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>PSD2 comes into full effect on 14 September, 2019.
they'll see. they'll all see.

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October @10 USD LINK

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Downward trajectory is the only possible option for your shitcoin. Stay deluded stinkies
By all means please don't. I'll be laughing even harder

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It's delayed til 2021.
Prove me wrong.
Protip. You can't

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you will be laughing in a mental institution soon

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>you will be laughing in a mental institution soon
Oh Rajesh, you funny. What does this shitcoin even do? How does an ERC20 token query web APIs then parse the JSON and put it in a smart contract? Oh it doesn't? That's right. They don't even have any real software. You motherfuckers are straight up retarded.

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Maker is decentralized and fucking FREE !!!
Enjoy your fucking scam.

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Have sex

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>another LINK thread
Why so subhuman, OP?

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