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Ari Juels created his own decentralized oracle network. He was tired of Sergey and Steve dragging their feet. It's unironically over for Chainlink.

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fuck. this at least explains why sergey has been dumping his own coin into oblivion. this plane is going to crash with no survivors.

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Bruh what the fuck its real

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holy shit sergey really is exit scamming wtf

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Lmfao dude this is killing me I ironically
I am all in link and am cracking up laughing and crying simultaneously

He was supposed to be “the” co-sign
The fuck bro LOL
Dildo my anus hard this week

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ari juels is still our guy r-rght?

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I feel u

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Same. I think I may have mental problems. One thing is for certain, they're both getting fucking pelted with cheeseburgers.

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Hopefully this pump's link so I can exit scam myself from this dirty coin.

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I’m feeling so awkward
It’s numbness
Fuck me

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it's fucking real

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Stay positive brah

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Retire the ironic fat Sergey memes
Deploy the earnest fat Sergey memes

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What the actual fuck
>700k dumps
> Ari Juels is making his own oracle

Months ago i read about the ekiden platform he made and saw it was used by oasis labs, all seems like chinese shit though. Must be something different

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We are either so fucked or we’re going to the moon.

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Come out to the street, we'll get together, take a few shits.

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This has to be Chainlink related. He co-wrote teh whitepaper, sold Town Crier to Chainlink, is an advisor. Chainlink is the chosen team plus he probably has a non-compete clause. The dump is over

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are you guys being serious or just shitposting? do any of you honestly think the guy who wrote the chainlink whitepaper and is on the team just randomly decided to create a competing oracle service? what happened to this board?

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It's not just Chainlink related, it's fucking CHAINLINK.

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>decentralized oracles aren't even a thing yet
>already 'powerful new oracle technology'

and you brainlets just lap it up

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/biz/ rule #1:
always do the opposite of /biz/

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>He co-wrote teh whitepaper, sold Town Crier to Chainlink, is an advisor
>it's fucking CHAINLINK.

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did LINK get jueled?

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>did LINK get jueled?

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I dunno man, there was a really smart html/css dev leaking a lot of bad shit about the project recently

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>Be Ari Juels
>Get NSF grant
>Use the money to build vaporware company Town Crier
>ICO mania
>Write the Chainlink whitepaper
>Add Sergey as a coauthor
>Sergey runs the ico, raises 32 million
>Sergey uses ico funds to buy Town Crier
>'Thanks Ari for writing our whitepaper!'
>Ari Juels cashes out
>Some anons begin to realize the Town Crier acquisition was a way for Ari Juels to cash out
>Ari Juels invents a fake competitor to show there was no conflict of interest
>Sells new token, makes even more money
This manlet fucks.

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Inb4 vlookups on the blockchain

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You can shill again another brainlet token in biz.

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>Town Crier acquisition was a way for Ari Juels to cash out
opinion discarded

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>non-compete clause
Nigga just wrote a paper on something called Ekiden, now used by Oasis Labs. I am wondering if he does have one or not

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Racist cesspool jewed once again resulting in a mass suicide next to green frog statue. Can't wait to wake up and no link threads. Goodnight.

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>We present Ekiden, a system that addresses these critical gaps by combining blockchains with Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs). Ekiden leverages a novel architecture that separates consensus from execution, enabling efficient TEE-backed confidentiality-preserving smart-contracts and high scalability. Our prototype (with Tendermint as the consensus layer) achieves example performance of 600x more throughput and 400x less latency at 1000x less cost than the Ethereum mainnet.
TEEs huh?

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Check the archives

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what the fuck is this shit. this is the most solid fud to date. wtf i held through cheeseburgers and toilets and 700k dumps. fuck this shit.

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I can't believe /biz/ stinkies thought a Jew is their ally.

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It's literally not, it's CHAINLINK

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Stop it, you’re turning me on and it feels unnatural

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This is bullish as fuck right?

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Reminds me of when they unveiled threshold signatures out of nowhere. These motherfuckers probably have a totally separate roadmap that can only be read by solving a Pythagorean riddle or some shit.

