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where did all the brappers go? you've changed /biz/...

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That stupid scam coin killed the meme.

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We're a /nofap/ board now.

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someone should make a scamcoin for every overused or otherwise annoying meme

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we are still here

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BRAP lord here, newfags don’t remember brap lmao

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Likely going to pull a verge within 2 years and do a 100,000x

screencap this if you must

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This shit's going to clutter up my wallet for two years?

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If there is no space on your wallet just sent it to 0x0000000000000000000000

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I sometimes stay late after work to smell the seat of my secretary. No meme I installed a scent absorbing pad inside her seat. It's been there for 6 months and I believe it's just about ripe. Next week I plan on taking her chair home and buying a new one for her as a sign of appreciation for all of her hard work. We have a walk in closet in our office that we let employees use to keep business attire like suits, pants, pantyhose, socks and underwear. I have a spare key to her underwear drawer that I sometimes break into and steel her socks. The wife hasn't picked up on it yet too. Brap bros are still here it's just that newfags and metokur drones are invading this place with their cryptoshit. I personally miss the day where fat cats could sit back and talk about offices and how shitty their company is.
They will not make it...

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i don't give a shit
if it goes to even a fraction of a cent then ive made it

assuming xander doesn't dump his bangs instantly

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