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Is economics a meme degree?

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you heard me whiteboi

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the president of america has one and its a sincere science. the only meme is the belief that there is more than one truly economic theory.

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this post is like at least five different kinds of yikes

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Yes, you should switch major to underwater basket weaving.

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Are social science a meme degree, are religion science a meme degree. If you say yes, economics is definitely a meme degree

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if you are a goy yes, if you are one of us, why haven't you signed up for the program yet?

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If you graph the income over time for all the myriad degrees you can get, economics is among the only degrees where that graph is asymptotic.

Meme or not, that's the empirical reason you should consider it.

Check out game-theory for your post-grad :D

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>Being a priest was very lucrative during the 15th century
>You should go to the priest seminar

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They all are.

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At that time period you were able to have children (at least the authorities weren't too concerned) and you learned much more than just theology, they were legit scholars. The theory of evolution was formulated by a catholic priest.

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It isn't a "meme degree" if you use the knowledge and degree you've attained to enter the market and make a decent living.

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& economic theory is as scientific as psychology.

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True, but not the point. Economics, most particular macroeconomics, especially the way it is taught, or better propagated and brainwashed into the minds of plebs studying it, is highly depended on the stability and survival of the current hegemonic institutional environment. If for any reason the norms are being watered down more, the processes neglected or more important the growth of actors believing into those norms and processes stagnates or even declines, economics becomes more worthless than being a catholic priest in Saudi Arabia

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You learn how to adapt to the markets in decent unis. Not just knowledge but the instruments to obtain it.

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So in "decent" universities they "teach" you that the market is king. I hope you realize that this "market" is part of the institutional environment and goes to the shitter as well if there happens to be a lack of true believers. Just introduce a human that doesn't follow the biggest fallacy of every known economic theory, the economic man, and give that man a gun and the knowledge on where to put the bullets to rise the cost of the system for 499.99, creating damage in the billions by executing system relevant "rational" individuals.
Game theory is all nice and shit, till one realizes just a minority of true believers follow the fallacy and nurturing into believing into the fallacy is a dead end

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Volkswirtschaft in german

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if you need a 300k student loan, then yes, it's a meme degree
unironically take the loan and market buy btc while eating tendies
it doesn't matter how many small things you do, and how hard you try, that's all bullshit, look at wagies sweating hard to get a 5% rise
if you are smart enough you just need 2/3 very good choices and you are set for life

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btw, learning economics at university with boomer professors will probably teach you how to lose money and make very bad decisions, just look at what central bankers are doing, they did everything wrong they could in the past 10 years

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Hence OP's question!

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All of these anons mistakenly believe that you're asking if BUSINESS is a meme degree.

Economics will *not* teach you how to administrate a standardized hegemonic business. (Which can be profitable, if misguided and outdated.)

What it will teach you is how to identify measurable variables in chaotic systems, and develop models to better understand them. The applications to finance are there, certainly, but more importantly you'll learn how to think critically about how/why complex systems turn out the way they do. This applies to non-human studies like ecology, or inter-species studies like pathology, just as readily as is can be applied to the financial world.

You'll spend most of your time studying self-interest, and how groups large and small can be organized in various ways to maintain positive self interest among the individuals in a way that maximizes the stability and growth of the group as a whole. (Which, coincidentally, is reflected as finance in specific cultures - one of which we happen to live in. Hence the common fallacy of mistaking economics for business/finance.)

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Microeconomics is very real but macroeconomics is mostly not.

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Idiot. All your models are dependent on the rational economic human. That is the fallacy you fell for. Most people are not rational and can't be coerced or incentiviced let alone nurtured into being what you BELIEVE a human is. Really, macroeconomists are worse than communists

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What's taught today is pretty much purely econometrics. If you like math go for it, but if actual economic theory is your interest you'll be thoroughly disappointed.

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The specific quality that separates economics from things like psychology and sociology is the removal of prior assumptions. It's just about finding what can be measured and extracting patterns.

In other words, it's about challenging what people "BELIEVE a human is" with empiricism.