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nice pic
>Pythagorean riddle
pic related

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This isn’t bullish. Sergey also refuses to “sell otc” when the price is dumping. The writing is on the wall for an exit scam. I’m seriously considering selling

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Ekiden has been around since 2018 you MORONS

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lies, delusion, and suffering

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im amazed at how retarded linktards are to be honest. if this garbage was supposed to be the next big thing that would bring trillions of dollars in, why would ari juels sell town crier to the fat fuck? just think about it for a second. ari juels is one of the top cryptographers in the world, he knows the value of what he does. why the fuck would he sell it? because he knows its not a perfect product. sergey cant see this because at the end of the day, hes a useless fat fuck with a philosophy degree that understands jack shit about expert level cryptography.
you all got scammed, have a nice life

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Thanks just sold my 300 link

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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Release Date: 20 september 2019

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Maybe Chainlink acquired Ekiden as well considering all the overlapping people similar to Town Crier plus all the money via token sales

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My God the delusion never ends.

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Town crier was not decentralized. The two projects work better together

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Powerful figures like to work through proxies.

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didn't read; bought the dip

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Back to $0.25 by Hanukkah

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>Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs).
So, like the Java sandbox environment?

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>Chainlink acquired Ekiden
Holy shit that would be hilarious. That would confirm that chainlink basically funds the IC3 and buys anything that has Juels's name on it.

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Sergey was basically a proxy for Juels. Juels invented the whole thing and put Sergey in charge of running the company.

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The absolute state of fud

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The Chainlink team and anything Chainlink-related will never announce an announcement. This is bad.

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>Sergey was basically a proxy for Juels
so you are saying that Sergey is literally a shabbos goy? lol

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>ari was only an advisor so he could monitor the team's progress so he could beat them to the punch, while simultaneously throwing monkey wrenches into their project, and stealing their code.

just about done.

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Wrong. Remember oracle? The absolute state of fud

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There is no way this is chainlink. The price would be pumping by now. They also would would have just said link. It’s a new and improved 2.0 super oracle. We are nothing, just old and dusty now. Tech moves really fast.

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Sergey had NO publication record before the Chainlink whitepaper, do you think he would be capable of pulling off something like that? Meanwhile Ari Juels has been publishing CS papers since the 1990s.

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I'm going to kill myself tomorrow.

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Following the above design principles, we present Ekiden,
a system for highly performant and confidentiality-preserving
smart contracts. To the best of our knowledge, Ekiden is
the first confidentiality-preserving smart contract system capable of thousands of transactions per second. The key to
this achievement is a secure and principled combination of
blockchains and trusted hardware. Ekiden combines any desired underlying blockchain system (permissioned or permissionless) with TEE-based execution. Anchored in a formal
security model expressed as a cryptographic ideal functionality [17], Ekiden’s principled design supports rigorous analysis
of its security properties.

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Chainlink is an oracle network.
Ari's (((new))) oracles will be used via the chainlink network

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Ekiden adopts an architecture where computation is separated from consensus. Ekiden uses compute nodes to perform
smart contract computation over private data off chain in
TEEs, then attest to their correct execution on chain. The
underlying blockchain is maintained by consensus nodes,
which need not use trusted hardware. Ekiden is agnostic
to consensus-layer mechanics, only requiring a blockchain
capable of validating remote attestations from compute nodes.
Ekiden can thus scale consensus and compute nodes independently according to performance and security needs.

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>somebody who cleaned a dead mans shoes does something
>stay tuned
Tuned out, obvously boring advertising hype attempt

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And there is the Pajeet
Just no. Bye

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It's been around since April last year... if you just heard about it now you're literally retarded.

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I'm out of dopamine sirs. Are there any good news for link, besides those stupid made up conferences where nothing happens?

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Yeah Ari sold his revolutionary Towncrier system for just a few million to his good friend, Sergey, instead of selling out to Google, Microsoft etc. for billions. Makes sense.

>> No.15425695

Yes and thanks to it he's now a millionaire.

