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Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say.”

―Edward Snowden

Privacy is ultimately about freedom.

With less and less privacy your freedom gets restricted more and more.

Most people will only seriously start caring about their privacy once their freedom will get restricted.

/biz are you hosting a dVPN node yet ?
we need to spread as much dvpn nodes as possible before governments go full totalitarian

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How do I host those dVPN nodes ?

>> No.15274615

Join telegram group and ask admin for some links

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here is the full guide both in video and in text.
full monetization will be enabled only after main net, relay net too

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There is a tech support channel on tg ?

>> No.15274640

Thanks will go through this guide, so right now I won't get payed ?
What's relay net ?

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yeah right now, everything works for free cause its a testnet, and the whole client is still getting tested (it has been tested for around a year)

relay net is a protocol that enables you to bounce traffic through multiple nodes, thus anonimizing you even more ( it works on the same concept as tor).
hosting a relay node will offer the safest hosting option for consumers.

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Do I need to stake some sent to host the dvpn nodes or the relay node ?

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no stacking is not needed to host service nodes.
you will get payed by people using your node in your preferred crypto (BTC ETH or any stablecoin)
you will be able to whitelist or blacklist any crypto you wanna get payed with

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If sent is not needed for payment or stacking what's the purpose of the token ?

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Is staking already possible?

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SENT will be used for stacking but not for service nodes.
you will be able to stake your SENT to secure sentinel own tendermint DPOS blockchain.
on main net you will be able to delegate your tokens to a validator that will offer you yearly interest, different validators will ask for different fees.
sentinel will not have scam validators like in cosmos that ask for 0% fees thus undercutting all other validators on the chain, that a scam behavior and it centralizes the token supply in few hands.

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stacking will be possible after main net launches which will happen before the end of the year.

few weeks ago sentinel has launched their testnet wich is being validated by top cosmos validators you can check it live here:


the image is the list of the validators from cosmos that are also validating sentinel chain

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How much yearly interest ?

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the token economics for main net have not been released yet, but we can speculate it will be similiar to cosmos so between 7-20% yearly it will oscillate depending on how much people stake.
at all times at least 66% of the supply should be stacked for more safety.
on top of the stacking you will get fees from people using the chain for the various services

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I thought sentinel was just a dvpn, there will be other services offered ?

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sentinel is much more then a dVPN:
interblockchain mixer
relay net

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First time hearing about interblockchain mixer so its like ren ?

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both ren and sent are built on tendermint, but sentinel will take a different approach.
sentinel will use cosmos IBC and its own zksnark mixer to connect to any chain where people will be able to move asset thanks to multisig 2 way pegs.
sentinel for example will be able to connect to binance dex (they are both built on tendermint) and offer mixing services to people trading there.

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Thats cool
What about the other services you mentioned ?

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dchat will be a encrypted and federated chat client that will integrate with the dVPN app for fully anon messaging, its tought for both consumers and institutions.

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private nets will be a private version of sentinel blockchain that corporations governments and banks will be able to host.
private nets will have dvpn and dchat nodes so that emplyees traveling abroad will be fully anonimized and safe from being spied, everything will be encrypted.

there will be also a second use for privatenets, centralized VPN companyes will be able to migrate their infrastructures or some of their nodes to sentinel protocol, so you could have for example a mini mulvad chain connected to sentinel chain, why would a vpn company do this ?
cause it potentially offers a broader audience and a safer service for end users, you will be able to route your traffic through multiple of those privatenets thanks to the relay net.
sentinel tries to bridge the compartimentalized vpn ecosystem while also offering the possibility for end users to monetize their bandwidth.
sentinel will look to uberize the bandwidth world, by offering new monetization incentives to small consumers and by integrating with legacy vpns

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So i will be able to route through a nordvpn node into a protonvpn node ?

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Lol at this volume

>> No.15274903

if those companys decide to integrate with sentinel yes.
at first only smaller vpn companys will integrate, but as the network grows, at some point it would be financial irrational to not integrate with sentinel.
one of the main aims of sentinel is to revolutionize the pricing of bandwidth, passing from a fixed rate to an on consumption rate.
this alone should bring down costs for VPN by a lot, on top of that sentinel will unlock massive amounts of unused bandwidth from costumers so that will lower the costs even more.
centralized vpn providers are like taxis before uber

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there was also very little volume , after the first run up, when it bottoms volume will pick up again, there is some strong support at 2k vits

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Low vomlume dump means no one is selling, thats quite bullish, usually during those situations a small announcement is enough for buy pressure to come back

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last time SENT bottomed, when the hardware partnership was announced,

"This router will not only enable users to exit all of their traffic through the #Sentinel #dVPN, in the future users can enable the router to function as a relay node that monetizes on unused bandwidth. "

integration with hardware is also something that sentinel will pursue, form smaller router companys to bigger ones, steady and incremental adoption

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Do we know the name of the router company ?

