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SWIFT is going to demonstrate Corda settler.. NOT Chainlink..

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>He fuds link FOR FREE

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This is a long term investment, im not expecting double digits until late 2020.

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>LINK tokens

You’re not an investor. You purchased a funding token, XRP’s cousin. Sergey thanks you for your capital reassignment, comrade.

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ahahahahhaa dem neets feelings special after spending real money to buy virtual shit coins

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>people laugh at bitter retarded linkies
>reeee they’re fudding
linkies never change

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still holding erc 20 tokens

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Funny how you only show up to fud link and not help people with obvious scams...

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That's what I said in 2017 about 2019

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this is fake and gay anti fud, kys kissless cock sucker

link WILL be sub 1 dollar end of year, nothing personal

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2 years old and SWIFT hasnt even acknowledged them. Guess what? They werent even invited to Sibos

Kinda stinky, isnt it?

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Sold at $4

Buy orders set at $1.50 and $1

Imagine falling for the hold meme lmao

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Unironically this

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Nobody cares what you did with your 500 linkie stack

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>Funny how you only show up to fud link and not help people with obvious scams...

If you want board police, go back to Rebbit. I’m not ‘helping’ anyone. I’m driving you off my board. I don’t give a shit about the weekly shitcoin P&D that’ll self destruct before I even write a post about it. Im after the big fish, LINK. The scam that’s been infesting this board for two years.

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Corda Settler still needs an Oracle, take a look at the icons used. Doesn't look like coincidence to me.

Also, SWIFT and ChainLink have been working together for 2 years now:


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but corda is link

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But link is an oracle

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Imagine being a bitch to an even bigger shitcoin.

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the fucking ledger doesnt matter here

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