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Who else -transcended- here?

I enjoy going to work and dealing with normie colleagues, most of whom like me, I don't need to put on a fake persona to be liked and I always speak my mind. Full of hot roasties too

I enjoyed being a NEET too (was one for two years) You get used to the isolation after a month and after that it's nirvana, just enjoying nature all day long and coming back home in the evening to shitpost

Humans were meant to be adaptable creatures faggots. I'd enjoy my life to the max regardless if I were a wagecuck or a friendless NEET because I'm me, and I'm fucking awesome in any situation, and being me is the greatest gift there could ever be.

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> "I don't need to put on a fake persona to be liked and I always speak my mind. Full of hot roasties too"

I see a problem immediately there.

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This is a mossad psyops goyim

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Based, I'm always laughing about my normies coworkers. Buying expensive clothes , gadgets and driving luxeryous cars while being broke af. Most hilarious and thing is most of them got a bossy gf and they aren't even allowed to go out drinking or leaving the house. 30 year olds already complaining they need to work till 70 instead of figuring out an exit plan.

Meanwhile I'm frugal af, got investments and I'm the alpha in my relationship.

Normies when will they learn

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