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Hey guise just a shout out or my fellow marines I’m fundamentally feeling quite positive about the next 72 hours
I have a fat bag of kink held over a year and one entire LP share ready to stake
The time is upon us we are about to bounce violently back up
The only question is how high are we gonna go and what info will be announced at Web3
Huff some hopium with me one last time
Now it’s time for Sergey to take the wheel

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Take the wheel down to $1, maybe.

Buy RFR if you want a nice Q4 run.

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Sergey take the wheel. Jonny take your hands off that horse.

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LP is now 55ETH/LP, glad I bought early

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Fuck I bought like a week ago, nice timing

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Good call imo, this shit isn’t like token trading. There is so little available to buy and barely any supply that I find it hard to believe it’ll be going down anytime soon esp since there’s no market buying. I was nervous at first about buying LP, but now have 0 regrets since I’m pretty sure this shit + link will literally be the two biggest decisions I’ll make in my life that will have the most intense impact.

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I’m with you anon I bought in a few weeks ago at 46 ETH for 1LP
I was reading all of those weird 42 thread archives and smoking a little weed when suddenly the urge to buy LinkPool came over me
I lept out of bed and bought one it felt urgent but I have no idea why
Something is happening here guise

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Kekek I also made my decision to buy LP after smoking, made the decision easier and I just pulled the trigger without even thinking (buying the ETH). Once I did that there was no turning back and proceeded to spend rest of my high trying to figure out the DEX while stoned af kek

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Fucking lol same here
Good luck fren

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Giddy up partner. Time to get off our high horses and saddle up. The end is neigh.

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Just got .04 LP too. might as well get a couple of links staked at the start and fire in larger amounts later when they open her up. Will have the early rep too. Also running a node on mainnet myself.

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