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Remember the childhood dream of joining the police? I've realized that dream, and I regret it every day.

Police school teached me some skills, but these skills aren't practical outside of this field, leaving me tied to this job..

It also really pays poorly, considering the hours, stress, danger and people humiliating you. If I could turn back time, I would study something math or science related, and stop myself from liquidating 60% of my savings when I was drunk trading on BitMex.. I really want to get out of this field, but I'm scared to move right now with the whole economy being bearish with the trade stuff going on.. I've tried to get good passive income from renting out an appartment but that didn't work well. I got a renter who destroyed the whole kitchen wall, to plant weed and stuff, leading to big costs and me almost getting fired from my job. I've been buying some gold, since a lot of people say that it's a good investment right now.. what does biz think?

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Penny stocks men

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Gold is a meme, if we really do go into a recession nobody will be buying your shiny rocks
Invest in property

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>Lost all at bitmex
> started investing in lowcap cex tokens HT BPRO KCS
> made it

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>Bitmex instead of BPRO
huge mistake mate

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First of all Anon, I think you should chill. Take some time, and literally chill the fuck out. You seem super stressed, your thoughts and thought patterns are clouded to the point where you wont do a good financial decision. I know you're a cop, but who gives a fuck, take weekend off and smoke weed and chill out

Then. And only then can you think about your next move, with new energy. Sorry about the childhood dream

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You deserve it piggy

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Gold is a ok hedge, but you shouldn’t put everything in the shiny rock. Put some money in COTI, Jews are accumulating this with the shiny stones

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Property is at an all-time high now due to the cheap mortgages people could get. Crypto wiped out so much money from the market during the bear market and slowly but surely gaining some traction. It's better to get some crypto than to invest in either properties and/or equity. Get yourself some Fantom or Coti. Both projects have been very tech focus with partnerships to push their tech to be mass adopted.

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Cops also chill on 4chan?

>What to buy

1 Million COTI if you want to have another step in life

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Read into xFutures mister cop. Next event is coming up, and it surely will do good ROI again.

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I'm in the exact same boat op.

Should have just stuck to my comfy fast food job. At the time it made me so depressed but that's nothing compared to now.

>wew police he hee itll be like dirty harry or RoboCop

Its just talking to boring and stupid people all day... And that's just your co-workers lel

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lol faggot. you work for the law, apply your skills to work against it.

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Hope you are building your retirement because you're going to get rekt if you don't. You honestly think people will fucking care when you're too old to work? You'll be wagecukcing until you can't walk properly anymore. Hope that some of the money is in crypto anon. Only market that can go 5% down or 5% up kek. Most risk to reward assets class. My retirement portfolio consist out of Chainlink, BNB, FTM and BPRO

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>Police school teached me some skills
It clearly didn't teach you proper English grammar

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> Work a tech job I love
> Realize I am a basedboy

fuck you OP. I hurt my leg and can barely walk and you're actually making the community a better place while wearing a pussy-soaking uniform. Go hit the gym, find a beautiful wife and enjoy your respected field, while I watch women's eyes roll into the back of their head when i speak to them.

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Bitcloud pro is still in consolidation. I got my buyorder filled so i dont care what you little fuckers are doing. After my 50% gains i will come back.

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fucking pig

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piggy piggy pigggy O IN K OIN K

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no glowniggers


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My dream was to become a commie environmentalist, after years here I want to become a fascist environmentalist.

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You better do something piggy because once the dollar goes to shit, no one is going to want to pay you in gold or silver to hand out traffic tickets.

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Get rope or add a BPRO bag. Why didn’t you look into wages before entering police school?

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Let me spoonfeed you guys. COTI just announced their fucking COTI pay. There are some rumors around which might fuck you all hard in the ass. JFYI

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> Go to recently opened dispensary
> Cop standing in road stops our car
> You here for recreational? Follow the street down and parking is on the right
> Mfw he went into law enforcement, worked hard, studied etc
> Just to direct stoners where to park to buy their drugs
Fuck piggies and jannies a like

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Fucking ultra will fuck away steam soon. Gabe newell and his asshole are called gape newell soon.

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>Not buying stock in ammo producers for when SHTF as a result of the next recession
I'll see you all in a few years when I'm a billionaire. You guys have fun with your internet funny money.

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How much does it pay in your area?

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>wanting to be a pig

Neck yourself

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Last recession happened literally beacuse there was too much people investing in property.

It was all a bubble that didn't even pop properly back then

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i admire cops.
u guys have to put up with stupid crap and deal with shitty people so the rest of us don't have to. if it weren't for cops, no one could live a comfy life.

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I dreamed about buying bitcoin at 20k and selling at 3k because "I dont want to lose all". Woke up and it was no dream. Now i am acting smart buying into some good coins. I just bought into COTI as the jews know what they are doing. So lets go COTI and bring me the moneeeeez

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don't want to derail the thread, but what's your opinion on epstein and seth rich?

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Havent heard anything xFutures related lately. I got good profits with their ieos but whats coming next? Another IEO would be cool, another x5 like on xPerl.

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I respect cops, they maintain the peace we have if we’re talking about West-Europe. I’ll spoon-feed you today mister cop, add UOS to your holdings. Sell at 2x to get your initial out and let it ride to 5x. Don’t be too greedy, risk management is key to wealth.

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I dreamed about a world without steam. And maybe my dream come true sooner or later. Thanks to the fucking awesome team of Ultra. Dont do shit please and we fuck alltogether Gaben.

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Like a beat cop/larpers opionion fucking matters.. about ant anything. These people are half retarded, usually ex-military brainlets. Basically poorly paid thugs.

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All jobs are bullshit dummy. How do you think a doctor feels when he sees the same noncompliant asshole for the 5th time?

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>teached me
I think your a moron and are therefore perfectly suited to law enforcement

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make it to SWAT, Narcotics, undercover work, or any special team. If you aren't a fat slob who cant shoot try becoming a federal agent like an Air marshall or a border Patrol special response or search and rescue agent

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>niggarenter went full nignog

biz thinks "plz HODL link bcos 20k EOY!!1!"

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You were tricked into working a job where you discard your sense of morality for obedience to whatever the corrupt say is justice. That kind of knowledge is soul-crushing.

As for investments, you should look into getting involved with Orion Protocol.

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ACAB, fuck off terrorist. You might not kill, rape and extort people for money. But you are at least complacent in it which makes you just as bad.

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Once the dollar goes to shit, he will be very well paid running private security killing niggers.

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At least then he will be useful

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What does Gabe have to do with that?

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We're here


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>blah blah blah
i'm still interested in his pov.

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you deserve everything bad that happened to you, you joined a gang

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The Laura of Wet Blankets enters the thread.

Instead of participating in thread discussion, this Laura just wants to point out that you're currently at the edge of the board and about to die. =^_^=

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