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Insider here :

Big news in October regarding ONE + Libra. 2-3 cents EOM. Zilliqa style run to 20 cents. Do not hold the first parabola. Wait for an 80% correction in December. Might have a bottom at 75-80 sats, but I wouldn't wait much longer if I were you.

Screencap this.


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based and feetpilled, from gizems feet not holo

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Link to Gizem now, been hearing that name a lot

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So that only puts us at a ~500m valuation. There's a lot of room to grow there. What's your estimation for EOY?

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First parabola almost always bleeds down past 60-75%. Winter should be bearish again leading up the halvening. I'd say 5-10 cents + a correction to 2-3 is on point.

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Any idea about the price in one year? Any chance for $1-2? What would be impact of tokens unlock in Nov. and next May?

I bought my bag in Aug and generally would be better to hold them for one year due to tax.

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$1 is pretty unfeasible unless BTC surpasses an ATH and alts go ballistic like 2017. We'd have to be a 10T market-cap.

This is a short term 5-10x flip for me, honestly. Wait until Crypto Twitter shill hard and say "I'm buying more", then sell.

See pic.

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kek and then will be planning to sold half of my stack at $0.10 and see when it is shilled by Satoshi Flipper and other twitter fags. Although, I called him out on his PnD scam and he immediately blocked me.

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You just talked about the halving in one post and the next post literally based your conclusion on "if BTC doesn't get ATH".
Are you just drunk, getting super tired, or were you just retarded all along? You're all over the place.
Not only is $1 feasible, you're looking like a huge brainlet right now. ETH is just under $19b valuation. It's been bleeding for some time now.
First question - what makes you think this trend dissipates?
Second question - what makes you think ONE doesn't soak up more and more of the bleed the closer we get to Coinbase and especially post-Coinbase?
You're literally going to bet against FAANG's answer to ETH?
>but I go on Twitter
When the hell is summer over?

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uh huh, sure. every big positive harmony rumor turned out to be a larp. just like req. yea, we see the twitter post and it doesn’t mean shit

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Everyone thinks their shitcoin is "the one", anon.

If this hits $1, I'll have over $10M, so I hope you're right, but the "FAANG" shit is pretty ridiculous. These are low-mid level employees playing this up.

Don't have too high of expectations, and don't forget to sell the first cycle and wait 4-6 months.

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This reeks of a red flag by shilling. Same with the guys from OMG took a picture at google in Thailand and said “deeper partnerships”

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You're over-thinking it. New tech with all the promises leads to FOMO-induced first cycles, otherwise known as "inflated expectations"

Now is the time to buy, hold through, and just wait. It's literally all you have to do. When everyone thinks they're smart and going to be rich, sell. Also known as Euphoria. Then, you wait, and if you want to re-enter, then you do.

This is close to bottom, if not dead on.

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>These are low-mid level employees playing this up.
You're looking pretty obvious right now, bud.
It's clear you don't exactly understand what it means that FAANG employees converged upon a single project. How often do you think that happens? Seriously - I'd like to see a legitimate statistic that displays the rate during the last hundred years that such a percentage rate of any particular company was occupied by former employees of all nearly equal sized sector-giants.
Well, clearly you'd be stunned to find that the rate at which such a phenomenon could occur would be fucking astronomically low. But, I think I've made my point quite clear by now.
Anyway, we know ONE intends to outpace ETH because that's their entire use case. The only variable upon which that outcome relies is the time it takes Vitalik and his team to deploy ETH 2.0.
So, yeah, I hope I'm right too.

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You are definitely over-thinking the FAANG thing.

I have 10M to flip at 4-5 cents and 10M to hold to 2025, so, let's get rich I guess, then.

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>You are definitely over-thinking the FAANG thing.
I can see clearly that you desperately don't want me to talk about FAANG anymore, bud.

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>Everyone thinks their shitcoin is "the one", anon.
Maybe, but as a developer that uses this shit, I haven't seen one platform that was claiming to be a direct replacement/upgrade to Ethereum get this close in years. We also haven't needed it as bad because Ethereum is deteriorating at an increasing rate.

