100 gold per hour.

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been telling faggots since vanilla that frost mage is the best class, and everyone laughed... years later now on classic and everyone is rolling a frost mage and talking good shit about them... too bad I'm too old to play and married with a kid, would've loved to rekt some nufags in 1v3

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Rs isn’t dead yet?

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I will literally buy gold from you
I'm almost level 40 and I cant afford my mount

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what server OP

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i got 32 gold on faerlina horde. ill sell it to you cheap.

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Do you bot? I want in on this

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Married with a kid? Disgusting pedo

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jokerd is that you?

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go back

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have sex

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Yeah they really dont give a shit, back in Wrath I got sick of it and decided I was going to run a mining bot in order to get my account perma banned. It ran 24/7 for months and not a damn thing happened to me other than I made a fuckton of gold.

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dude just hold your wow gold soon reality will collapse and all that will be left is wow classic servers, don't get caught with physical assets when the virtualization hits

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Selling 500g for .5 btc

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5 min on bitmex will save you 500h of grinding auction house. I dont see how its worth it.

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poor people arent allowed to talk

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