>> No.15275032

no name has not been announced yet

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Ive invested in cosmos and tezos so I like tendermint projects, I've seen sentinel mentioned in cosmos tg chat multiple times, I wonder why cosmos team allows that kind of shilling

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Yes, I'm hosting a node OP, I like the project not sure why there are so many haters here

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cosmos team is a big supporter of sentinel they have delegated 500k atoms to sentinel validator.
sentinel has been one of the main contributors during cosmos bug bounty.
also cosmos needs a privacy layer, sentinel mixer will offer privacy to all cosmos/tendermint ecosystem.
i doubt cosmos can do a mixer themself cause they would probably have problems with authoritys, so they leave that part to sentinel

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i think its mostly cause people haven't researched sentinel enough.
the sudden price increase was not a pnd but the market pricing in past development for a project that has had 0 marketing or exposure to the broad public.
as more people understand sentinel price will gravitate towards its fair value

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yeah also tendermint team recently shared and pinned a tweet about sentinel blockchain

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you can find it in the latest tweets on tendermint profile

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got my sucide stack loaded, are we ready for pump yet?

>> No.15275205

posted my chart above, give it a bit of time to bottom

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Forgot to change your IP you retarded faggot shill

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Hello sirs thank you sirs

Just bought 100k sirs

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damn ok, maybe I will have average down a bit

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Oops just killed another SENT thread. Guess it's time for a new one.

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Hello?? Sirs??

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Nice Photoshop you got there, you baited op to answer you then deleted your comment and photoshopped a fake image, that's very low of you

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Jesus Christ, kill yourself

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lol seriously now fudders doing dirty photoshop tricks, you are really getting desesperate

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You're right dude, I photoshopped it from my phone

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Nice indian time zone you got there pajeet, your dirty tricks won't work here

>> No.15275503


Lol, just changing the top line is an easy photoshop come on, even a monkey could do it

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All these fudders will regret not buying in when sentinel hits binance or some other big exchange

>> No.15275597

Let's be fair, you have no idea of SENT has real users. Users on any network can easily be faked, and it unfortunately happens all the time in the tech world.

And SENT going to "low" volume is an understatement. It was completely dead, a few thousand in bot trades a day. Nothing has changed fundamentally about the project as far as I can tell. The only thing that changed is that on July 11th a shill army came to /biz/, Reddit, and a number of other crypto forums and started scheming people into putting money in. It was OBVIOUSLY coordinated, you'd have to be a total brainlet to not understand that.

Whether or not SENT is a real project I don't even care, the use case is paltry. It has no long term chance at survival, and the recent price action absolutely STINKING of PnD doesn't help it in my eyes.

That plus the volume is still embarrassingly low. Any real money in will be hard to get out if this price action continues at this amount of volume. The real fear is that volume dies off and you're literally stuck for another 2 years with not even being able to sell. That opportunity cost is high because you will, in the meantime, miss out on plenty of solid tokens & coins continuing their upwards trajectory.

Anyway, you do you, but for me the SENT risks vastly outweigh the potential rewards, and not being able to put in more than $1,000 or so without worrying about if I'll get my money back even after a pump makes it multiple levels beneath my stack grade.

Good luck to those of you chasing the pump, I hope you come out on top, but for me this is a hard pass.

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It's probably one dude only, he has been fudding sent for days, reposting the same copypastas over and over and spreading lies, now he use Photoshop too

>> No.15275613

Lol here he is with the copypasta

>> No.15275636

He is a looser with no life photoshop and copypastas, smart people will do their research and see past the fud, sent has strong foundamentals and its been recognized by binance research

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cz has been keeping an eye on sent for a while, look at how sentinel products integrates perfectly with current binance needs:
dvpn to allow usa users to evade the ip ban
mixer to allow people trading on binance dex to anonimize their coins

>> No.15275645

Now he use de Photoshop as well sirs. Please buy

>> No.15275671

LOL this kid is amazing! First on every post.

