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Long story short. Remortgaged house for $150000 and bought LINK at $0.4. I have cashed out a chunk and paid back the loan. Now my plan is to hold until a year has passed since my last major purchase (Jan 9 2019) to cut down my capital gains tax. I'm sitting on 320k links atm. Will the price continue crashing until Jan 10 2020 or should I be fine to wait?

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Sell. Its going back to 50c

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Google announcement came out of nowhere. I’m willing to bet the amount of silence we’ve had means Sir gay has some good surprises in store soon.
t. Sergay’s macdonalds delivery guy

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Sell half. Put 1/4 of that money into Cruzbit, and keep your fingers off the keyboard for a year.

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Wow cool larp. Please consider suicide

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I would wait 1 week and decide, price is at a critical point now and could go up or down

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You could sell enough to pay your loan back +some. Then you will have definitely made a profit even if it goes down to zero (it won’t). Watch link go up and do nothing

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Are LINK FUDers mainly seething BOOMers who had a chance to 5x their boomer monies but made only a few % gains on their boomer stocks etfs metals and so on instead?

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Wait until September is over to make a decision.

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ive been dollar cost averaging OUT since $4.50

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You arnt cut out for this

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This. If we aren’t taking off by October 1st with all the events taking place this month then nothing on earth is gonna pump this coin other than old fashioned slomo adoption which will take years. I would personally sell half if it doesn’t pump this month. Hold the rest for the long haul. 320K is honestly way overexposed imo. I’d hang onto 150K then sell 50K at $100 and lock the rest up. You’ll be rich as fuck

If Link takes off this month and I had 320K I’d probably sell a third at $10 and then another third at $100 and again let the rest ride.

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Sell them all no short sided cuck deserves to be a billionaire.
>320k link
Nice larp faggot

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