>> No.15425698

Makes you think

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Didnt whalekiller say that chainlink would be launching a product in early-mid september that would spike the price back up because it was being used by a "not literal who"

>> No.15425712

Towncrier is simply one spoke in Chainlink's defense-in-depth approach. TEE's are one layer of security. Sergey acquired an emerging technology that may become an important aspect of the network in the future. It's not like Towncrier. on it's own, was ever a direct competitor to Chainlink. It enhances the LINK network

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Whoever wastes this time to corner the stinker market is an idiot and fucked up his demographic research. Resources and time wasted. Pajeet go home you are drunk

>> No.15425736

>"Whoever wastes this time to corner"
>"Pajeet go home you are drunk"
Imagine being a streetshitter who still shills LINK rent free

>> No.15425747

I fuxking hope so

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Literally there in black and white you delusional tranny

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>instead of selling out to Google, Microsoft etc

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Nobody shills LINK. The free Link from the wannabe whale paying pajeets to fud Link killed the shill market. But you know that, you need those stinkers to pay for your families food

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This is 100% powered by chainlink. The fact that Ari Jules is named on the White Paper together with Sergey/Link's activity in blockchain (exchange listings, conferences, etc.) would open Ari up to litigation six ways from Sunday.
> T. Jew Lawyer & Chainlink Captain

>> No.15425800

>Nobody shills LINK
So not only are you Indian but you're also blind. My apologies didn't want to offend a disabled PoC. I also love how you're turning the narrative around:
>"It's not us shills that are being paid, it's the fudsters who are paid by a guy who owns millions of LINK that he bough at $0.10. He wants to rebuy at $0.10."

>> No.15425824

Why so defensive Ranjeet? The low volume attempt to paint the chart is prove enough. Calling the group a whale is not even possible, they are at most some dolphines. But keep fuding 4chan it is hilarious to watch them fail so bad at crafting narratives with spam

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Exactly, 20 years old but even if chainlink doesn't make me rich I'll put a bullet in my brain, It's a win win situation.

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Next Tuesday 3 of September
Chainlink whitepaper released 4 of September.
Juels clearly knows his astrology.
Cheeky bastard

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>citation needed

>> No.15425896

Chainlink will be $10k + LINK by 2030. In any other timeline, you're going to need those bullets. Good luck anon.

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>crafting narratives with spam

You mean like these posts, Hadji?
Yeah the fucking FUD spam on this board is unbelievable.

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It really is. There was actual discussion at one point. It is 75% fud now, just fucking annoying

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Nice digits

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Nigga please

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There are some nulinkers in this thread who
>don't know about TEEs
>haven't heard the Ekiden fud
>don't know about IC3
>don't know Ari Juels
I guess it's safe to say that everyone sold their bags at $4.5 and only linklets who were hoping for at least $100 and the nulinkers who bought the top are left in this board.

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my stinky linky dick vs anon (4chan Post 2019, 7777777, 1k EOY)

>> No.15425967

I wonder who the fuck will supply that cross chain bridge... I'll still never understand why they use such coded language throughout all of this.

>> No.15425977

ic3 IS a literal who you brainlet

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>> No.15426037

Social Credit Score, powered by ChainLink

>> No.15426054

What the fuck, biz. You told me this was an above top secret project founded by the global elite and we weren’t supposed to know. Now you tell me that it’s old and abandoned tech? FUCK YOU.

>> No.15426088

this is fucked. no wonder sergey gave the last two presentations sober. he's too worried to relax.

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official over the thread

>> No.15426203

spam is spam, and it hasn't done anything. I don't know who brought the rumor into circulation that spam can craft narratives, but whoever did it trolled a whole generation of marketing losers

>> No.15426218

he got a little tipsy at the open bar nearby he paid for recently at one talk. i told him i was an investor and he kept saying 'good. good. thats great.' Later on he came by and said 'you should buy more' and was kind of laughing and looking around as he walked away.

>> No.15426256

That’s not true

>> No.15426267

This is the most potent fud yet, combined with the price shitting the bed

>> No.15426275


this is fud, right?

lads, i don't know what to do

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what the fuck is this about?

>> No.15426299

oh my god. sergey is so shifty. I can't believe he would get loaded and bs investors like that

>> No.15426315

it is re-heated low quality fud from mid 2018

>> No.15426419

This makes me so happy to read. I had a dream that I was at one of the talks and sergey wouldn't talk to me last night.

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shadow fork is real

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>They shook out the weak hands
>Then they shook out the strong hands
>And they even shook out the iron hands
>But they knew ultimately they couldn't make us all sell. We'd become our own in-group, with our own culture and value judgments
>They couldn't defeat the Linkmarines in open combat
>So they resorted to their contingency...

