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Where were you when the economy tanked, /biz/?

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>Started college
>Got a job as a lifeguard
>Both parents kept their jobs and house
>Economics professor cracking jokes about how recessions are good because they make him more interesting at parties
>Wouldn't have even noticed otherwise

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I was pooping. I do that a lot. I also somehow just successfully told capcha that a bike in a crosswalk was a fire hydrant.

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>Detroit suburbia
>Father was in the automotive industry at one of the big three
>Lost the house, parents went through hellish divorce, I couldn't get a job for years
>Watched this repeat in all my friends homes
>Seen a city decay into third world right in front of me
>I'm scarred for life
I'm never trusting central banking jews, they should be rounded up and put on trial

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What do you think about the tea party?

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Much like occupy wallstreet it seemed like a grassroots movement started by common people angry at the banking system but not informed enough to know exactly what to be angry about. This led to them having very imprecise stated goals and left the door open for the powers that be to enter and take over the movement. Occupy wallstreet had their own issues with women and trannies being allowed to be a nuisance, but I see them both filled with the same rage, and mislead easily by our overlords.

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I lived in Alaska at the time. Big oil state, recession was only on the news. I live in Michigan now, and very scared of what's coming

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did you vote in 2012?

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Just started undergrad. Lived at home and never really felt the recession.

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Unfortunately I was ~17 at the time

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Worked for Ford Motor company.. got laid off three times.. got divorced.. moved out West to work for the State. Currently comfy..

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what about in 2016?

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Working at a school in California. I got let go. BTW I voted for Ron Paul and continue to do so each and every election.

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If voting really changed anything, it would be illegal.

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I was 16 years old. I don't remember even knowing that there was a recession since it didn't really affect my family and it was business as usual. My dad was well off I guess.

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Of course I did

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For who?

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Fuck off dataminer

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I don't see how that's relevant to the '08 financial crisis, fuck off lazy miner

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I was eager to get a job since 2006. I finally became of working age in October 2008, right as that V was bottoming out. Everyone was getting laid off and taking whatever they could get. I managed to find work after thumbing it everywhere for months and filling out a sea of applications.
In 2010, I got trained at a convenience store with a guy who was a senior engineer for over a decade until his company decided to lay him off.
Around 2013, I waited tables with 2 guys who made bank in the mid-2000s subprime real estate game.

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