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Who's the most pathetic person here?

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ive been trying to pump the freight broker meme, also ive had no human interaction outside of work for 5 years

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Probably silver bag holders lel

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Where's that guy who spent like 8 BItcoin on KIDS coin when it was 1 sat and then it went to literally 0 and has never recovered, over 2 years ago?

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i work a 9 to 5, but always come in an hour late, leave an hour early, and take 2 hour lunch breaks. it's an engineering job, though, so getting more rest actually leads to a net productivity gain. currently making $145k out of boston.

my wife was a virgin when I married her; I didn't believe her at first, but she could cry from the pain when we had sex for the first month or so. I have to admit, it was sort of hot.

I don't really care for music or movies; it's all degenerate Jewish shit. I prefer spending my time working on unsolved problems in computational complexity, trying to separate complexity classes. I doubt I'll make any progress, but I see it as a form of entertainment; "gaming" if you will.

I'm all in on ethereum, after selling at around $450 during the last bubble and buying in at just under $100 with the double digit memes.

no larp, but who cares really

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the dag troll has been spending the last 13 months fudding constellation for about 50 hours a week because he got rekt in the presale. were talking 12 to 15 hours a day for 13 months straight

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All larpers and people who respond to larpers

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best part of my life: white with a full head of hair at 31. I think that's the true lottery in life; more important than being tall or rich. I can just imagine the 5'11 cope though; tippie toeing to 6 feet. I'm slightly shorter than that, but content with everything else I have.

seeking perfection is a hedonistic treadmill, but knowing when you've beat the odds and are in the top 1% is so much more fulfilling.

what are the odds of even being human and not an ant? a million to 1?

I am happy to be alive, I love my life.

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Pretty cool math dude, pretty cool. Keep enjoying.

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That one samefag who alternates between different IDs to circlejerk with himself

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this was me with pandacoin

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fuck you too

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You for creating this thread

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I live with bedbugs and keep them as pets!
If you keep them fed well they can do all sorts of tricks and even keep you company when times are tough!
Plus they can reproduce quickly so if you want to get into the business quickly you can start real soon

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I spend a lot of my free time chatting with my Thai girlfriends on LINE. 3 more months until I go to Thailand to fuck them for free in between paying for sex with hookers and massage ladies.

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This. I cringe every time someone mentions owning literal bags of rocks

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not funny, guys

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you should smoke your bedbugs
also if you let them eat you and they reproduce then you eat them, you have infinite food cycle

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>he doesn't inject pureed bedbugs with a hypodermic needle to harness the raw energy of their more primitive DNA
r e d d i t is ---> that way --->

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How do you make it through the length of that flight? Is there a secret or is it just the anticipation of your cock being used more than a Jollibee's door handle?

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I have no friends, am an incel and I'm sitting in a hotel room alone on a Sunday night masturbating and shitposting on 4chan. I think I win.

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>I have no friends
consider yourself frenzoned

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>I have no friends
friends suck

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Silverchads, Linkies, or Brappies

All worthless scum

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A travel pillow and noise cancelling headphones make it much more bearable. It takes about 24 hours for flight from Atlanta to Seoul to Bangkok.

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I am you except I am worse then because I am a incel who lost his virginity to disgusting whores when I was young and stupid. The fucking normies got to me and I felt like I needed to lose. I wish I still had my virginity, much rather be a virgin wizard then a loser who lost it to gross hookers.

All I ever wanted was a loving girlfriend and to start a family. Fuck this gay earth

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>32 years old, unemployed and never had a job in my life
>live with parents in tiny 3 room apartment
>parents pay for everything
>they do the chores I never do anything
>barely finished highschool because was bullied extremely in school
>never had a girlfriend
>never kissed a girl
>cumbrain and addicted to fastfood/sugar which made me fat
>have manboobs and balding since I'm 15
>never had any friends
>only social interaction is through anonymous imageboards
>have a really stupid first name
>minus 98% or so on ICX
>was all in with my last 600 dollars at 12 bucks

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What do you do all day that keeps you from going an hero? Surely vidya gets old after a while.

