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26 days until the launch of RSV. Less than four weeks.

I hope you're done accumulating.

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Got 450k stack. Will I make it?

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got 1.4m of this shitcoin will i make a lotta money i need to move out of my dads house please RSR moon

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Have the same amount, our fate will be the same

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Do you think that launch of the RSV will affect price that much? I think we will need to wait 1-2 years until they are able to built the structure and have lot of users. Launch of RSV dont mean alot.

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it's probably gonna take a year for the system to function in such a way that a huge increase makes sense, but this is crypto so fomo will kick in much sooner.

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>tfw probably only be able to get about 150k RSR before this takes off
I'm just lucky I got into crypto when I did so I don't miss this.

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reminder i said not to buy until the new low...

still gonna fill my bags under .001 USD price. i'll have 2-3M CHEAP

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why do you believe that?

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How do i add this token to my wallet?

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coinbase wallet fellow niglet

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So basically keep it on the exchange until coinbase accepts it?

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Never gonna make it

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No mein neger.

Look for Coinbase Wallet on App store and download it. Then run it and do whatever it asks of you.Next step tap on Receive -- Type RSR and then it'll give you a QR code and an address where you will send your RSR from Exchange to your Coinbase Wallet.

And that is all.


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Thanks dude, new to all this.

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When the fuck is it going to be listed on Coinbase? I am so not going through the Huobi hoop bullshit.

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Never. It is a scam coin. How fucking naive and/or delusional do you have to be to think this piece of shit will be adopted as reserve currency by nation states? Argentina is burning right now, and what are the masses turning to? BITCOIN. Not this homosexual reddit coin. It's a fucking joke. Put your money on alts with real valuation.

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oh look, it's /ourtard/ again with his primitive FUD
you gotta go through hoops, but it doesn't need to be huobi. idex works fine with a vpn and first level kyc (name, email, dob). make your buys and move your tokens off the exchange and you're good. I don't see Coinbase (ever?) listing RSR. They will list RSV eventually, but that's not the one that will moon.

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No problem fren.

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>Argentina is burning right now, and what are the masses turning to? BITCOIN.
RSV isn't out yet, you fucking retard.

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Explain the IDEX loop with more depth please.

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Is it good

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prices can vary from .002 to .004. this starts getting more interesting if support becomes >.004. i hope it happens this year. this is a 2.5 year hold.

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their level 1 kyc doesn't require actual documents, so as long as your login isn't showing as USA (in other words, use a VPN), you can create an account and do level 1 kyc and trade. you may need to use a different browser if you've used IDEX before. I would suggest you move the tokens off exchange as soon as you buy in case there's any sudden ID request, which hasn't happened yet but better safe than sorry.

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I bought at 0.0032 want to kms

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you can never know with these shitcoins, they can suddenly do a 20x in 3 month

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Yeah ik, I want to buy more to bring the average down but it could dump

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26 days until RSR exit scam.

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Same, but just buy dips and avg. it out

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my body is ready

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Never sold a single RSR. Holding till mainnet get fucked and stay poor.

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good digits, with green id, will make it

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Alright now Im sold

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bitcorn is crippled bruh

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You need more. double or triple your stack!

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>buy ETH
>create metamask wallet
>transfer ETH to wallet
>go to IDEX
>deposit ETH
>buy RSR
>withdraw RSR to metamask
>hodl for 4 years

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any tips for buying ETH that can be quickly moved into idex for purchase? my only issue is that it takes 5 days for my purchase to be cleared by coinbase and huobi seems to only allow minimum $1k purchases. where could I buy if i just want to put 40-60 bucks at a time?

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have you tried the crypto.com app
i saw one anon recommend it but i havent personally used it

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nope haven't tried it, ill give it a try maybe its worth it if it let's me do small transfers quickly without waiting a full 5 days.

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why is that better than buying using BTC? or holding on MEW?

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Where u buy this? Estimated roi?

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>>buy ETH
>>create metamask wallet
>>transfer ETH to wallet
>>go to IDEX
>>deposit ETH
>>buy RSR
>>withdraw RSR to metamask
>>hodl for 4 years
this. i got into crypto 10 years ago before you guys were born. rsv will be the #1 cryptocurrency and rsr holders will be the next ruling class

you have a choice. do you want to wage cuck for the rest of your life, or take a risk to make it?

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Signs point to a very possible 5-10x in the next few months (2-3) since app release is this month and it will take a few months to see results/adoption rate, but always DYOR. Looks like Peter Thiel bought RSR tokens as his investment. Coinbase Ventures is an equity investor (so they can list tokens after RSV / App release), and burn mechanics after mainnet through arbitrage make a $1 target by EOY 2020-2021 very possible based on my own understanding of the Reserve Protocol but I could be wrong so DYOR.

2-5% burn rate combined with arbitrage opportunities and slow wallet for majority of the supply means that less people will be dumping and more people will be holding for arbitrage contracts. This will create market scarcity and raise the price of RSR tokens for anyone trying to buy after mainnet.

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Do I need to be on a vpn on Idex? I bought some eth to buy rsr. I have metamask, but I also need a vpn? I’m very new to this if you can’t tell.

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only chinks and burgers need vpn for idex

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Yes and imma burger

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download free version of protonvpn
select country like canada
when you make idex account make sure you put that country
connect your wallet of choice, if you use metamask add rsr token to it by clicking "add token" and using:


as the contract address.

make sure you have your ETH in the wallet and it should show up on IDEX, then you just deposit into IDEX and pay the gas fee, once it's there you can make your purchase via buy order or market buy, after this you click withdraw and IDEX will charge you about 80 RSR gas fee and send your RSR back to your wallet. it's a bit slow to send because it's on ETH network but after about 2-5 mins it should be in your metamask / wallet of choice.

i dont recommend holding RSR in IDEX (or any exchange), but that's your prerogative. some people want to trade it so they can multiply their stack over time but i find that a bit risking when dealing with vpns.

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I already fucked up and made an American idex account. So just delete and make another one through vpn? Can I still use my same metamask wallet? And what is that address you gave me for?

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yeah i have two accounts also. they're not checking cookies or anything as far as i can tell, i went from being logged in with my first account linked with coinbase wallet app, to linking 2nd account with same wallet app connected but with different location. just use another email should be fine.

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