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Hi anons, this thread is to laugh at all the idiot fudders and discuss daily threads we will be doing a year from now from our beach houses with hot girls to show the fudders how wrong they were not believing in SENT and reminding them that they will continue to be poor and buy the lottery while we will be making biz threads laughing at them while some hot girls give us a massage while typing the threads

You are denying the only chance in your life to get rich, you prefer to buy the lottery. Next year when we all SENT holders are rich we will make sure to remind you every single day with tens of threads here showing our houses, cars and hot girls while you will cry, regret and even the day you die poor you will remember this and realize how much better your life could had been if you had listened and bought SENT now

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Let's be fair, you have no idea of SENT has real users. Users on any network can easily be faked, and it unfortunately happens all the time in the tech world.

And SENT going to "low" volume is an understatement. It was completely dead, a few thousand in bot trades a day. Nothing has changed fundamentally about the project as far as I can tell. The only thing that changed is that on July 11th a shill army came to /biz/, Reddit, and a number of other crypto forums and started scheming people into putting money in. It was OBVIOUSLY coordinated, you'd have to be a total brainlet to not understand that.

Whether or not SENT is a real project I don't even care, the use case is paltry. It has no long term chance at survival, and the recent price action absolutely STINKING of PnD doesn't help it in my eyes.

That plus the volume is still embarrassingly low. Any real money in will be hard to get out if this price action continues at this amount of volume. The real fear is that volume dies off and you're literally stuck for another 2 years with not even being able to sell. That opportunity cost is high because you will, in the meantime, miss out on plenty of solid tokens & coins continuing their upwards trajectory.

Anyway, you do you, but for me the SENT risks vastly outweigh the potential rewards, and not being able to put in more than $1,000 or so without worrying about if I'll get my money back even after a pump makes it multiple levels beneath my stack grade.

Good luck to those of you chasing the pump, I hope you come out on top, but for me this is a hard pass.

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Waaaaaay to much text for your shitcoin. Waste of time

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>all the idiot fudders

THIS. The "fudders" are only LYING because they don't want you to get RICH! They know SENT is a 100% completely legitimate project which will be worth 500x what it's worth now, but they lie and call it a scam purely because they hate you and don't want you to succeed.

You want to get RICH, FAST, don't you anon? Buy SENT now!

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Only own 100k, not going to be a millionaire

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Thank you, this thread is specially for fudder like you, keep fudding please, we will laugh so hard at you in one year

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Try to get some more anon, with 1 million SENT tokens you should make it

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indian ceos wanna get your womans, and outbreed the white man

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Another fudder lol, for you we will make daily threads in one year with super hot indian women in the beach with SENT written in the sand

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>Crashing nearly uncontrollably
>None of you kids have more than a few hundred bucks in this because liquidity is garbage
>We'll be millionaires!
Heh, ok.

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sentinel is 700k + volume today so the low volume fud is just low effort , so much so that you didn't even open cmc to check volume.
you are just seeing what adoption and fair pricing looks like, market didn't know about sentinel but when sentinel was exposed to a broader audience , the new fair value has been found, now price discovery can start.
whoever has put funds in sent in the last weeks is in profit, liquidity is slowly building up, orderbook depth is growing, the market can accept well more then 1k orders you are just lying.
you are just speculating sentinel has no usecase and no real path for adoption, but its just a guess.
im taking the opposite bet time will tell who is right.
also there are some statistics from their mobile app available it clearly shows that people who use sentinel are from totalitarian regimes.
they need consumer level bandwidth to use internet freely, sentinel aims at helping those people, for now its not aimed at westerners.
the market for unused bandwidth is huge and vpn usage is growing each year more and more, in the east 1 every 3 users uses a vpn, so there is a clear market for that, also sentinel has announced they will partner with an already existing hardware manifacturer so they will be also going against tha businness model.
sentinel started getting shilled here after they launched their testnet, so thats why the sudden interest.
orderbooks are very thin on the sell side so it can go up very quickly, it just needs a big exchange and it will shoot past ath.
reward outweight risk imo it will be the privacy coin of the cosmos ecosystem and it will be able to offer mixing services to binance dex and other products will be laucnhed on main net like dchat and privatenets which are aimed at governments and corporations.

