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photoshop the penis back in

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NKN marine reporting here and accumulating.

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Dude I have bitcoin
Do you want bitcoin?

Too bad I'm not selling at this price
Pump my bags so I can live for free
You won't create a better consensus

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I would if I had the money. I would've bought yesterday

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where are the balls?

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Which currency can I use to get one of these?

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Still buying. I've got $30k sitting on Gemini and Bittrex. And another $40k in my checking accounts. I'll do whatever it takes to make sure I'm not still a wagecuck 5 years from now.

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No penis? Wtf

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how do you see noia in comparison?

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Appreciating my art I see.

Yep I'm still buying. Don't have much money to play with unfortunately but trying to get up to 50k before Sept.

200k NKN and you're made for life in 5 years.

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>unironically not biologically male
Are you even on the right board?

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I'm still buying linkies

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Please do more that art.

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200k NKN here. Comfy levels that shouldn't be possible.

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Just bought some BRAP.

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> He doesn't know

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yuck stupid ugly asian

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I like how they switched out the stupid Belle clone for the real Belle

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They are actually friends. Would you tip BRAP to see that?

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buying every single cheap Tezos i can get my hands on faggot

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Please leave this thread. Only true patricians are allowed.

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buying what, faggot?

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Not bad

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her name is mi phuk u

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Someone please assure me why this has a chance of mooning someday. I bought in cuz of the two wizard advisors but I'm losing faith as my bags drop in value.

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$0.17 Sept 15

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whats the jap's name?

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