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/biz why you are not hosting a dvpn node yet, prepping for main net launch ?
you will be able to earn passive income from selling your bandwidth and contribute to the international fight for internet freedom

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What is total node growth the past few months anon?

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Why should I host a node if I don't get payed ?

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92 nodes ATH on test net is good. It will 4x once monetization is enabled.

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Are these masternodes like Dash? Will there be sufficient lock up to reduce sell pressure?

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you are prepping for main net , and getting valuable info that will make you more profitable when monetization is enabled, also your node will earn customers trust.
there is an incentivization program goin on till end of august i think

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they are not masternodes, service nodes will not require stacking, but you will be able to stake your SENTs with validators on the tendermint chain
at least 66% of the total SENTs will be stacked on main net

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You either whore yourself out for shekels or for ideological reasons.

Sent nodes pay. But money is secondary. Liberty is first

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Ok so I will become like a veggie vendor but for bandwidth lol, I guess building trust now can be smart

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I get the whole ideological side of sent, but people wanna get payed too for what they provide

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But OP we aren't even done with the other SENT thread


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but think about it, you have most free bandwidth lying around that you are probably not using for anything so you are not loosing anything if you allow people under totalitarian regimes to use it

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>OP posts another SENT thread
>instantly people pour in with their burning questions about SENT

Ice cream? I love ice cream.

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not everybody is cynic and nihilist like you anon, some people actually care about tech and freedom

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Yes, my distaste for scams and the shills who promote them is a clear indicator of nihilism

Reply to the other thread bro: >>15274594

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The postmodern is lazy... So lazy, they spend time doing baseless fud. Instead of improving ones own life.

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The Indian is so lazy... so lazy they resort to scamming people for money instead of adding value to the world.

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who cares about shills, they are in any coin anon
some people are just bad at shilling and thats their porblem.
like for example you are a lgbt shill but no one comes and call you out for spreading your crazy social justice ideology.

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>who cares about shills


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thats your idea sentinel is making the world a better place by allowing people from countries under totalitarian govs to access free uncensored bandwidth, unironically sentinel shills are helping the world by spreading those nodes, while you are are hating on race for no reason you should concentrate on tech not race

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dude what matters are facts, shill just make resources accessible in a easier way.
they are simply market arbitrator for information, nothing wrong with this, its a dirty matter but someone must make it happen, the market needs to price information if the informations are not easily accessible then thats a problem.

the only morally reprensible thing would be sharing false info but in that thread you posted nothing false was said i just read it and it explains sentinel pretty nicely

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>tfw just reached over 300GB on my SENT node

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the market prices in infotlrmation making information more easily accessible so that market actors can more easily price it in it's something good, only retards don't know how to differentiate valuable infos from fake infos

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i don't get why biztards have such big problems with actors making information more easily accessible to them.
this gives /biz an hedge against other platforms cause /biz gets the infos before anyone else.
if shills were banned from /biz this board would die very quickly and all the fudders with social problems would have nowhere to go

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Post a picture of something you have done you incel. Fucking millennials

>born in welfare state

>doesn't do shit but blame jews and pajeets

>cucked by bbc porn

>takes moral high ground like LGBT

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Most people on biz don't post but lurk, the loud ones that post keep the lurkers under their control by sharing their anti money making narratives
"Avoid low caps only buy from binance"

This is literally the most retarded attitude ever I made most of my money from low caps if I listened to biz I would still be poor

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People like that fear the monster on the outside cause they have big monster inside of them.
So they have to project their hatred to an imaginary pajeet which is the source of all evil in their head.
Such a lonely life, shitcoins are truly the end of the road for white males that have no purpose in their life

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Buy the link top on facebook lol.

Or get the dank shill first on 4chan.

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Bitcoiner from 11 checking in. There isnt a % gain left to be held in giant blue caps lol. You buy blue chips for the dividends not for the x20. What blue chip crypto pays dividends? Oh that's right. None. Only the rubes chase % gains in large blue caps.

