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Is it possible to receive money via PayPal without revealing my identity and place where I live to the person who sends money?

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no you dumb cunt
just use Bitcoin

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Business PayPal

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>help me with my findom paypigs
I'll consider it if you give me more proof than that desu.

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I like the the part where you are a body part and not a person.

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but boomer are idiots, they dont use crypto.

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are you a cam thot or something?

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via eBay, yes
for example, put in a fake ebay item, get paid through that - eBay?Paypal won't even show an email address

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use brap.me to create a short url linked to your anonymous Ethereum wallet and receive payments in BRAP or ETH

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That's a trap

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im from europe, they work with eastern europe?>>15293435 ur mom

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I only support scamming beta paypigs on the basis that the whore is clearly more deserving than the pathetic losers who pay her, but a whore who can't even figure out how to take the cash is clearly not deserving.

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Looks like a fucking tranny fuck off

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ok I have a better idea

>sign up on gambling website that accepts paysafecards like bet365
>get your boomers to buy paysafecards (you get them everywhere)
>use paysafecard on gambling website
>cash out to your paypal or gamble with boomers money
>money can't be traced back to your name by said boomer

now post tits, and if you are a trap I hope you burn in hell you disgusting dirty homosexual.

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boomers are your customers?

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Tell him to pay you in gift cards and then resell them. Also, you better not be a trap or I'll report your ass to the interpol, you fucking degenerate

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This bitch is planing on selling nudes/private snap. When you can't make it with your brain and everything else fails sell your body. kek

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eastern europe, idk desu
what are you doing, roughly, on the scale of mildly dubious to complete scam ? If its totally illegal bulllshit, >>15293469 or similar would be actually better idea, no bullshit

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women throughout history 101.

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yes they are and they too stupid for crypto and young too

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Listen here little baby. You're gonna get a lot of hurtful and degrading comments, but that ain't what I'm about. Let me just say, you are perfect the way you are. You hear me sugar? PERFECT. Don't ever change. You deserve anything and everything you want. Stay safe for me, baby girl.

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OP is likely to be a pimp.

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Whole wheat or you're a gay.

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Dick pics

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what do you do? Also practice your english more.

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I answered your question cunt, now post your udders.
cmon give us a sample

then he should post her tits.

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im not a trap. but nice trolling guys kek
too much retarded and faggiets are here kek

for what me gifts card if i need cash? amazon doesnt work in East Europe

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And this one's a trap.

>> No.15293551

fine tits but not nude kek
wait me ...

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you sell the gift cards ffs
gift cards = untraceable cash
it would actually be easier to say what would work best if we knew how much/often

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from trap keeek

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I gave you the easiest solution to your problem and it doesn't require much work to set up. your customers dont even need paypal to give you money they just give you a code so I actually even increased the amount of your customers, you dont need to resell anything.
you just enter the code, receive that money on the gambling account and then you can withdraw your money to your paypal.
this works 100% in europe.

I think we all deserve to see the full naked timestamped tits.

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so what are you doing to make money?

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So THIS is how you make money from fuck prostitute

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to whom i will seell it kek. burgers?

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Whore, prostitute. Oldest and most degradating profession: prostitution.

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uhh babe, i dont had a lot dicks like ur mom

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probably playing online gf for thirsty cucks and pumping cash from them.
which is now super easy to do with the paysafecard and the gambling account.
paysafecards exist in many different sizes 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50 and 100 EUR.

no forget that, I already gave you the solution to your problem, please post more tits.

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webcam whoring

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>that jaw
fucking trannies, fuck off

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i post it when i want to close this thread

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BRAP.me was created for this problem. Your tippers can buy BRAP on http://brappertoken.com and you can cash out. Create a verified BRAP.me account, it's easy.

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aww tiggered faggie dont hurt ur ass

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then post something else, post pussy as proof that you are not a tranny.
cmon you owe me, I solved your problem.

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ur scam shit doesnt sell, fuck off.

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it's stronger than the average man desu. Post face OP

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Come eat with me

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i dont do pussy pic, thats a nasty

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Wait who took the first picture?

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im an ugly, no>>15293698 burgers make u fatso

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You are a sad bitch. Seek out some validation in the real world. You were offered various solutions to your issue. As for your "boomer customers" if they are really so in need of viewing your malnourished body then why would they not use crypto to do so?

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how about feet? post your feet

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me, i have sansung note 9, i have a pen, dumb

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we're all fucking ugly on this website, but how are you going to camwhore with a bad face?