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Talk about how they're from prestigious schools and oligarchical companies. Maybe we can get the retard to freak out.

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Okay okay, you're right. They're not exactly from FAANG, just not from Netflix.
But there is Stanford, Harvard, Activision/Blizzard, they even mention Barack Obama, CBN Weekly, Bloomberg, AUDI, Samsong, Sony, and fucking Microsoft.
Maybe it's a good thing that more brainlets haven't realized how dumb they are yet.

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gtfo with your bbq scam coin lool


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I hope the market proves me wrong, but the same has been said about Zilliqa, EOS, OMG, take your pick.

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how brown are you?
parading their ex facebook interns around here is something worthy of 2017, no one cares about that anymore.

the only ones who did something worthy in crypto were nameless from shit schools but with passion.

there chink niggers all they do is make bad deals (see gate listing - 250k for 1k/day volume LOL) and bad tech (see their "testnet")

stop trying to dump in bizletz or thinking that this shitcoin can beat any of the other sharding solutions (THAT HAVE REAL ENGINEERS - ERD; ZIL; NEAR)

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their* and dump on* soz it's 7AM

one last thing, ONE is the worst shitcoin

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Thanks for your help.

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You're off-base here, really. This will absolutely have some serious volume and spike-ups soon. I'm not saying it's a good long-term hold, but I'm so high up on my initial, it's worth the gamble...because as always, it "could be" X.

That said, it's a killer buy right now.

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8 million dollar volume. It was up over 9m earlier today.
MC is only 22.2m

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You two faggots are so obviously on the same side, despite your little "argument". Probably coordinating in your gay little marketing firm's discord as we speak.

God fucking damnit - there is truly no hope for this fucking shitcoin.

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volume hit $14M yesterday.

patience, nerd.

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over half of the valuation...
big fucking hmmmmm there

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Yes, I will patiently wait for your next marketing angle, hopefully it's better than this one, faggot.

PS: Tell your CEO to pump his fucking shitcoin already.

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I will commission a large oil painting of this scene once ONE makes me wealthy

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Should I move my ONE off Binance? Move to KuCoin?

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It seems decent. I just did

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Could get free money from KuCoin for holding there, but it won't be much, if any.

This will hit 10 cents in September.

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I fucking love you guys trying to make of meme of the whole ''Gizem foot fetish'' thing.
It only confirms this is a shitcoin like Bitconnect.
>Ethereum is and will remain the KING for smart contracts.

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lol the only interested in ethereum resurrection are the scammy icos, hungry for sell his bags, no other coin have that humongous amount of bags ready to dump sir

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I really want to believe this, last night I was about to get more ONE at 79 sats.

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>>Ethereum is and will remain the KING for smart contracts.
Ethereum is already dying and Vitalik has been indicating that he is walking away. He doesn't know how to scale it and why should he. It's a kids experiment that got out of hand. It's time to move on to more performant well designed networks, not this 2014 proof of concept bullshit.


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675k stack here, I'm fucking ready for the face melting pump over the next 2 months.

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Bumping because I want to know more about it. All proofs are welcome.

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The fundamentals for this project are strong, the team have good connections in SV as well.

I'm measuring the success of the project in 2 areas:

1. Is it totally seamless for devs to port from ETH to ONE?
2. Are they going to deliver the scaling on time (full sharding + Kademlia routing)

The first point is ONE's killer feature. All the other "ETH 2.0" killers require a lot of work to port from EVM. There was a recent report (don't remember what project) that tried to port from EVM to EOS. They gave up after 6 months because it was simply too difficult.

There's so much development focused around the EVM that the first project that enables scaling AND requires a minimum of development effort to port over will "win"

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This is nowhere like a sticker on a skateboard and you know it.

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you think you’re the first to know this? No, you’re not. If this rumor actually had substance, shit would be priced in. You’re a larp.

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Ok sirs, what's up with pangea though, to me it seems it's working worse than expected with shards going offline constantly. How pangea relates to their mainnet? Is their tech really as good as we were promised?