>> No.15275684

Your fud is meaningless, only literal brainlets fall for it, in the end you will miss the pump, good way to punish yourself

>> No.15275687

Anyways I'm done here. If you buy this shit you deserve to lose your money. Have fun talking to yourself OP

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TELE is a decentralised privacy network, utilising PoW and PoS protocols with master node capabilities. TELE is a hybrid blockchain built from innovations from privacy networks like Dash and PIVX, focused on private and secure transactions and interaction. Some of the features you will find in the TELE wallet include Payment Obfuscation, SwiftTX transactions, In-Built Block Explorer, Rewards from Staking or running a master node and more. Post IEO we will develop a secure network for private communication that will enable encrypted calling, messaging and file sharing alongside the Trend-Setter Platform.

Join the community in our Telegram Channel @ t.me/teleplatform & add us on Twitter @ telecoincrypto

Please check out the official website at www.telecoin.info

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Adoption from institutions and relevant players is what matters, cosmos tendermint are supporting sentinel, thats the only thing that matters

>> No.15275727

how the fuck do you change id's you mothefucking fudder

>> No.15275730

sentinel will be mainly looking at partnering with corporate entitys and existing vpn providers and router manifaturers, thats how sentinel will grow as a project

>> No.15275930

Sentinel nodes will be around 50k in a year (:.

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>> No.15276479

bandwidth incentivization will make sentinel network bigger then TOR, but sentinel is not really trying to compete with tor but integrate with it

>> No.15276516

my fat SENT stack is keeping me warm at night

>> No.15276527

someone fill my fucking order!!!!

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Hi thread, I'm the guy who posted the screencap earlier exposing OP for being a faggot shill. I'm home now so I'm able to see OP's deleted post thanks to 4chan X.

Of course, this is photoshopped too. This is all an elaborate ploy by me to keep 4channers from getting RICH FAST

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Here's another one of him replying to himself, which I didn't catch before he deleted it when I was on mobile.

I hope you scamming retards burn in hell

>> No.15277010

i get free internet and electricity through my apartment complex will they be able to tell that i'm stealing the whole complex's bandwidth to run a node?

>> No.15277051

i doubt it, i expect people to host nodes in public librarys schools and in their work places

>> No.15277630

OP had to run, he heard his favorite song playing outside his boiler room


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>muh private network, muh unparalleled privacy and anonymit---
Oh no no no

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>> No.15278697

HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA this retard got called out for samefagging in another thread too lmfaooooo what a fucking idiot.

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To the top!

>> No.15279421

>SENT level
>Scam music starts playing


>> No.15279441

Why do you keep bumping this shit you retard, no one but you has been posting here for the last hour

>> No.15279451

Because the existence of this thread acts like insect repellent against SENT shills like you

>> No.15279464

Also no shit no one is posting here kek. The shills don't want to touch it since I took a big fat stinking shit on it, and no real /biz/ users give a shit about SENT

>> No.15279488

Sent is dope. Sentinel culture is propagating faster than LGBT

>> No.15279502

Sent is an entire hub on tendermint. The xmr to cosmos.

>> No.15279507

Cosmos is more akin to atomic swaps on btc client. Not a pegged asset system

>> No.15279516

Copy pasta fud lol

>> No.15279536

The moral father of /biz. Spends 2 hours being the moral savior. Than says fuck you, you deserve to loose money.


>> No.15279551

Sent is nothing but moon pudding lol. I touched it. Up x4. Ready for x10. You sound like you cant do power cleans bro.

>> No.15279558

This thread has a good info dump, i will check all the Infos , if they are true i will buy a 2m bag over the next month

>> No.15279564

thank you sirs please report back with findings sirs i will buy 2m sents as well

>> No.15279571

Bull. There is an organized guerilla marketing campagin. Finally another shitcoin gets how to meme. Thanks anon. I was wondering if this was a bunch of decentralized brain lets, or a centralized, powerful, organized marketing ploy.

>> No.15279575

what's your opinion on this?
Photoshopped to trick you into not buying so you don't get RICH FAST? Or OP is a retarded shill? It's up to you.

>> No.15279587

>There is an organized guerilla marketing campagin.

You nailed it dude, I'm part of a gorilla champagne to keep SENT, a very legitimate project, down.

>> No.15279588

All the jelly beans in here. Keep up the free investigative work. More dirty leaks next week plz.

>> No.15279608

Whats your incentive? Another biz social justice warrior lol. Will do social justice for cum loads in throat? Anon, I have a glory hole to meet you at (:.

