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/biz/ I sold my league of legends accounts a week ago, and finally received my payment. I have been no life playing that shit for 6 years, and I’m finally done with it.

Now I want to invest my money, what should I buy? Weed stocks, crypto, gold?

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How much did you sell it for?

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Received 14k in total for my 6 accounts, probably spend around 3k myself in all these years

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ROI based you're always best off going crypto. There is no market that goes up 5% or more a day or goes down 5% or more a day.

COTI showed us a bottom that is in. Would go all in on it. The marketcap is 2.7M and they are eligible to get on Binance through the community vote.

Techwise one of the few that actually has a good Github. Even Sergey loved it so much that LINK and COTI are partnered

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Buy some ETH, it’s cheap right now. Consider staking it on xFutures, it’s backed by one of the biggest exchanges OKEx.

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100K in 2 year.
1M in 10 year.

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Go all in chainlink

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Anyone know how much I could sell a 16 year old steam account for? I have the stupid little "10 year" badge in CS GO.

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Personally I’m long term in crypto, I have 3 btc always in the back: never selling, and bet on some alt coins, since alt season might start any moment. My bets are on BNB, MITx, and LINK

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worst larp Ive seen in a good while on here

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BPRO has big news coming up. Consider adding a bag while you can now, MM has already played a little but the fire will really begin once btc stabilizes

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Fuck off

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Buying silver or gold right nog should pay off, bitcoin too will probably go hard very soon. You should look what you want, crypto is very volatile and might stress you out. Still, if you consider getting into crypto then add COTI to your folio. Great tech, smart team and has a partnership with Visa.

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Think every game on your steam account/2= price.

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fucking retard, you wouldn't have gotten more than $500-$1k even if that account was challenger and had every skin

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Even though it's fucking 16 years old? Veteran account? I have a day one steam account too. Triple digit account.

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You probably have never even reached plat lel

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Buy the Coti dips. Jews will let it fly. IMMIMENT PUMP
Majorly oversold

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High volatility doesn't mean high roi. How do you know that the large changes don't go in the wrong direction?

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I bet OP sucked in lol anyway. Playing so long without making good streams is just pure retardness, same as not buying Mitx when it is on that low level we have at the moment.

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I advise you to buy the COTI dip, there will be big news coming out. Team is just waiting for btc to calm down.

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This brainlet doesn't understand trading good sirs of this board. If you goys don't mind I will teach this nigger a lesson about trading. High volatiity means that there is more money to make faggot. No way is the wrong way the market does whatever the fuck it wants to do but if you follow the trend and follow where the markets brings you it doesn't matter if you long or short you can make money either way. Smart hedge funds made the most money after the 2007/8 financial crash because they knew what to expect and shorted the fuck out of the market and made the biggest weekly profit they have ever seen.

Now crypto is a wonderful place like >>15285638 said because it's so volatile plebs and dumb fucks will lose their money while smart traders are going to earn a fuck ton of money. If you don't like that well the market doesn't give a shit that is the reality. Now if you suck at trading I recommend what >>15285641
is doing and stake your tokens to receive money for doing absolutly nothing. There was another project called Edgeware that did the same and they managed to get people stake $200M worth of ETH. So buy some ETH and stake on xFuture, you won't regret it nigger.

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>Received 14k in total for my 6 accounts
They must all have been ancient and had exceptional skins. Or could also just be a lie.

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Buy coti with it. They have nice animuladies which want to suck the dick of everyone of 4chan. I love animu. Big tiddies.

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>14k for 6 accounts

OP were your accounts all diamond+? For crypto, add some COTI to your holdings. They will announce the Visa partnership very soon.

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