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I saw a LINK whale market buying almost 1% of the SENT supply this week and then moving the SENT tokens to cold storage.

Honestly, who in their right mind would do that with the team being anonymous? I suspect this whale had some insider knowledge or information leaked like Binance listing or some major partnership.

I am now researching everything and considering investing in SENT also, what are your thoughts? Did you buy also and if not, why?

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Let's be fair, you have no idea of SENT has real users. Users on any network can easily be faked, and it unfortunately happens all the time in the tech world.

And SENT going to "low" volume is an understatement. It was completely dead, a few thousand in bot trades a day. Nothing has changed fundamentally about the project as far as I can tell. The only thing that changed is that on July 11th a shill army came to /biz/, Reddit, and a number of other crypto forums and started scheming people into putting money in. It was OBVIOUSLY coordinated, you'd have to be a total brainlet to not understand that.

Whether or not SENT is a real project I don't even care, the use case is paltry. It has no long term chance at survival, and the recent price action absolutely STINKING of PnD doesn't help it in my eyes.

That plus the volume is still embarrassingly low. Any real money in will be hard to get out if this price action continues at this amount of volume. The real fear is that volume dies off and you're literally stuck for another 2 years with not even being able to sell. That opportunity cost is high because you will, in the meantime, miss out on plenty of solid tokens & coins continuing their upwards trajectory.

Anyway, you do you, but for me the SENT risks vastly outweigh the potential rewards, and not being able to put in more than $1,000 or so without worrying about if I'll get my money back even after a pump makes it multiple levels beneath my stack grade.

Good luck to those of you chasing the pump, I hope you come out on top, but for me this is a hard pass.

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how do you even buy it if in the US?

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Fuck off pajeet fud

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he bought 1.4% total of the total SENT tokens. whale of peace

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Refute it
>inb4 same pasta from 100 other threads
Not buying your bags Ranjesh fuck off with your scam!

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I wanted to buy the dip until I've seen that some whale marketsold 200 eth of this shit today
Pumps over

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Can't wait til we get flags

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Yes, I bought 5 million SENT and I recommend you to buy. I think with mainnet in Q4 this could do x10 from now

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Thanks, but I will wait for more feedback from other people in biz

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Once again SENT made it to IDEX. People on biz will realize this isn’t pnd once SENT is 100m marketcap on top exchanges. Get in while risk reward is great, the project has strong hands what more could you ask for.

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sentinel is 700k + volume today so the low volume fud is just low effort , so much so that you didn't even open cmc to check volume.
you are just seeing what adoption and fair pricing looks like, market didn't know about sentinel but when sentinel was exposed to a broader audience , the new fair value has been found, now price discovery can start.
whoever has put funds in sent in the last weeks is in profit, liquidity is slowly building up, orderbook depth is growing, the market can accept well more then 1k orders you are just lying.
you are speculating sentinel has no usecase and no real path for adoption, but its just a guess.
im taking the opposite bet time will tell who is right.
also there are some statistics from their mobile app available it clearly shows that people who use sentinel are from totalitarian regimes.
they need consumer level bandwidth to use internet freely, sentinel aims at helping those people, for now its not aimed at westerners.
the market for unused bandwidth is huge and vpn usage is growing each year more and more, in the east 1 every 3 users uses a vpn, so there is a clear market for that, also sentinel has announced they will partner with an already existing hardware manifacturer so they will be also going against tha businness model.
sentinel started getting shilled here after they launched their testnet, so thats why the sudden interest.
orderbooks are very thin on the sell side so it can go up very quickly, it just needs a big exchange and it will shoot past ath.
reward outweight risk imo it will be the privacy coin of the cosmos ecosystem and it will be able to offer mixing services to binance dex and other products will be laucnhed on main net like dchat and privatenets which are aimed at governments and corporations.

sentinel is more then a dvpn

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i like how the first post in the thread is the fud copypasta, it means either the fudder has no life and he is refershing biz every second to check for a new sentinel thread or it means that sentinel people are posting the fud themself

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Yes, that's right, Indians have been hired to call your legitimate coin a scam on biz. They definitely aren't the ones posting 50 SENT threads every day

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Thanks for this nice explanation, well said

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Hahaha I bet for the first option

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They are the ones posting 200 fud copy pasta replies every day

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