>> No.15426659

Where the hell do you hear these things? Do you follow Juels on twitter or something? How?

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The only question I have.

With Chainlink integrated into this "new tech" will every DEx need to run an oracle?

>> No.15426734

>acting like an api parser is powerful tech

>> No.15426754

I'm gonna laugh so hard at DR;NS faggots when it hits $0.4 again.
>if you never sell you never lose brah
The eternal bagholder hahahahahahahahahahaha

>> No.15426928

I imagine a tense scene where sergey is surrounded by the team and everyone is begging him release the IC3 news as the chainlink price continues to decrease with exponentially higher velocity with every passing second. Adelyn is crying. Rory is on his hands a knees begging sergey to please just let IC3 announce and make the bleeding stop. Sergey repeatedly tells them, “Not yet.” Steve grabs a knife and tells sergey he’s going to stab himself in the gut and kill himself at the count of 10. He counts to 10 but pussies out and begins crying on the floor in a fetal position next to Adelyn. Kochis rolls up his sleeves and shouts, “I’ll fucking do it myself and kill him if I need to!”

Suddenly, in a calm voice Sergey states, “It’s time” as he hits send on his iPhone to let the IC3 social media manager know to release the tweet. A faint “ba-loop” is heard in the background as the iPhone successfully transfers the message to the recipient.

>> No.15427058

Ekiden/Oasis Labs is competition for ETH, not Chainlink.

>> No.15427067

OH NONONONO pajeets are shilling Sergey's shitcoin while he dumps another 700k AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>> No.15427070

/pol/ is always right

>> No.15427078

That's good to know. Is this true even if Ari/Sergey didn't sign a no-compete clause, or whatever?

>> No.15427082

Ekiden is a smart contract platform. It's an ETH competitor.
Ekiden does not deal in oracles, it needs them (from Chainlink).

So OP's IC3 tweet is not about Ekiden.

>> No.15427099


>> No.15427112

And Ekiden is the same as Oasis Labs, before anyone gets any ideas.

>> No.15427136

Stalenigger what?

>> No.15427183

>linklets who were hoping for at least $100

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>> No.15427307

Would still be up 100%

>> No.15427336

>well yes sergey you can indeed buy TC for couple of millions from me
>drops a new oracle system that makes chainlink obsolete just a couple of months later

Well played ari, well played

>> No.15427341

Fucking hilarious imagery, thanks for that
Ekiden is a framework like TC that's meant to work alongside smart contract platforms like Eth to bolster their compute separately. It wouldn't be directly interacting with oracles if I'm not mistaken.

>> No.15427345

They could still sue his pants off if he did this. He's still Chainlink's advisor.

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LMFAOOOO Linkies will spin this around saying it's bullish for ChainLink

>> No.15427359

Depends on the contract between them
Also this didn’t stop zucc to steal the idea of facebook from the twins
Ultimate it wouldn’t help the chainlink investors just because sergey has ground to sue

>> No.15427363

>Ekiden is a framework like TC that's meant to work alongside smart contract platforms like Eth to bolster their compute separately.
No, it has its own consensus layer (Tendermint) and everything.
They do import some aspects of ETH (like the EVM), but it is its very own network.

>> No.15427367

Long time chainlink holder here, this news got out in a small whale telegram just after Chainlink pumped, many of them exited once they looked in to this and realised how serious a threat Ari's solution is.Now its spreading like wildfire amongst the biggest groups and panic is setting in.I sold half of mine fairly high and am now thinking of unloading the rest until all the dust settles here.

>> No.15427380

At least he gave Sergey the heads up to fill the burger fund before he bailed
Thats the only reason im here, to fund the big mans heart disease

>> No.15427442
File: 650 KB, 1440x1697, 1565896909464.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ari cucked Serge when he saw pic related

>> No.15427462

They were trying to warn us

>> No.15427494

Ari has been working on an oracle realized TEE for encrypting end-to-end information for use in derivatives and DEX's.

You think he's just gonna pull a YOLO, throw that project away and try to compete with something he built himself when the tweet literally describes that project?

>> No.15427535

I doubt he would compete with Chainlink, but this FUD is potent nonetheless. still not selling

>> No.15427537


>> No.15427567

Google scholar.

>> No.15427568

I see, thanks for clearing that up.

