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The NEET life is destroying my health fellas. What does one do when they have no financial issues? I just drink all day and exercise here and there. What do you guys plan on doing when you make it?

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buddy you can be a productive neet, use udemy and youtube to self learn high income skills and work independently

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>t. coping self hating wageslut
Nice try

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combust canibis

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I also drink heavily and travel.

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Cleanse my country of third worlders

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Nice falseflagging

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don't need anymore money in this life unless i get greedy
not anymore. I'll admit i used to be years ago, but now i just drink and do whatever i want. slowly destroying myself worse than a wagie

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it's called being productive, it's not about money DIPSHIT

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>he needs normies to tell him what to do in order to not go insane
Pathetic. Go back to wagecucking

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already founded and run some small organizations that help my community. i enjoy that but i can't stop the loneliness and drinking

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