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what went wrong

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you're impatient

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didn't read; not buying
fuck link

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didn't read; not buying
fuck link

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no fucking clue

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and you are delusional

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>what is #4IR

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>what is nothing will ever top fake google partnership news

ill come back and laugh at you more once sub one

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google are the ones who posted it

>what is psd2

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Sergey cashing out

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please seek help before you hurt someone

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we will have to be patient forever it feels like it’s destiny that we never make it. all the shitcoins that mooned and made people rich but this actual game changing project isn’t. it’s weird

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Nothing went at all. You need to fucking wait.

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Just hodl brah
1k eoy

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im not taking financial advice from a fucking furry

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I'm not a furry. I just like exotic people. Not niggers though.

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/biz/ overvalues tech they don't understand, which is all tech because /biz/ is tech illiterate

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Nothing went wrong, everything is working out exactly as desired: NEETs have funded his exit just as he wanted

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didn't read; not buying
fuck link

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google did post it, what's fake about it is that it's not actually a partnership. The news outlets and the Chainlink team reported on it as if it's a partnership (which is shady as fuck), but to anyone who has actually used Big Query before, or even understand what it does, it's very clearly not a partnership.

Also Google themselves never used the word partnership and integration in the title of the post or the tweet, and they always do when they announce other real partnerships. The only people who call it a partnership are the Chainlink scam team and tech-illiterate/biased journalists.

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Why do you pea brains always try to fud something that can be searched in two seconds? If you are going to fud do it right

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This pic was made for faggots like you

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LINK fud? Looks like faggots are trying to accumulate again.

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>>>15459137 (OP)
>didn't read; not buying
>fuck link


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didn't read;not buying
fuck link

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Unbridled arrogance, delusion, and homosexuality

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I'll buy some

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>according to /biz/ LINK is a scam even though the research I've done seems to say otherwise
>according to /biz/ every piece of shit shitcoin that comes around is the next ethereum

I hate you all

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Absolutely nothing

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>were gonna be holding these cryptos for the next decade but it will be worth it

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pretty girl

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