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Link is kill.

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This isn't an Oracle. It competes more with ETH than with LINK.
Stop spreading senseless FUD.

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oh fuck my life is ruined. I will never ever make it

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Ugh, they will work together with Chaimlin you fucking fudsters

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> Chaimlin
Checked but that's not how you spell chonklonk

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> Among upcoming ICO, Oasis Labs outrates when it is able to use cutting-edged technologies in smart contract platform to provide solution to a trustworthy and confidential smart contracts of its own.
Does not computer

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O shit! You are telling me chain stinkers invested into the next myspace, while facebook is just around the corner???

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Fud btfo by ourjeet


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Oasis Labs (Ekiden) is a “smart contract platform”, an alternative to ETH.
They need Link.
And the fact that people from TownCrier (Ari Juels, Fan Zhang) are involved in Oasis Labs should speak volumes about the vast potential for Link.

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I own 18k Chainlink, my family has an additional 8,300. I was just sharing what might be shown on Tuesday by Ari Juels "group". I literally NEED Link to be a huge success.


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Announcment of an announcment

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It's different when they're not trying to hype up the price of their shit.
IC3 isn't monetized that way.

You really need to learn about business outside of crypto as well, your mind is poisoned by chinkscams.

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Jews are very fond of 4chan and the linktard cult. They work tirelessly to make sure you all leave the basement. 1k eoy!

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More worried about my ETH bags to be honest.

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Oh look, another ethereum killer!

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Fud is becoming more and more retarded

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