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The damn arrogancy of a priest.
What you describe is the same a sociologist, a psychologist and for that matter an anthropologist concerned with research would say about himself. And still it doesn't matter. If you don't have the stable environment in which you developed your theories and the resources to propagate your "research" the man with a gun knowing where to put the bullet will make it impossible for them to gain any relevancy

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Here in germany it is the biggest meme degree.
But yeah, it can be good ... it can, sometimes.

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"you seem really upset, did you drop out of college?"

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This is pretty based. You need to DYOR by checking out who teaches at your prospective universities.

I attended one where the head of the entire department made a point of teaching the 100 level courses. The guy was based af, and spent several hours with me one-on-one tutoring topics like patent-law and connecting me with based mentors. Had I attended courses taught by T.A.s the experience would have been pretty mathematical and dogmatic.

Fundamentally, economics is "moral philosophy." That's abstract af, fren. You *must* take the time to seek out a based faculty, and engage with your whole mind.

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>u mad
Oh jes. Kill science for the sake of science.
And no, I just refused, after I got that worthless piece of paper, to stay among the ivory tower fools and went among the common folks, just to realize that everything university teaches is basically worthless, unless it is physics.

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agreed. uni is a big circle jerk for the most part and it's disgusting

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i can't wait until i get my worthless piece of paper and tell them all to fuck off

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I managed to get an ok job with it so it’s probably not a complete meme. If I could go back and do it again however, I would double major with math or statistics.

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this anon is right you know?

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There is one thing I have to give them though, they teach you how to sell bullshit. Pretty neat if one wants to end up in sales

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>its a sincere science
lol, name one empirically verified economic theory

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cognitive psychology is good at least

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>empirically verified

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Both of those used fixed rate currencies.
MMT recommends floating currencies, as they're immune from that problem.

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>floating currencies
Glad the only proponents of that shit are being laughed of the stage by a New York property investor who was elected PotUS by frog posting NEETs. In all honesty, put all ivory tower fools together with their "knowledge" into their tower, stonewall every exit and light that shit up.

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Do you have any objective criticisms?
The point of MMT is that it avoids the false assumptions that are rife in mainstream economics.

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No, the head of the ECP LaGarde doesnt have one, shes a politician now in charge of the economy for over 500 million people. What could go wrong?

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Take your sales pitches somewhere else democrat. When university taught me something beside sales it is that their are two ways to shut a non hegemonic argument down. Not entertaining it and putting a steel boot into the face of the speaker

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I'm not American. But I'm curious why you want to shut the argument down rather than engage with it. Are you afraid you might actually learn something?

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similar to das capital, where they might be spot on with analysis, but the solution is batshit crazy

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You should know best that free speech is a meme, and you don't give your enemy a sword. Now be a good europoor and kys, and don't be afraid to call the speech police and tell them to lock me up, they surely have the resources to do so

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Supply and demand you nigger

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>basically worthless
it is, but you cant get a job without that worthless piece of paper.

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Depends. Most you learn in university you can learn for free during your free time when making an apprenticeship, if you care and are interested in the subject. What gives you jobs are networking, displaying your abilities and being willing to work below the average when you start. University doesn't prepare for any of it, exactly the opposite in most cases, as they are, for the most part again, closed environments leeching of subsidies and the tax payer only interested in growing their own sphere of influence and power, completely screened of from the reality of the majority of people.

If I could see my 18 year old me I would kick myself in the face for only thinking about wasting 8 years at a university

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the only people I know who think you can get a good paying job without a college degree because that degree didn't prepare them for any job have never had the exprience to look for such work without the degree. The other case where you can get paid well is with a trade, and it is near impossible to get an apprenticeship in most of the western world because so many people are flocking to it.

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Though the analysis of Das Kapital was insightful and innovative, it was VERY far from spot on, because it was heavily reliant on the Labour Theory of Value.

And if you think the solution is "batshit crazy", why not discuss why it's batshit crazy? You may find they're relying on false assumptions, in which case identifying them is the first step to formulating a better solution. Or you may find you've made false assumptions, in which case their solution is far more sensible than it first appears.

Either way, it's better than shutting down the discussion.

Firstly, I'm not in Europe either.
Secondly, why would I want to silence you when I agree with so much you've written further up the thread?

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Yes, unless you want to become a court-intellectual parasite that justifies whatever governments and banks want in which case you need the degree. If not you can just read books for free.