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because they are old and retarded?>>15293722

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are you mentally handicapped, bullied or both?
fucking do it dumb whore
post pics of your fucking feet or your pussy or whatever

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i have sexy body, had you saw mila from chaturbate the horse face earn 1000 dollars per day.chaturbate.com mila_/

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dont order me faggiet,

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Oh yeah?

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Very simple. I have 2 Paypal accounts. One is my main PayPal account where all my information is stored and linked to my account. The second PayPal account is my anonymous account. It has a fake name and all fake information. You have to verify it with a cell phone, but later on you can change that number to a fake one.

So... If you want to send money anonymously then send $ from your main account to your anonymous account then send that $ to the recipient. To accept money just follow that pattern in reverse.

Been doing this for years.

Oh and nice ass. I'd like to put my erect cock up your vagina from the back, and pump until I ejaculate. If you get my drift.

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>i have sexy body
post more or fuck off, nobody cares about your shitty whore job.

I said post more tits you dumb useless hole

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*first account is linked to my bank account.

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honker slut
show without make up kek

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>Oh and nice ass. I'd like to put my erect cock up your vagina from the back, and pump until I ejaculate. If you get my drift.
well said, my thoughts exactly

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post your goddamn tits already
do your job whore thats all you are good for

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Join us

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this is also sound advice desu - you had many/any reversals on the fake account ?
even camwhores calling your shit out, you degen

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trolls u can to hurt me lel

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ive seen way worse faces desu but show more ass and bare tits

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damn where u located

>> No.15293841

hey idiot, i wrote in discord to u , u advoid me, now fuck off.
enjoy with ur honkers keeek

>> No.15293844

was it really that hard? why you force me to talk to you like your daddy did
now post more, the thread is starting to get better.

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Stay poor faggots

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>hired some thot to promote scam coin
much legit

>> No.15293853


Never a single issue. The fake account has a face image, a name, it all seems legit. But it's just a mask for my real identity. And it's not linked to my bank account.

Realistically if you're doing anything even slightly shady online and you're not using crypto, then this is a good solution.

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Ego raptor?

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We use telegram, discord is for trannies

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too much orders by virgins clowns kek
im from eastern europe, i live in krakow keek

>> No.15293868

That will show her, champ

>> No.15293870

post more tits kurwa

it worked

>> No.15293877

idc, i wrote once
second i wont, u advoid me, kiss my white ass, pajeeet

>> No.15293889

Yeah, I take it back.

I hope you make it

>> No.15293891

what about your feet? are they ugly?
why do you not want to show your toes?

>> No.15293892

use pornhube, horny ahmed

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No, fans tip girls who are verified. Weverify the girls on theplatform to prove you are tipping who they say they are. There are no fees charged to verified users. The platform is free, fast, and easy. BRAP.me

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You are literally in a crypto board, why dont you just have them pay you in btc or any private coin if you are worried?

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We are based in Chicago and the entire Dec team are 4channers, try again.

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all guys love my feet

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Im not horny tho.
Or am from india.
Still hope that you make It, I have a friend that will try the same thing... I think.

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>tfw no /biz/ slavshit ethot gf
why even live

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On second hand hon, just use the cash app. You can only receive deposits and your information stays private. Ignore the incel trolls here.

>> No.15293919

now u show me fat whores.ewww
get better sluts for ur shitcoin
look at nuke, they have sexy girl

>> No.15293923

im from europe. u want to be anonymous

>> No.15293929

How about venmo?

>> No.15293936

That is 10000% a man ass.

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>> No.15293940


I already told you how to do it.
whats your issue with it?

>> No.15293941

doesnt work in my country

>> No.15293943

Oh shit disregard my entire post. My grandparents were from Krakow. You're not half bad to look at too I guess. Good luck with your endeavors and shit.

>> No.15293951

What the fuck is wrong with europe? Are they still using diesel stoves over there?

>> No.15293959

idk some companies dont work with easter europe?

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Okay, fuck off then, we will not verify you.

>> No.15293985

paysafecards work in pooland and so does bet365.
its the best method for your whore job and it works 100%.

>> No.15293999

keeek, idgaf about ur shitcoin.
flopapper cant to seell.
u copies nuke with girls.

>> No.15294009

thank u burger

>> No.15294012

Always curious about this, how did a roastie whore cumdoll such as yourself discover biz?

>> No.15294017

I'm not a burger, I'm yuropoor like you
if you want to thank me please post more pictures.

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