>> No.15279621

Not as good as the chainlink leaks. More fud in your cannons please. Idk anon, your average day down walstreet?

>> No.15279628

I font care shilling Is part of crypto, my only problema would be of the Infos shared were lies, but everything Is sourced and looks legit

>> No.15279629

My incentive is the satisfaction of calling out scamming faggots like you.
Why do you deflect to chainlink like I give a shit about chainlink?

>> No.15279632

Here come the sentinel shills! There were no sent threads this morning and now I see your discord mod has instructed you morons to start shilling and the threads are popping up left and right. Excellent work guys! Not overtly obvious or anything.

>> No.15279639

You need more ESL classes ASAP

>> No.15279650

You guys are making such a fuss about nothing OP just provided infos, there is nothing wrong with that, the market will price accordingly

>> No.15279668

I was zent by sent tranny. You caught me.

>> No.15279700

Anon. The shills team incentive seems to be decent. Instill the propagation of liberty, privacy, and freedom for their incentive. An Ideological cause. Plus possibly some corn.

Your is what? Stroke your ego, and pretend you have some moral high ground? Thats what poor fags do.

>> No.15279727

I honestly don't care about shills if they make me money, has anyone disproven the info shared here?
They all look legit

>> No.15279852

Fud is good. It just means there is enough attention to create angry incels.

>> No.15279870

Most of the bag holders are in Europe, Japan, Korean, and China.

Fine by me. Those currenices are what pump 99% of the shitcoin markets. Jpy, krw, and cny. All flowing into tether.

>> No.15279899

Yeah this is very interesting, currently there is no coin that is being fudded like sent on biz at least the fudder should spread some fud around to make the fud seem more legit otherwise this seems like a complete scam

>> No.15279920

Based retard, at least check the id of the people you're responding to.

>> No.15279936

Officer " can I see your Id "

Cuck " yes sir "

You guys get what game your playing now?

>> No.15279947

Not everyone lives in your white trash village. The world comes complete with time zones.

>> No.15279955

What the fuck are you on you mentally deranged idiot

>> No.15279981

Anons dont have faith in seeing what is real and what is not. So they use the ID as the identifier of faith and truth. In /pol it is the flag.

This is what the state trained them to do.

It creates a default scenario where what ever is on the ID is true.

The asymmetric benfit to this default is those who are not hoi polloi, understand the ID is a tool to emulate faith and purity.

So just manufacture fake identities. They are telling you how to eat at "their" dinner table. The elite have mutliple identities, and passports. The plebs have one.

>> No.15279990

He is saying that you worship authority anon

>> No.15279994

Found the officer. Hello!

>> No.15280011

The animals are unaware of their training.

>> No.15280033

If you Schizos had two braincells to rub together, you would realize this is me: >>15278101
I mean seriously, did you even make it out of the special needs school?

>> No.15280051

Based. Never thought about it like this. Very facist like structure to the chans.

>> No.15280065

So what anon ?
Does that post make you special ?

>> No.15280071
File: 9 KB, 243x207, images(76).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All this sticky angry talk on a Friday night frens! You know what that means. New ATH near. Anons are going to FOMO when those beer goggles are on.

>> No.15280080

Jesus Christ you're stupid. How do you even manage your finances if you can't keep up with an imageboard?

>> No.15280096

So Epstein thinks he is king of the goy? Let me guess, he doesnt idenitfy as an American? Mossad gave him more than 1 ID too trip up customs logging of border passings... hmmm

>> No.15280105

Dude you are so arrogant, everybody's opinion counts the same on the Chan's.
Your post has nothing special to it no intrinsic transcendent Truth.
It's just a post

>> No.15280113

Post your passport anon. I know your a dirty fucking pajeet. Show your flag you authority worshipping neet.

>> No.15280169

Okay you little geniuses, I apparently have to spell it to you since you're too dumb to read.
The post clearly shows Sent being set up to route DNS thru servers that log and monetize traffic.
And because I know you need a handler to understand a word longer than 2 syllables, I'll try to speak in language you would understand: THAT BAD THING. MAKE SENT VPN NOT GOOD. SENT BAD.
Do you understand it yet, or do you need another hour to let the post really sink in?
But yeah, the person who's posting their fuckups is the shill. Be honest, you came from /pol/, didn't you?