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beats fucking working

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>What do you do all day that keeps you from going an hero?
a lot of things
1. too scared to go outside
2. no place to kill myself without getting discovered by parents
3. dying is scary
4. might get 400 bucks this month to buy a shitcoin probably link

>Surely vidya gets old after a while.
I only played very old games not so much nowadays because like you said it is getting old after a while and dont want to buy new hardware dont have the moneys

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you should at least work out though

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You ever try pushing yourself out more, just a little at a time to see if you can build on it and interact with people more? Sometimes just going for walks helps, especially at night to get started.

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> especially at night to get started

I legit readed
>specially at night to get stabbed

top kek

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>and interact with people more?
gave up on that
they will never respect me or not make jokes about my name.

>just going for walks helps
the neighborhood is bad and there is niggers here
I dont go outside if I dont absolutely have to
and never at night

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>I'm all in on ethereum

you had me in the first half

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nah we're different we just hate link because its dogshit that ruined this board

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Just stop being this way, in every way, little by little at a time over a year. You'll thank me for it.

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20k long in acb please help

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>have a really stupid first name

This part got me, you could try at least help your parents a bit anon.

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Im like the dude in american psycho, all my self improvement is just done to fuck others and inflict them pain, im just a shell and you will never meet the true me, if i success it's just to make you feel like a failure, everyday until i die

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can we at least get a story out of it

i was happy when i lost my virginity even though i didnt have sex for years after, was just something i needed to do in my life in order to grow up and move onto the next phase

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I'm 24 and still haven't retired while there are 20 yr old millionaires woth ecommerce businesses and others that bought bitcoin and sold it in 2017, etc.

As far as I'm concerned, I already lost in life.

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i didn't sell chainlink (basically a worthless erc 20 token) after a 2000 % profit because i thought it would go up forever.

So i guess i won sirs

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Amd people actually think this god is a "loving" god LMAO. Just look at your pathetic life. god planned this out just for you. He targeted YOU to be a loser. Thos wasn't even your fault. YOU didn't choose shit genetics. You were simply born unlucky. Sad world where luck is what predetermines your success. This is why I hate religious people that worship god.

What a sad sad pathetic life you live. It's not even your fault. It was predestined.

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pajeet shillers

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Live is a gamble, sometimes you gotta double down mah nigga

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i make decent money, everything bores me. read about 40 books this year. books are the only thing keeping me alive at this point.

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Add gym gains to books and you are literally me

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Married an ugly woman because she was kind in a way that pushed me away from suicidal thoughts.
As the years pass the slowly starts resembling her bitchy mother.
Working from home, no friends, no hobbies.
Only activity I enjoy is drinking strong alcohol alone at my desk.

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cringe, stop caring about your virginity like a woman

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hey, you can afford hotels

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Why are you in a hotel?

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>work TWO wagie jobs
>chubby Latina wife
>only 17k in saving

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>Be 28yo southern eurocuck
>Fell for the university meme (twice)
>Left my commie infested country for a more commie infested country for better work/life (uk)
>Currently work min wage in a warehouse
>in NORF
>only gf i had dumped me 2yrs ago and after one year I realized she was proper wife material
>lurked on reddit b4 washing up here after gf left
>Couldn't see it bc I was bluepilled
>probably a fag(bi) after years of porn addiction and an overbearing single mother
>Druggie (weed, coke, mdma)
>Slowly adding alcoholism in the mix

I believe I'm pretty high on that list

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>All these people who just let their lives spin out of control
I'm not surprised you fuckers always lose money on your shitcoins when you can't even stop yourself from frying your brain on alcohol or being a fatass

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h-hehe definitely n-not me

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shut up dad

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famous namefag 'BSV will win'

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there will always be some animal that is richer than you, some fucking dog who inherited a few million

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I decided it would be a good idea to go on vacation alone this long weekend.

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>wearing pants
>using chairs
>no pissjugs
Is he a king?

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i was mad pathetic when i first came to /biz/ about 3 years ago.
i learned how to trade and earn compound interest from biz.
i actually know how to use my money to make more money now.
everything i learned i owe it to biz posters
i was financially illiterate before i began lurking here
now im worth over 200k and soon to be several million

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I only paid $88 for one night in this shitty hotel

>> No.15464648

>currently see happy students everywhere, ready for the most sex filled and happy and party filled, and intellectual, years of their lives
>feel so sad that I wasted my youth and was too ugly to have a happy one anyway


That rope's going in to my attempted an hero compilation!

