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Brap.me is a platform that makes crypto tipping easy. You place your brap.me/name on your website or social media account to receive Brapper Tokens.

Brap solves the issue of fees, charge-backs and censorship that occurs with the legacy payment system.

You can buy crypto on BRAP.me
One of the BRAP verified models may make the cover of Maxim.
More models coming.

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fake and gay

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Real and verified

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is there a way to mine this coin? I'd actually give a shit if I could mine the coins.

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Shes ugly.

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Mine jse and trade it on forkdelta for BRAP.

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You're gay

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Just got listed on another exchange, that makes 18 exchanges (not counting the buy button on the website).

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Which exchanges have the most volume?

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haha shitcoin

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Fuck off with your pajeet scamcoin

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Seriously though, without makeup she would look like an absolute horse. 9/10 6'4" alpha male here. Wouldn't touch this herpes hoe with a ten foot poll. She can't even come up with an original cute idea, and has to copy that dumb cunt who sold bathwater. 6/10 at best.

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Oh mate she's a brisfag. I'm gonna stalk her.

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Who hurt you?

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