>> No.15280172

Some anons can get triggered if you talk to them sa if they are dumb.
Neets in basement have only their supposed intellectual superiority keeping their ego afloat, if you take off their fake intellectual mask they are just brainlet, that's why they stay alone in their room all day, so nobody makes them doubt their imaginary mental state of high iq geniouses

>> No.15280193
File: 11 KB, 223x226, images(75).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ATH incoming. The degens are about to drink their Kraft brews and use SENT to escape to the moon.

>> No.15280211

That's just an image you posted anon, how can a image log data through servers, I don't get it an image is not a server, pls explain I'm not very technical

>> No.15280223

Nigger, post your arm. You know the drill. Dirty fking pajeet trying to buy cheap sents. You will never afford hand soap.

>> No.15280238

Then you deserve to get taken for a ride for being too stupid.

>> No.15280256
File: 238 KB, 777x1280, IMG_20190813_124345_335.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thats right OP. Put your node where your mouth is. All this fud is retard level shit. For the poor slavs and pajeets who have to shill all day. God bless you. The westerners are glad you work for us! Hell, id be no where if the Chink didnt pamp my btc bags haha.

>> No.15280269

To me it seems like you are just using buzzwords to seem intelligent, but there is nothing of substance in what you say.
Saying I'm smarter doesn't make you actually smarter.
And saying mean things won't make you a better person

>> No.15280365

You have terrible grammer. DIRTY pajeet.

>> No.15280379

I don't care about your opinion, my dude. If you're too stupid to figure it out for yourself, you deserve to get dicked.

Ive taken an interest in this because of the obvious bullshit the devs are trying to push, but after seeing what kind of retards actually fell for that shit, I am now 100% in support of Sent, because it will weed the idiots out and the internet will be comfy again. Today, I found out that I actually don't care about other's privacy, because the stupid shouldn't have any.

Pls buy 2 mil sent sirs so we can be rich on moon with lambo sirs thank you it good coin it good privacy!

>> No.15280398

Hi. Network engineer here. Yes I am doing it like reddit. Yes I voted for Clinton. Now fuck off Incels. That post is a bunch of baseless jargon. It reminds me when the IT guy trained at the community college tries to keep up with us wage cucks that net 400$ an hour.

Sent is cool. Team is trying to create p2p bandwidth market and has great cypherpunk culture.

Now if you cant afford to take risk, please do not. Our country can not afford more poor fags.

>> No.15280421

So you are saying people shouldn't bhave any privacy, I think commies from the stasi agree with you.
If this is the kind of people fudding sent then I might buy some.
America is about freedom for everybody ,privacy if freedom, the founding fathers would want me to support stuff that helps to spread freedom across the globe.

>> No.15280422

>network engineer doesn't know how to google a DNS resolver
Thanks, anon, I am now a firm Sent supporter. I love this and can't wait until it all comes crashing down.

Pls buy 3 million sent anons, even engineer person does the needful!

>> No.15280433

Yeah, retards like you don't deserve privacy. Buy those bags, and please start using their VPN, I will be laughing all the way.

>> No.15280436

The world hates privacy coins, Dumped ZCash for NOIA and Im not looking back pajeets

>> No.15280444

Did you mean revolver? You clearly have 0 idea what you are talking about. When the Toyota mechanic tries to keep up with the mechanical engineer. Cringe.

>> No.15280455

Zcash is a kike scam. Of course an idiot like you got kiked.

>> No.15280481

Yeah right only YOU deserve privacy, such a greedy mentality
America was built on the idea of freedom for all, not only freedom for few, take your u American bullshit away from this board

>> No.15280488

Just let it be anon, anyone who installs this software deserves to get botnetted

>> No.15280524

It's a dog eat dog world, anon, if you can't keep up, you don't deserve to have any benefits. Did you buy a bag yet?
It's not a botnet, just a bunch of completely clueless devs who only know how to do blockchain development. That's what's so funny about it. I honestly wanted to warn people before, now I'm just here to encourage them to self destruct. It's gonna be hilarious.

>> No.15280626

No I didn't buy yet, you are probably a sent shill trying to convince me to buy by saying un American bullshit.
You just convinced me to not buy

>> No.15280700

Well that's sad. I genuinely hope some of the shills here will change your mind, because I really am looking forward to the fallout.
Maybe one day you grow a brain and find the info for yourself, but I'm not spoonfeeding you. Have fun with Zuckerfargotubebook

>> No.15281561

You are so arrogant,

>> No.15281570

One mans shill is another mans comrad

>> No.15281904

Sentinels protect the crowd anon. Grow a pair, have some merit. Host a node.

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