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I got raped real hard by big scary men in prison

>> No.15464745

criminally underrated

>> No.15464747

This post made me want to kys
t. Chad with no money or life

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based, but learning from biz? wtf 1/500 posts might actually have good information

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That's why I'm here all the fucking time. I also have nowhere else to go that is as lax as 4chan

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I follow DAG threads. There is no DAG troll. But the DAG community keeps saying this to minimize the fact everyone hates them. Nobody can post 24/7/365 but if that makes you feel better that one person hates you instead of the whole biz community the so be it

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>go to the gym
>get a job
Workout 3x a week and the money from work you give a little to your parents. The rest you should invest in crypto. Probably just make the equivalent of an index fund with the top alts but also with promising shitcoins. You are wasting your life and your ability to live a happy life. Stop that. You're nearly halfway through.

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this guy

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What's your name, Mulva?

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me. i have a family, wife, great paying job i love, great house in a nice area, but i still come here daily.

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Based as fuck

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link holders.

>> No.15466259

literally me sort of

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Just realized this thread is FULL of pathetic transexual link hodlers.

God help us.

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All you gotta do is stop fapping, but you are right anyway

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BASED al bundy poster

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I've applied for over 1000 jobs these past 3 months and I've only received 3 phone calls, had 1 interview and received 2 emails.

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zero qualifications
never had a job. nothing.
live off parents
they're old and dying
i have absolutely no plan for the future
i'm 41

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>but she could cry from the pain when we had sex for the first month
Fucking hot. If your wife doesn't do this as well this means you got cucked

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But anon, if you happened to be blessed, you should worship a God.

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Buy $100 RSR and pray to god.

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I'm insecure, add, dropped out of uni and then fled to greece to work for half the minimum wage in my own country. The only hope I have of a good life is fully dependent on link going to $1000. I've been here for over a year already, it's gonna happen soon, right anon?

>> No.15466893

i spent all my link on heroin and now i can't buy any crypto because all my cards keep getting declined. I'm in withdrawl pretty bad. My shit part time job was made redundant

>> No.15466904

ive asked a lot of questions on this board and some anons have been good enough to honestly answer them and redpill me on various subjects of finance/crypto trading, etc. not everyone is a trolling asshole but yea theres a lot of that. this is a meme board afterall.

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cant you just buy a week's worth of weed/booze and go through withdrawal and not use again? i never had even the slightest psychological addiction to smack, once the physical shit is over it's done. easy

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Lets do us monery make by drugs and games mixture

>call money your silver money???
>prostitutes gold from fucking phones!
>bitcoin calling silver on phone trade
>making WTC monery from you
>premuium desk at half the price
>call papers on the bridge

>Why still not redpill?
>IS your monery in monastery?
>Bro its stupid it's making no sense
>Why invest in Btc, that's just so dense


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That Brazilian who keeps asking if paying for sex is immoral or asking how to profit from fucking prostitutes, probably.

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i spent months trying to monitor/buy a domain name about to expire. it expired then months later was on godaddy auctions. i did a test bid as i never used their system before, wrote a reminder on my desk about the time the auction would end. i would have paid up to $500 for this domain. my rest bid of $30 was outbid in the last minute to $35. i forgot to set an alarm for the auction end date. my reminder on my desk got covered up by my keys because i came in late last night after spending all day on some date and didnt get laid. i am unironically extremely extremely upset and pissed. i havent even responded to the girl texting me telling me she had fun. i only tried dating after some biz post and im super pissed off. im normally not emotional but hit my keyboard earlier.

>> No.15467536

>im normally not emotional but hit my keyboard earlier.
Maybe the most pathetic part of your whole post. The rest of it is "shit happens" and managing your time and energy better. But pointless outbursts of physical aggression, pathetic.

>> No.15467555

i was online early enough to buy britishrail.com and tesco.com among others. but was too much of a pleb.

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i'd rather be a neet ant desu

>> No.15467612

>they will never respect me or not make jokes about my name.
Please don't tell me your actual name is pajeet.
And even if it is, you know you can have it legally changed, right?
That's a silly reason to stop trying.