>> No.15427583

If Eth ends up being the be all and end all though (killing Ekiden's chances), I think Chainlink could possibly used for the compute layer via TEEs. Not sure about the gas costs associated with that though.

>> No.15427585

Best advice

>> No.15427593

How did no one check this.

>> No.15427601

Whether ETH continues to reign supreme, gets overtaken by something like Ekiden, or a hybrid situation with multiple blockchains existing in parallel, Chainlink will always be needed.

>> No.15427602

>gas costs associated with that though.
See threshold signatures

>> No.15427616

How the fuck is it fud, he's hinted that he's announcing Derivative TEE's that use decentralized oracles. What you think he's gonna use witnet?

>> No.15427621

once again we got jueled

>> No.15427624

Yes. There's money to be made. And I mean a lot of money.

>> No.15427637


>> No.15427639

lmao, with what?

>> No.15427649

lmao, you Copenhagen fags are so bad a forcing memes it is hilarious. You willingly put a sign on your posts saying, this poster is a faggot

>> No.15427656

>Ari wouldn't compete with Chainlink
Why not?
What really makes money in crypto today? Flipping ICOs. He could make a fuckton of money by releasing a Chainlink competitor.

>> No.15427668

Absolutely. If Ekiden and Enigma succeed I can see them working in tandem with Eth via Polkadot, all utilizing the same oracle layer. Eth and Enigma would use that layer for compute as well.
Aware of that, just not sure whether it'd be cheaper to request for the computation to be done via Chainlink vs any other computational alternatives.

>> No.15427686

Yeah, he could make a shitload of money which he has to hide and never show his face in the west again sure.

>> No.15427725

Baste and suicidepilled

>> No.15427753

Thanks for the info. Selling now.

>> No.15427756

Gavin Woods worked on ethereum, invented solidity, and then left to found a new shitcoin (Polkadot). Charles Hoskinson was also one of the founders of ethereum, he now has his own shitcoin Cardano. Shit like this happens all the time. No one is expected to declare loyalty to their shitcoins. Shitcoins sprout like weeds these days.

>> No.15427803

yeah, why would he ever want to get a new ICO going that would bring him even more wealth while dumping his Chainlink bags on the biggest retards in the crypto space? DR;NS right?

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File: 386 KB, 715x401, 1566555287497.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I must say I'm quite surprised. It looks like anons here still haven't understood what chainlink is. It's an oracle network. If a new technology comes along, lets say some sort of new TEE secure oracles, it will be incorporated into the network. That's all. What are you all so affraid of?

>> No.15427812

Yes, Charles Hoskinson and Ari Juels man. Chuck them in the same boat. Well, chuck Ari Juels in one of Chuck's boats.

>> No.15427824

What about my posts says didn't read?
If anything this thread exemplifies DR. If this tweet came one month ago people would be bullish as fuck on it. You're all illiterate emotional children.

>> No.15427826

Chainlink becoming the next NXT

>> No.15427870

Stop respecting Ari Juels.

>> No.15427871

I saw Ari Jeules being a little onions boy cuck on twitter disagreeing with President Trump tweets

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>Lmfao dude this is killing me I ironically
>I am all in link and am cracking up laughing and crying simultaneously
>He was supposed to be “the” co-sign
>The fuck bro LOL
>Dildo my anus hard this week

>> No.15427970

>Stop respecting the guy who coined the term proof of work
I do have to applaud the troll and fudster feeding frenzy that's been going on here for the past couple of months but isn't it just a little too easy?

>> No.15428054

I knew Chainlink was too good to be true. No way a loser like me would make it. Selling all my LINKs now

>> No.15428068
File: 271 KB, 800x533, 1567068921858.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just suck his dick then bro.

>> No.15428075

Doesn't that cross mean that he's dead?

>> No.15428079

Based Ari.

>> No.15428081

We need to stone sergey with cheeseburgers

>> No.15428082
File: 69 KB, 1024x576, 72.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same. I was really hoping for it to moon into the top 5 and me being able to diversify with 20% while riding the rest out. Instead it's the rope. So long, Anons. I hope you will make it some other way...

>> No.15428125

no he didnt
its LINK, retard

>> No.15428164

So this is how it feels to invest into the next facebook.

>> No.15428178

Does anyone know what group is Ari Juels associated with?

