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Brap.me is a platform that makes crypto tipping easy. You place your brap.me/name on your website or social media account to receive Brapper Tokens.

Brap solves the issue of fees, charge-backs and censorship that occurs with the legacy payment system.

You can buy crypto on BRAP.me
One of the BRAP verified models may make the cover of Maxim.
More models coming.

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nobody is going to use your retarded fart coin. shoo shoo pajeet

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bought some for shit and giggles

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sorry sir I had to report ur thread for copyright infringement with that logo

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shopped, also bitrevex is a scam and there are transactions on etherdelta despite brapper not being listed on that exchange apparently

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They are pajeeta

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Bitrevex is down, etherdelta, like forkdelta, allows trading of any erc20

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The fag that stole that logo was fired. Logo has been changed.

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so they are trading between themselves? because what i'm seeing is a 10000% price increase, how is it possible?

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Any exchange can list any coin.

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but the BRAP/ETH pair is not there, is it?

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disregard that >>15313765
my IQ has decreased

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