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Didnt read; Not buying

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Now is the perfect time to sell. All of the big holders are moving out of their positions because they realized LINK is a scam and sergey is a scammer and token is not needed.

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Yes please

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Just HODL till the right time and I'm pretty sure that this is not the time. Pick better coins to invest like Telecoin and stay relaxed for the profits.

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Why sell this is just a few months into mainnet. Nothing has broken with the linkies.
> Im in it for the tech

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sergey read, he's selling

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Lol he hasn’t sold.

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who is sergey, fuck off faggit

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Leave newfag

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where the bottom


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Nice try slightly less new friend but that tripfag has been shitting up the board for a while

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Be dumb if you do. You're tied in this market now.

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short term price action means nothing we were at 40 cents 4 months ago 4months later we could be at 40 $ stay strong

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Why you niggers never learn , when red wojaks : buy / when green wojaks : sell. Simple as that

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Uh no.. duh

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can't read; bought 100k
now i can read; just sold 100k

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yes, sell at the bottom

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meh, depends if you are short or long term.

this dip was the final big dip of the year.
after this one, it normalizes and many will moon again.

if you are day trader, you should have sold about a month ago.
if you are long term, now is decent time to pick some up.

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I am hodling until I am rich or I am broke. There is no in-betweens, break or make marine.

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>he doesn’t know
Bottom is 0 anon

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I can’t lie, I’m scared right now. Terrified, really. I feel close to capitulating. The thing is, I’ve SEEN , with my own eyes, other alt coins bleed out from like 8 dollars all the way down to 6 cents . So what’s preventing that from happening to link too? Please ease my mind someone

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>this dip was the final big dip of the year.

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nothing, really.

good luck

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Grow a pair bro, you lack confidence in your investment. Hodl on and chill.

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town crier
ari juels
tom gonser
swift poc

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Potential insider here: SELL now and rebuy at 1.11
you autists know how this shit works, it's ALL connected. The SINGULARITY begins with a row of SINGLES (1) which is a clear APPEAL to the autists of this board (who are all clearly bachelors) that the turnaround is near. That is the biz signal, and this knowledge may allow you to greatly increase your stack. It's not Sergey's fault, this is the Craig Wright fallout but heavy hands need to make money too, so expect another big drop soon.

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nah not right now, wait to sell when its around $0.40 again

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we will bounce hard from $0.20

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>0 runs from almost all nodes


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personally i think the bottom is $0.13

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Turns out you should have sold. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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>i bought high, should i sell low
/biz/ never changes.

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It's on coinbase. It's always struck me as weird that link was put on out of nowhere while other alts never have

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> Literature who??

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Do whatever you want. It’s currently at the monthly low. So I’m sure as fuck not selling.

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Google and other mega companies use Chainlink. Obviously Coinbase will list them.

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Try again.

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lmao stfu faggot, its over

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Look at the bottom right hand corner of the picture. Notice the google colored Chainlink logo?

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See below Mr angry cunt

Are you claiming google doesn’t use Chainlink?

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Nobody cares linklet. They all had a test run node and abandoned link. Nobody is using it in the future and it wont have real adoption

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>look over chainlink carefully
>think it seems like the real deal, feel confident it will increase in value in the long term
>decide to invest some money in it
>price goes down
>all of that goes out the window

Stop checking CMC every 10 minutes lmao

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Guess I’ll wait and see. I’m not selling.

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what a beautiful fuckin picture posted by google itself.

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this ones much nicer.

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hehe, price go down :P

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Everyone laugh at this faggot

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what happened to your "$2 iron hand support" pajeet? HAHAHAHAHHAHA

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The state of Stockholm syndrome

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didn't read; bought the dip

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This, and still buying

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>4months later we could be at 40 $ stay strong

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Half that if you are lucky
Quarter if you're not
>You're not

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Lol what?
You think the mcap could grow $13.5x10^9 ?
I never believed it but linkies really are dumb as fuck.

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Nobody is currently using the Chainlink network. Check the explorer you retard.

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If you had any knowledge of this at all, you would know that Google nearly advertised Blockchain tech is compatible with their services.
ChainLink is a customer, not a partner

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>Google doesn't use ChainLink
Yes, that is fact not a claim

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This is a bullish correction that provides some much needed liquidity. You don't want stagnation in any healthy, emerging tech.

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This board is beyond retarded. I don't remember it being this bad

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IS this proof that Google has conquered Saturn already

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if you genuinely believe that chainlink will rebound from here, then dont sell. but that is extremely unlikely to happen. it's broke major resistance and will free fall to under $1 now.

at least if you sell now you can buy back in later, double your stack, meaning you can cash out later at $50 instead of $100 for the same gains.

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nah you should hold until it goes to sub 10 cents like the REQt marines did

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asking that question in the first place shows that youre not a loyal marine who believes in the cause.
sell. we dont want you anymore.

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this. your a bitch now if you sell. if link ever reaches $50 you should be a multi millionaire, so be thankful for the opportunity to accumulate

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Tell me is a joke that people is holding, I bought at 25c sold at 3.86 then I grab my balls and promise me not to buy till is corrected and start consolidating meaning everyone forget about the coin for a while

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Just set a stop loss fren. I’ve lost thousands in JNT but made it all back in link. Will not lose that money twice.

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>If I buy a can of beans and a bean cost 1 million dollars in the future, I will be a millionaire in the future

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You will be a multimillionaire, yes

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Except beans will never be worth 1 million dollars. Just like Link will never be worth 50 dollars

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?? the logic is still true, dumbfuck

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>11 dubs

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>the bottom
You mean 20 cents?

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Just sell it all and become a neet.

Let the government give you neetbux and rent assistance.

You'll be fine.

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