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Are you high Nigger?
Again, if you care for a subject and are interested in it, you will at the same time learn to get to know the industry around it and learn what kind of job you are looking for, no need for some senile 70's marxist telling you where to find it, while he tries to sell his fever dream book, while being paid by the parents of some beta faggot who has been catered by his parents debt for his whole life, his own debt, and the tax payer.
>Near impossible to get an apprenticeship in the west
You really must be high or one of those ivory tower fools, or worse an msm consuming retard that never leaves the house to believe that. There is no branch that isn't looking like crazy for competent young people to go into their trade, that haven't been baited by university fags to waste at the very least 5 years of income for getting brainwashed.

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Just to be clear, what I said about what you find "batshit crazy" in >>15286941 referred to MMT not Das Kapital.
Marx's craziness is well understood.

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Employers don't care what you know as long as you have a degree, you can't even get an interview without a degree, that's a fact Jack.
>everyone looking for younguns to get into a trade
not all countries are the same, most young people all over the fucking world get told to go to college, and lots of countries, like the UK, Ireland, Canada, USA, have a guild system to get into an apprenticeship, which makes it next to impossible to get in without nepotism.

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Money for Nothin'

Now look at them yo-yo's, that's the way you do it
You have pump up the public on CBN-TV
That ain't workin', that's the way you do it
Money for nothin' and your checks for free

Now that ain't workin', that's the way you do it
Lemme tell ya, them guys ain't dumb
Maybe get a wrist slap by the SEC
Maybe get a pundit on your MMT.

We gotta pump & dump some equities
Custom covenants on our off balance books
We gotta push these IPO's
We gotta move this junk.

See the little faggot with the hair piece and the makeup
Yeah buddy that's his own hair
That little faggot got his own jet airplane
That little faggot, he's a billionaire

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Lagarde is just a puppet anyway
She will just do what lobbyist will ask
What will go wrong? Everything
But that’s not something new in the non-sense eurozone

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>Employers don't care what you know as long as you have a degree
>most young people all over the fucking world get told to go to college
and that is how you revealed yourself as a college shill, that the same as any other branch is piss and shit pants scared about the demographic shift. As said at the very beginning of this click bait thread looking for college shilling, if an institution lacks growing numbers of true believers, it dies. same is true for university and all the ideas that are dependent of it to grow and expand its sphere of influence.
>a guild system to get into an apprenticeship, which makes it next to impossible to get in without nepotism.
>don't try go, here have a shit ton of debt and buy my book
>don't learn marketable skills in high demand
fucking shills

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>don't try go, here have a shit ton of debt and buy my book
The only place in the world college puts you in debt is in the USA, if you have to get in debt to get a college degree then forget it, but the reality is you can't get a fucking interview without it.

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id rather give 30% of my check to the govt than 50% to pay for jamals gender studies degree. Degrees are worthless now that there is no value in them, being free after all. Its just boomers making you pay to be a part of their system. Your system is horrible when you have the general population that didnt go to school paying for the ones that did, and the ones are making more than the ones that didnt attend. Steal from the poor to pay for the rich, nice.

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>You cant get an interview
Who are you trying to fool?
Sure, if you expect an interview as a senior analyst at some data science company you will not get it with nothing, but your chances are not exactly higher with some worthless piece of shitting paper signed by some public debt financed college dean, or private financed one to. On the other hand if you worked in the industry in lower positions, or can display your abilities maybe as independent or by going to relevant conferences and talk to people, they don't care if you have some shitty degree, and your chances become astronomically higher than the catered ivory tower fool who never worked a day in his life and expects to be paid like a king from day one on.

Before finishing my undergrad degree, I landed job interviews for positions and in branches that were far off my curriculum, just because I already displayed that I'm willing to work since I'm 14, showed interest in the branch and weren't some catered soiboi. Myfellow soiboi students had even issues getting interviews in their fields after graduating because they, *drum role* never worked a day in their life.

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yo each company has/needs only one economist

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ITT nobody reads Nassim Taleb

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Yes, I'm sure you'll be able to model a market with an infinite number of rational/irrational factors influencing it. Just like those guys at LTCM

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