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shills feed 4chan and then 4chan dumps on reddit, but nobody is mad about 4chan dumping on reddit lol, such double standards some incels have

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Muh 1000 dollar Linkz.

Lol. Ultimate poor fag cope.

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Smart people make their own shitcoin

>> No.15279985

how much you reckon that would pay on mainnet?

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Pajeets shit on the street. Yes sir! Nasty creatures. But what the fuck have you done? Probably nothing but hope your units of faith pamp. (Shitcoins).

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its impossible to tell before main net, i think prices for consumers will be lower the normal centralized VPN cause sentinel platform allows market competition, you will be able to make more money from servicing multiple users at once and for creating referrals for your specific node, this should round up your profits.
also you don't have to think about a single node, but an array of nodes, you will be able to use profits to scale up your infrastructure profits will come in the aggregate

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I love the idea of the uberization of bandwidth markets, so many internet resources are currently being underused, such a wasted potential.
Sentinel will cut society internet waste

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sentinel will allow small vpn companys to compete on a global market where the only thing that will matter is pricing and spec, nobody will have an advantage anymore just cause they have a bigger marketing budget.

any centralized VPN provider can spin up its own parallel blockchain connected to sentinel hub and offer their bandwidth thanks to the private nets tech.
and thanks to the relay net tech you will be able to route traffic through different nodes.
imagine going from a protonvpn node through a mullvad node this way those companys won't be able to de anon you

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P2p bandwidth is going to wreck the ISP

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The ISP is about to go the way of the water utility. Heard about SENT at a network eng conference in Tokyo. Exciting project (:.

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Nice. The asians are taking up the breeding hog look of the Latins. Any more pics?

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Isps will be able to resell all their unused bandwidth, but they will use the ability to log everybody data and sell it.
Sovereign knighthood s like Maltese will love hosting sent nodes

>> No.15281581

sentinel advisors have deep ties with maltese and other soverign knightships

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>getting valuable info
>earning customers trust
So youre saying that anyone hosting a SENT node will have the data of anyone using it? Is it even quantum proof encrypted going to these (((node operators)))

>> No.15281645

no meant valuable info on how host the nodes, like truble shooting and setting it up

>> No.15281658

and earning cinsumers trust meant providing good stable service and up to spec, so if like your node suddently goes offline and disconnects a user, you will have bad rep, and the opposite is true

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Lol quantum proof. Yes, its even a blockchain bro!

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>implying the government isnt going to just brute force your encrypted crap without even trying
>implying SENT will ever take off because of this
Yeah, sorry but no. This is just another SKY trying to replace the internet. Only now its a problem because the government cant see who's using a vpn like they easily can now. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

Sorry, this SENT "seems" like a cool idea, but its just never gonna work...

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Your a meme bro. The ones who bend over. Keep bending over.

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"Vpn is just a way to market the architecture to the masses. Sent is far more complex". - Black Rock Capital

Yep anons. The Rockafeller high risk venture capital fund is behind tendermint, cosmos, and her derivatives.

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Holy shit Ranjesh did I upset you? It's okay man.

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If you download any sort of SENT files, you are unknowingly installing a backdoor in your system

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I have an actual job, which adds at least some amount of value to the world (it must, since they pay me to do it), unlike scamming which is literally all Indians are capable of.

>> No.15282647

I just want to add that it's so funny how when you call out Indian scammers for being scammers, they get so shocked and offended.


You're all fucking gay and dumb.

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They and them. I hope we find out who these evil monsters are.

>> No.15282933

BS, I cant find anything on that made up quote. Source

>> No.15283005

This. Pretty clear if blackrock is part of it. Even the name "sentinel"...

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Kek this. They immediately assume you are white and western. It's also funny how that shill fucked up samefagging in that other thread and they have nothing to say about it. Absolute shitcoin.

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