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Post your Rank faggots.
We are backed by the power of love, a strong community with organic growth, an actual use case and the most important MEME MAGIC.
You are welcome to post your brap.me/name if you want to.

Lieutenant General reporting in.

- General of BRAP: McAss The Prophet
- General: 1,000,000,001+ BRAP
- Lieutenant General: 500,000,001-1,000,000,000 BRAP
- Major General: 250,000,001-500,000,000 BRAP
- Brigadier General: 100,000,001-250,000,000 BRAP
- Colonel: 50,000,001-100,000,000 BRAP
- Lieutenant Colonel: 25,000,001-50,000,000 BRAP
- Major: 10,000,001-25,000,000 BRAP
- Captain: 5,000,001-10,000,000 BRAP
- First Lieutenant: 2,500,001-5,000,000 BRAP
- Second Lieutenant: 1,000,001-2,500,000 BRAP
- Sergeant Major: 500,001-1,000,000 BRAP
- Master Sergeant: 250,001-500,000 BRAP
- Sergeant First Class: 100,001-250,000 BRAP
- Staff Sergeant: 50,001-100,000 BRAP
- Sergeant: 25,001-50,000 BRAP
- Corporal: 10,001-25,000 BRAP
- Specialist: 5,001-10,000 BRAP
- Private: 1-5,000 BRAP


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no decent investor would buy fartcoin

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That white trash bitch is toe back AF

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>11ETH buy wall
Oh no no no no

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Colonel on deck. Bought in for the lulz. How long until I can tell my family and friends that the fartcoin made me rich?

>> No.15445193

Not happening, sirs.

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I know brappertoken is stupid but I don't want it to die :'(

Pity bump

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Brapper Marketing Strategy

1. Replace anons with ESL retards

2. Airdrop 69,000,000,000,000 coins so no matter what the price will never increase.

3. Post Shpongle to telegram

4.Secretly sell entire admin wallet to pay rent and for more meth, thus crashing the price to the abyss just as the pump was starting

5. Have 0 volume and massive sell walls for months


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high tier ass

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Send that janky hoe back to the trailer park.

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Why girls nowdays have an ass so big?

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>for months...only 3 months old...Your FUD just verifies further that this is a diamond in the rough.

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Man you guys have the fucking ugliest whores on the internet. Congrats?

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ok now address everything else in the strategy kek

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That first model was good. They should stick to the porn chics

>> No.15446569

Ree! KEK

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Lol that girl doesn't even have the brap.me link in her bio anymore hahahahhaha

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Can't blame her. There's nothing but a huge sell wall at 10 gwei. She can't sell her stack even if she wanted.

>> No.15447236

Last call for what? This project has a lack of understanding on basic economics and thus the token has always and will always be stuck at the exact same price.

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I remember when I had 4 mill usd in brap. Colonel here

>> No.15448128

This token is useless. The girl just needs to enter her ETH address to get some tip from virgins. And she can sell ETH instantly.

Chuck E. Cheese Token

Chuck E. Cheese token

>> No.15448155

damn... I was only made aware of her ass because of brapper and now she doesnt have it listed. a small sad for that. Still gonna follow her.. she's qt

>> No.15448256

> Chuck E. Cheese Token
Hey now, those can be used for pizza and video games

>> No.15448281

fellow colonel. i spiked to 45 mil ath

>> No.15448320

Does anyone have the "pathetic brappies" copypasta? It would bring me much joy to see it.

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Being an erc20 is the first step, it gives BRAP the security of the main chain and allows it to have it's own economics. BRAP does not have to stay an erc20 token. If you lurked more you would know the history of BRAP and what happens next.

>> No.15448678

lol its over

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Fuck off brappies. No female will use your fart coin.

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1. BRAP is continually adding new models
2. The founder owns 5% of BRAP tokens
3. BRAP was started by /biz, 100% of the Dev team are from /biz and post on biz
4. A screenshot of a 4chan post of someone who doesn't even hold BRAP or know what it means, irrelevant
5. Contact with Belle stopped after her twitter was deleted
6. Buying crypto is easy on BRAP.me

Weak FUD

>> No.15449364

lurk where? the community is dead. the discord is dead. telegram is barely active and it's just shitposting. i've never even seen the devs say anything there or have any type of vision/roadmap. just people getting angry when you try to ask questions about why you should invest if there are all of these red flags.

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Someone has to be paying you, nobody is this stupid in real life.

If anyone has questions or concerns, go ask in the BRAP telegram.

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Of course, the girl "partners" are just receiving $50-100 for one post. Brapper is beyond dead

>> No.15449813

Anyone who asked questions in the telegram got ignored or banned.