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Pangaea is their testnet - you WANT stuff to break and go down constantly so there's 0 issues when they deploy to mainnet

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ONE is a fucking amazing buy right now. Sure, it might go down a little more, but you know damn well the upside is huge.

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Why didn't they launch their testnet before mainnet then. Ah, I forgot, they are chinks. Saddest part is that I hold a shit ton of ONE bought high, but honestly I'm losing my hope here.

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Their roadmap has always indicated a staged mainnet release.

Say that the current mainnet is v1 - Pangaea/testnet is currently testing features for mainnet v2

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How would a UK anon with no BTC get hold of this shitcoin? Cryptomate for BTC? Then what exchange is best for Harmony?

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>Why didn't they launch their testnet before mainnet then. Ah, I forgot, they are chinks. Saddest part is that I hold a shit ton of ONE bought high, but honestly I'm losing my hope here.
That's because you're a retard and you bought more than you could afford and/or you can't afford to be patient. I don't think you ever thought you were gonna sell this early.

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>Say that the current mainnet is v1
it isn't, nobody can use it and it doesn't even have a native coin, only shitty bnb token. It is an obvious testnet, but they lied to bagholders calling it a mainnet

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Southern European here, Binance works well for me.

Buy BTC through a platform like AnyCoin Direct, send them to your Binance wallet, then buy Harmony (ONE).

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Even with my losses I'm 100% sure I have a bigger BTC stack than you ever had. I'm just sad that promising project turned out to be a yet another chink scam

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/biz/ never changes. Random dude claims he is an insider and everybody belives him like little children.

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Dump your bags now, near to ATL.

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Thnx fren

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Be a man, accept that it's a chink scam and we all just hope for artificial pnd to dump our bags. Cut this 'muh next eth bullshit'. They haven't proven their capability to deliver anything so far

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I'm going to screencap this shit to humour myself when I 10x by EOY.

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I'm sure hope you will. It's 5x for me, you know

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even their marketing techniques are shady lol

rip bleeding coin

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show us proof that you’re an insider. a photo inside your building. it’s so obvious you’re a larp, and you don’t even provide non-public information.

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What exchange do you even use to buy this?

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Outsider here, i got my pee-pee stuck in my zipper

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binance or kucoin

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k Rakesh

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Wait I'm confused will the 80% correction come after the first run to 3 cents or the first run to 20 cents?


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W-what's going on?

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trading competition on kucoin. bots trading

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Double bottom. Insanely bullish, especially with the announcements this month.

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yep. all-in

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makes a niqqa feel gud.

Theories on timelines?

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that’s what ppl have been saying for 3 months, and yet the price keeps falling

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it's currently retesting the ATL, if we break ATL we go to price discovery = lower lows

see: >>15495490
I would be very surprised if CB lists ONE by EOY.

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>I would be very surprised if CB lists ONE by EOY.
One can dream :[

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I know the team has good CB contacts but it took ZRX and LINK months/years to get listed.

They'd have to deliver a fully working mainnet with all of the scaling features EOY for a good chance for a CB listing.

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White trash racist nigger tier grammar here boys.

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this gon be huge ffs zuck and harmony.. bbq all the way

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BBQ coin
>Muh ETH 2.0
>Muh Gizem feet

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this is the pure pajeet-style fomo initiation thread that we see for every single scam pump coinon this board. fuck right off

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>the real insider here
UOS will announce Ubisoft partnership next month

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What went wrong?

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But Pajlecia

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Hahaha I hope this is real, why anyone thought having a pretty girl is somehow beneficial to a crypto project is beyond me

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If this is true, I’m instantly selling all of my ONE. Fuck Facebook, fucking dirty rotten criminal organization needs to go down.

>> No.15500812

Let the jews make you rich, then use your money to nuke Israel.

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He's grouping different orders by removing decimals you retard
Shittiest FUD I've ever seen

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lmao cope harder. Only 36 BTC worth of bids.

>> No.15501218

you don't deserve to make it with ONE

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There's no way you have 10m you fuckin liar get out of here

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