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ETH will never relive again says zycrypto. Biz thoughts?

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have english lessons

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ETH only hyped because of ico’s. that wont happen again.
The new generation are payments.
Coti is the new payment king. Accumulate while affordable.

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>getting financial advice from someone named yeboah frempong

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its dead, buy new hypes like morpheus labs and quant

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Dont care about top 10 coins.
I only search for Gems in the outer corners of this space. Next Gem found: BPRO

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yeboah frempong is a filipino slut that can’t pronouce her own name

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stop responding and bumping this you fat moron

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> Coti

Fucking KYS pajeet

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wow they really used an inverted nazi swastika as their logo? the absolute state of skinheads

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> inverted nazi swastika
Fucking study something, nigger

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>bumps the thread to tell others not to bump

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So the author can accept credit if he's right and deflect all responsibility if he's wrong, way to go Nostradamus

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the only alternative to stating probabilities and trends is

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Just stake your ETH on safe platform like mycrypto or xfutures. Current price is a good buy.

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>sell your bags, goy
no thanks

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Idk about ETH but MITx has big things coming. They’re working with the Government of Singapore, Government model should come out soon

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Did you even listen to the ETH2 panel at Web3 just now? Ethereum is starting from scratch and has multiple separate teams experimenting that will coalesce together, each staffed with low energy guys who sound daunted at the questions and complexities that lay before them.

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would you share some websites you use for research?

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ETH wass just lucky in the ICO period, look for good gems OP. Gems like FTM, MITx or just plain betting on CZ-sama should pay off.

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I’ve only bought ETH to stake on xFutures. XFT is gonna do an IEO on OKEx, basically a free money grab right now

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next phase is post blockchain, dag, ftm and holo

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just fuck off, paid shills.

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Nobody can predict the price lol. I wont hold any eth bag tho, I’m very bullish on BPRO. BPRO has a working product and are one of the few projects actually generating revenue. Their product will be used even more in a bull run.

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all these shitcoin shills in this thread jesus

ur $100 "investment" isnt going to help you move out your families hut

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Don’t spoonfeed these brainlets, they call everything scam, and whine about losses because they were late

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ETH is a glorified shitcoin that was used to raise funds for ICO’s. That was the only purpose of that shitcoin. Now that ICO’s are dead we need to look for other alts.

Been looking at COTI lately and have to say that even tho prices dumped the tech and the partnerships are so good. Syndicates are dumping and sell pressure is slowly fading so we might be in for a reversal.

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Sounds like you're paid to shill ETH desu

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