>> No.15449837

Should also mention I'm a Brigadier general. Very disappointed by the way the admins and devs interacted with the community. Also disappointed by how many other projects tried to bring BRAP down which only contributed to where it is now. Granted, it's only been around for less than 3 months, but it has a pit to get out of.

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Incels are a cancer on this planet just as bad as boomers congrats on making the world an even worse place to inhabit

>> No.15449851

Belle Delphine wanna be

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>> No.15449879


Why do you hate us? What have we ever done to you?

>> No.15449896

pajeet scammers all of them i was in the thread where the idea was concieved

>> No.15449922

Really? What's your telegram name? Sweet Randall?

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>> No.15449960

Fake and gay. The project is based in the US. The project is open to any group to use or buy tokens but there are currently no developers from India.

>> No.15449994

She’ll be bigger than Belle.

>> No.15450001

You’re dead. You’re in a coma anon, wake up, WAKE UP!

>> No.15450008

Didn't you leave and join a project called milk 2 months ago (that died 2 weeks later)?

You've been away for a long time. BRAP.me is up and running. Models have joined and the project is advancing quickly to the next stage.

What is your beef? Why do you continue to FUD this project? Move on with your life. If you have a personal issue with McX, clear it up with him, don't waste your time misinforming other 4channers.

>> No.15450049

Lol it is a scam, no help what so ever when a pajeet exchange you listed on exit scammed, took heaps of people coins lol. The devs Asian in charge msg you with intermediated to send him nudes lol fucking mess all that’s left are you actual fags that bought this shit and trying to dump bags, project is shit people are shit and going nowhere, so fuck off and hope someone does find brapfag owner an he gets his ass beat for trying to rip off a great community

>> No.15450091

I joined Milk and BRAP around the same time, since you shouldn't put all your eggs in the same basket. Left MILK once I saw that for sure wasnt going anywhere. I think that saying that BRAP is in kind of a bad spot is just a realistic statement and not FUD. Sure, models have joined and development is being made (and there's more development to be done), but a lot of people have expressed dissatisfaction with the way things have been handled, especially communication. I don't FUD projects, I either invest in them id I think it has potential or I ignore them. Thus, I think this has potential, but the community service is very worrisome. I'm still present in the discord, and it is inactive. The admin hasn't spoken in a long time. Now, don't get me wrong, I do understand the wariness. A lot of snakes in the grass you need to watch out for. But being unable to word things in a semi-professional manner to the community and instead entering this defensive mode whenever someone chucks criticism is not an attractive look for you guys at all.

Hope everything goes well for the upcoming month.

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plenty pajeets in the us

>> No.15450256

Unironically Estrogen in the environment, nutrition, and a fitness craze

>> No.15450277

Looking for a promotion lads current a MSgt


>> No.15450373

Whats up with this girl, every pic shes doing this weird pose with her but pressed flat against the ground. Do some other angles or something.

>> No.15450429

There are no BRAP Asian Dev's, BRAP is not responsible for what exchanges do. Right now forkdelta might be exitscamming, do you blame zuckbucks?

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Discord is for trannies. BRAP discord should be deleted.

>> No.15451385

This coin could make us all rich but you autistic incels keep fudding bullshit.

Memes and hype realize the usecase

>> No.15451407

What is wrong with ur taste man

>> No.15451427

I want that tongue in my hairy cracker

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>> No.15451445

you niggers need to posting rocket on telegram, it is fucking retarded

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Holy shit you little brappies are so immature and stupid. Your simple minded naivety almost makes me laugh. whores arnt going to want to use a coin that is the equivalent of "farters" . It's not sexy. Farty coins don't buld on the sexy image for adult professionals. Why would they want to use "fart butt" coin. Think about it you pathetic brappies.

>> No.15451531

Because they are subhuman, smut creating pieces of flatus and need to be reminded of such when they are rewarded for it. This WILL happen anon. The only question is whether you will raise your sail and ride the winds of BRAP or be left behind with the stinky linkies.

>> No.15451758

I feel bad because you guys for some reason put so much effort into a meme coin, but it really does seem like it's simply doomed for failure. If it's impossible to exchange for real money what are you supposed to do

>> No.15451768

All of the threads are shill threads and they don't try to hide it. And I actually respect that

>> No.15451785

>If it's impossible to exchange for real money what are you supposed to do

And what I mean by this is, if you get to the point where there's a huge sell wall and no buy volume, how do you ever break out of that? You'd need some sort of miraculous increase in interest, I guess. Maybe it's possible idk

>> No.15451797

walmart brand delphine

>> No.15451832

Please sell, you don't deserve to be rich.

>> No.15452144

She looks 25 and not 18 so no she won't be bigger

>> No.15452157

Send that ghetto hooker back to whatever trailer park you found her in.

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