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who ever claimed that this was a smart forum, retard?

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Wtf is that a minimalist restaurant or is that meal for anorexics?

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(((nyc))) "barbecue"

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Fuck off flyover. You have never experienced good food.

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Processed white bread, yikes
2 dillies, cheek
1 cup of liquid brown, check
a pile of flesh, yikes

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(raises paw) actually it's r9k only quantified

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(kramers into forum wheezing and visibly sweating, dangerously flushed around the face and neck) what the fuck bros i thought this was the place for HOT SECRET UNDERGROUND STOCK TIPS how do i turn $3.47 into $50000 overnight so i can buy drugs and a gf and a comfy island treehouse WHY WONT YOU TELL ME ok is this a scam? i think its a scam, ok i signed up for the scam will this work? whats happening to me

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keep going

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sir i may be a clown to you, but at least this clown's entire net worth does not rely on pretend numbers used exclusively for the purchase of drugs and child pornography

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(flat 'my brain has been replaced entirely with memes and pol9k soundbites' voice) haha number go up hodl lambo 50000000k eoy haha me money brain damage moon mission!!!

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Smart contracts are a distributed person's idea of what a forum for dumb business persons.

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I know friend
but you're still funny, and I appreciate that

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Ahh not these shitty overpriced pickles again

Some reposts are just fucking lame

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