sentinel is more then a dvpn

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Hahah nice OP, I will hire a hot assistant to do Instagram of my millionaire SENT investor life and post photos every day here to make all these fudders cry

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>not buying TRUE for 61% cheaper than other exchanges
>Doesn't know how to use real decentralized IDEXs
> Not shorting OKeX
Feeling cute might delete later

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and... another one!!! Keep coming please fudders, we will have so much fun next year!!! so many fudders to torture and make them cry next year once we are millionaires

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Nice. A thread just for the fudsters. I am going to buy a dodge cummins turbo anon (:.

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no, a thread for sent investors, but it's fun to see so many fudders joining, this means it will be so much fun next year when we do daily threads showing our nice life in the beach with super hot girls

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Lol boomers told me this in github in 2012 in relation to bitcoin. Go fk urself

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Actually you can fk me. How many bitcorns you want? Boomer needs a sugar daddy to retier after 08.

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imagine next year when we do daily threads here showing our beach houses and reminded these fudders about SENT? OMG I cannot wait!!!

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>SENT is the next BTC
Heh. I am sure you don't even realize how retarded you sound.

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Only you said SENT is the next BTC, you are the tard for even thinking sth like that, Sentinel hub will be side chain to support BTC

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i took this pic on 4chan in the early days, people were fudding hard.
its always the same with new tech that people don't understand, at some point some retards was also fudding the telephone cause it got postoffices out of businness

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Not even close faggot. But a % gain is a % gain. Not my issue if you don't understand the concept of float vs total outstanding capital.

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no one said sent is the next BTC.
sentinel doesn't try to compete with btc but it integrates with btc by offering services to btc holders thanks to their interblockchain communication protocol

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OP why do I want to fuck all the girls?

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No you didn't take that pic that's my screenshot you lying fucking faggot lmao, but what are the chances of that eh? Stop lying on the net you loser

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You sure like to use a lot of words but jot say antthing Mr. Shill. I only respond to stats.

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Lol if you don't hold SENT the only thing you will fuck is your hand

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A thot now officially owns sent, thanks anons.

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Well, fuck you phone.

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More of thits of a thot.

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wow thats cool thot support activated for sent

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Fuck off hole

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Show a better picture to prove it's not Photoshop

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Dirty russian and chink coins. Fuck sent and tendermint

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that looks like SENT logo on her sweater

>> No.15263712

Haha sentinel has a fudders fan base LOL

Next year will be incredible fun

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It is sent logo

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This thread is just you and your discord buds jerking eachother off and posting whores. Seems like its not that there's there's no fud but rather no interest

>> No.15263746

when did they roll out this feature

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Any guidance on learning how to spot good arbitrage opportunities? Any good tutorials / guides on this stuff you suggest?

>> No.15263763

thanks anon

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Not based

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Redpill me on sent
Nice gem desu thx

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Kill yourself.

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Kek total shitcoinnnnnnnnn

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That's not nice

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its the only shitcoin being shilled on biz with 10k users enough said

>> No.15263848

Fake users

>> No.15263850


And with legit whores showing their tits as sent fans

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Jesus you guys are getting desperate.
> (((THEY))) don’t want you to be rich!!!!
> muh dVPN
This shit was absolutely DEAD then you discord fags started shilling it so hard with low IQ posts like “next 500000x!!!” And now this bs about strippers giving you massages in st tropes. Come up with some good shills, or tone it down. You’re making SENT look shady AF. You guys are trying to shill sent so hard that you’re actually fud’ing it. Unless this is some reverse Psyop to unitonically FUD sent then you guys are brainlets

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One more fudder to torture and make fun of next year, please keep fudding

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nah they have real users , most of tehir downloads are from the middleast from people under totalitarian govs that actually need it

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Sounds..... Good then

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Salty salty salty. OP ill see you on the moon.