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This domain Ive been aware of since maybe 2013, it would have been pretty integral for a project Im working on. The series of events just annoys me. I didnt set an alarm since I thought Id be at my desk at the time of auction end, which I was. domain auction tab got covered up by some research i was doing for a friend when i got home late. Change of plans for this date, she kept pushing it back from 11am to 1pm to 4pm then we didnt finish up until 2am or so. My keys just blocking the words of a sticky note which was in my line of eye site. I run business from home for years. would have probably made 100k+ over the next 3 years from the domain. either my competition has it or its a domain reseller, and they will list it at 50x-300x price tag and wont budge if thats the case. i didnt put a real proxy bid in since it tips off competition, guaranteed to win it if you are online and just go big at the last minute. i just feel physically ill now. im going to probably clean my office and not eat today.

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Based and bedbugpilled

>> No.15467776

Sucks, man.
Time for Plan B, I guess. I mean what if someone just out-bid you, you'd be in the same boat.
But I hear you, nobody to blame on this one but yourself.
We all fuck up, spend today in self-pity then put it behind you and move forward tomorrow.
Good luck, Anon.

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Left home at 22 and had to come back last year at 28 having lost it all.

I'm so fucked up that some days I have to drink litres of alcohol to fall asleep.

I still have 2000 euros on bitcoin and trying to get back, looking for a job and stuff. But some days, it feels like I won't make it.

Pretty pathetic desu.

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Can you do your best to teach us sad sacks of shit the stuff you learned? We would love u for it

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>Just stop being this way
I can't I been behaving and living like this for as long as I can remember

it sucks and it fucks you up in the head right from the start

I dont believe in a god
it was all random and I just happen to pick the short end of the stick.
life sucks and then you die

>You're nearly halfway through.
I am already way past halfway, no chance I'm gonna make it til 60+ years.
my parents are aging and they won't be able to support me in around 3/4 years. then I will anhero, cash out crypto gains or become homeless.

>Workout 3x a week
I have no motivation for that, what for?
what is the point of this now?

>get a job
I can't even get a job as a janitor

you think this shitcoin will make it big?

actually it was a normal name at some point in time but then for no reason it became a joke.

>you know you can have it legally changed, right?
I tried and they wouldn't let me

>> No.15468506

Just tell us the name anon please. Get it off your chest.

>> No.15468526


Get punched, Nazi. I fucking knew this was a forced /pol/ meme

>> No.15468755

you just get sued for that shit anon
Protip: when you get sued by (multinational-tier) cunts, you tend to lose. AND they get costs awarded

>> No.15468872

"wah wah some people have it better than me wah"

You melodramatic faggots make this place unbearable.

>> No.15468890

Ah shut the FUCK up, bootlicker. I bet you're the type that loves going to work just to get the chance to munch on your employers cum

>> No.15468936

Nope. There is a god. He just happens to be a sadist. Thinking the first cell came about randomly and just so happened to have the ability to self replicate imperfectly (since perfect replication = clumps of the same cell) is asinine as fuck. How did that cell even survive? How did all the chemical processes happen in the exact order and in the exact time frame with JUST the right material? I don't need to be an organic chemist to know this is a load of bullshit. They've also found dinosaur tissue in bones that were supposedly over 195 million years old. Guess what? Even IF the bone were preserved at 0 degrees Celsius, that shouldn't be possible. That means dinosaurs aren't that old. That btfos evolution even further. There are also over 180 constants in the universe that have near perfect values needed for life to even BE ABLE to exist in the first place.
ONE example os the speed of light. Long story short, had it been a little faster or slower, no carbon would have formed. Guess what? 100% of life is CARBON based. Again, this is just ONE of the universal constants needed for life to exist. It's all a load of bullshit to think we came about by mere coincedences.

>> No.15468954


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>> No.15468981

I think it's the shitcoin with the weakest fud right now.

>> No.15469487

Me. From 2016-19 I've only been losing money in crypto. It's about 19k usd at this point lmao

>> No.15469554

The guy that keeps talking about suicide and never follows through on it.

>> No.15469647

>no larp
Nice larp, but who cares really.

>> No.15469730

Definitely Nick.

>> No.15469737

Maybe it's some kind of ego-survival bias but I like this guy better than this guy:

Also I swore I would only masturbate once today and I blame you for ruining it.

>> No.15469910

the guy who is obsessed with SENT and has been in every sent thread till it started

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