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/FBG/ - Freight Broker General
Saturday Edition

-What volume do you have?
-Biggest commissions?
-How long since your wife/gf left you for a non white?

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Reporting in.

Market is dead af but I'm making a killing on LTL and flatbed partials. Hauled 3 huge CNC machines Vancouver BC to California in the last two weeks for a new client.

>How long since your wife/gf left you for a non white?
Haven't had a gf in years, fuck this job for taking away all my free time.

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how do i get a job doing this?

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Do you do north america only? there was a lively strategy discussion yesterday on giraffe shipping in eurasia

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Literally just apply and claim to have even the slightest bit of experience and they'll hire you. Huge turnover so you have to hustle hard and learn everything though.

Ask if you have any specific questions I can tell you some things you'll need to learn that if you reference in interview you'll get the job.

Yes no one does multiple continents that guy was trolling.

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so which company are you with, I thought you were the straight freelance god

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A small-mid sized firm so I don't want to say but it's not one of the big players.

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is it worth it to even get involved with this? Im assuming the turn over is from the job sucking dick. Whats the pay like?

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>is it worth it to even get involved with this?

If you don't have much skills or education then you can make fairly good money compared to most other things you'd probably be able to do. You can often work from home. You'll gain valuable experience that will help with everything else you do.

Turnover is enormous for large brokerages companies like TQL have 75%+ turnover consistently. Basically a few people do really well, some do okay and the rest can't manage and get fired/quit. Pay is usually a small-moderate base salary and commission. If you cover your base and whatever target your firm has then for the most part no one cares what you do.

At the company I work for it's a lot more laidback than some others I've heard of but still kind of sucks. You'll hear of people making $100k+ after a few years but they grind hard by prospecting and/or get lucky.

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Nice larp faggot

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I'm a flatbed truck driver and the whole industry is savage. From beginning to end.

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Fuck it, I'm ready to take the whatever-the-fuck-a-freight-broker-is pill. Give me the steps to get from a NEET living with mommy in Los Angeles to a /fit/ freight broker who can afford to upgrade to a slightly less-used car and not living with my parents.

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What kind of freight are we talking here? Like pallets of shit to get loaded in a 53 ft semi trailer? Or do you fuck with intermodal containers?

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just youtube home freightbrokers, you can see them fucking up shipments on their dell monitors

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but I want to not be imitating fuckups on YouTube...

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Pathetic lazy faggot wants the easy ticket for everything he does. Kill yourself.

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Plz give me the easy ticket for kill yourself?

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Teach us about the trucking culture.
Do you ever have to broker some freight over ice roads?
Any illegal shipments? Drugs or weapons?
Coors light across the Mississippi?

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Freight bro?

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so do you ever find yourself renting a big rig with your friends to fill it up 1/16th of the way with your mom's old furniture which she needs you to move for her to her new place and it requires you going over a pass and you do it but get stuck and turned around and you guys have to go down the pass backwards and the rear door breaks open and you have to have your old full back friend hold the furniture in place and you guys eventually make it and the whole trucking community is proud of you and accepts you?

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Excellent episode

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I used to be a pro stock trader, then I came in touch with crypto. That was the moment when my life changed.
I was making mad gains in short times with the expertise and knowledge I had from the traditional stockmarket.
It was fairly easy to pick up gems or coins that would pump multiple x
My next pick for 5x gotta be ultra io, uos tokens.
The chart is looking nice and volume rising steady

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What is this fucking meme all of a sudden?

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All the kikes here managing their poojeet pnd. shills still have day jobs apparently. They're all "brokers" because it's the most Jewish "job" theoretically possible.

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Got a C.H. Robinson load this week, taking 21 tons of sugar from Baltimore to a Lidl distribution center in NC. Arrived to pick up the load an hour before the appointment time (1930) with four hours left on my clock. Go to check in and I don't have the right pickup number. It takes Robinson 3 hours to get back to me with the right number, then two more hours for the shithole I'm picking up at to assign me a dock. After blindsiding in pitch blackness, it takes another two hours to get loaded, at which point I have to leave the facility using some logbook fuckery that fucks any chance of me getting a bonus this quarter. Paperwork shows me as arriving two hours late. Lidl is a pretty cool place to deliver to, though.
Still, fuck C.H. Robinson. They are all subhumans even compared to jannies.

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Is this some kind of sales shit? Because I'm not fucked enough to do coke and lie to people all day. Explain this shit like I'm retarded because I probably am.

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Hey, I saw an XPO Logistics truck the other day.

Keep up the good work, XPO Logistics.

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