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Link whale market bought 19m anon. Just a heads up.

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>> No.15263998

there is a sent thread for every taste
here is a sent thread for smart people :


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And... Another one, get ready to cry next year

>> No.15264017

I didn't even say anything bad

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Iran is notorious for running crypto scams. Red flag.

>> No.15264053

iran has also a big problem of not being able to access porn
VPN democratize porn access globally, be a bro help an iranian fap host a dvpn node

>> No.15264067

Throwaway vpns aren worth putting money into.

>> No.15264101


Please more more fudders!!! Party next year! So many idiots to turture

>> No.15264128

thats why you put money into the infrastructure the dvpn will be built on.
people selling retail goods on amazon don't make money
uber drivers don't make money
but uber and amazon as companyes make money
thats why i think that the p2p platform for exchanging bandwidth has value

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Who is she? Is it the same lady who went viral with Vitalik?

>> No.15264206

Yeah and now she is with ja Kwon from cosmos while wearing a sent sweater

>> No.15264233


What did she do with vitalik anon?

>> No.15264237

Its insulting that you openly talk in pajeet babble and retards will still fall for your antics because its summer and children know what coinbase is.
You can gamble on it, but that's a very niche product that could be invalidated next week.

>> No.15264267


Did vitalik lose virginity with her??

>> No.15264273

i manly like the tokeconomics of sent thats why i hold it, they had a very small raise 1.89m$
top 30 addresses own most of the supply
books are thin
top addressed are not moving their coins
some LINK whale just bought 1% of sent supply the other day

for crypto mostly tech doesn't matter look at most projects in the top 100 cmc, what matters is perception of the crowd and token supply.

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Pls, keep coming fudders LOVE IT

>> No.15264296

The crypto groupie kek might be a sell signal

>> No.15264365


Buy signal I would say, hot chicks run the world

>> No.15264408

No they don't, you're low iq

>> No.15264429

Mohammed please stop posting pics of your daughter. Only tranny retards buy link. It’s a Trojan scam. We all know.

>> No.15264430


They do, think about it

>> No.15264446

I mean sent.. only tranny retards buy sent. But both are absolute faggotry.

>> No.15264473


Wow, there are so many fudders LOL

>> No.15264498

People just hate your dogshitcoin I guess. Stop living in denial.

>> No.15264518


You will live in denial next year when we are rich and make threads every day here to remind you that you will die poor for being such idiot

>> No.15264520

They don't lol just saying think about it isn't going to change shit
Get real faggot, turn off your computer

>> No.15264525


I could get a hot chick to make you kill your own mum

>> No.15264583

Thats the lead of dev ops for sent. She is a russian bad ass. Cleopatra has everyone all fucked up.

>> No.15264585

Cool guy

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Op knows best.

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He added another 7

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How is this bot still not banned?
Fucking mods on /biz/ are non-existent. Stop wasting time on other boards and start perma banning subhumans like this one.

>> No.15265520

The npc doesnt understand he is an npc.

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What will you do once you are millionaire thanks to SENT? I will buy beach house, little boat and get massages by naked beautiful girls, also go to michelin restaurants

>> No.15266908

i will just stake my SENTs to compound my gains, and own the infratructure that will anonimize the whole internet

>> No.15267009


You won't indulge yourself a bit?

>> No.15267333

i will just sell my stacking rewards, think about it if you have 1m$ worth of sent you will be getting between 7-20% yearly interest on your tokens(if it follows cosmos economics)

>> No.15267817

That sounds amazing, If I get enough sent I might be able to live only with stacking rewards

>> No.15267849

>a tranny and the most useless and ugly porsche on the market
kek, i want to stay poor

>> No.15267906

LOL SENT free falling with low volume thx for the 2x pajeets

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Stay poor and sell your ass with lube cheap to black trannys lol

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wow sirs these are the very good memes

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