>> No.15428240
File: 140 KB, 1280x960, 1566494654956.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Jews

>> No.15428254

>unironically thinking these devs are in it for the money
It's so fucking saddening to see people who achieved so little in life they literally can't fathom what the appeal of "being a pioneer" would be
Kill yourself man, it'll raise the average

>> No.15428255

>really smart
>html/css dev

>> No.15428284
File: 56 KB, 645x773, 1537896355677.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the dumbest fucking thread I've ever read in my life.

>> No.15428299
File: 444 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190817-111412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stupid fud btfo'd by ourjeet!

>> No.15428328

So it this going to happen on the 10th or 3rd of sept? We are in the correct timeline boys. Its been a long 2 years.

>> No.15428398

Wow nice reliable source. The absolute state of deluded linkers.

>> No.15428418

Yes, they're in for the money, which is why they sold Town Crier to Chainlink. College professors don't make a lot of money in the US. 100k/year if they're lucky. Grad students make 20-30k at a good school.

>> No.15428420

He's right.
Oasis Labs/Ekiden is a smart contract platform, and as such it would require Chainlink just like any other (ETH, etc.).

>> No.15428429

Damn Ari, you were the reason I bought this shitcoin. Why do you have to jew me like that.

>> No.15428435

The tweet clearly says they're going to announce a NEW ORACLE TECHNOLOGY, I.e., not Chainlink.

>> No.15428439

>new oracle technology
So a new technology that benefits oracles.
That's great!

>> No.15428442

i don't eve... why u do not just kill yourself, the world would be better place for us all

>> No.15428443

Endless delusion.

>> No.15428447

TownCrier also developed oracle technology.

>> No.15428470

Why the pic? Cant you see from my ID that I am a fagot?

>> No.15428683

Cult of Demeter

>> No.15428736

anon is right this is ogre

>> No.15428774





>> No.15428808

I fucking love this dude

>> No.15428886

Insider here, it’s over. Once this is revealed link goes to $0.20

>> No.15428895
File: 33 KB, 536x479, images (48).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he doesn't know

>> No.15428916

I can't find the tweet has anyone got a link

>> No.15428941

Yeah, I don't just have a LINK, I have 300 of them!

>> No.15428944

CUlt of deMEATER

>> No.15428993

Never trust a kike

>> No.15429141

Oh yes they’re definitely tired

>> No.15429150

This, the Holocaust never happened

>> No.15429156 [DELETED] 
File: 401 KB, 1242x2208, 2B5520EF-F24F-49B0-9D6F-D6CF5086586C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15429196

the most beautiful part about this is most chainlink holders are leftists who reee'd "go back to /pol/" whenever anyone pointed out the jew
and many of them will hold to 0, because they're too involved in believing there's nothing wrong with jews, they solve the cognitive dissonance by blocking any and all information

>> No.15429203

oh fuck

>> No.15429321

His name was CU MEATER

>> No.15429340

chainlink tee's are ready

>> No.15429372

Tees or TEEs?
WHERE is my T-Shirt, Thomas??

>> No.15429466

Linkpool just retweeted it.

>> No.15429492

Yes. they. did.

Nolinkers btfo

>> No.15429496
File: 308 KB, 438x515, 04-28-44-1515806955860.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, indeed. It is called Chainlink , where the transitory dreams of the autistic neets converge.
In researching the blockchain , the autists discovered the truth of the Proof of Work : "The fiat fades and the Jews go without shekels ."
When Chainlink 's memes are threatened, /biz/ reeeeeeeeeeees , unearthing the old Lords of Linkies from their graves.
Assblaster, Larper of the Deep.

4chan' s Shilling Legion , the Link Marines .
And The overweight lord of the Big Mac Capital , Sergey the Giant.

Only, after the singularity .. the Linkies will abandon their tokens...
And the Nolinkers will rise -

Nameless, accursed anons , unfit even to be swinglinkers .

And so it is, that autists seeketh Sergey .

>> No.15429513

Chainlink’s R.E.E.E.E’s are ready.

Damage control. These guys are all a bunch of amateurs.

>> No.15429844

>believing in “””whale killer”””
Cringe, grow up.

>> No.15429979


>> No.15429996

Me too

>> No.15430007
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>> No.15430578


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