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Since January I started a small test. I gave 40% of my renters the option to pay in btc. Well, why would they do it? Simple: 3% off the rent. I receive enough fiat money via wage, and other properties so maximizing in btc as much as possible before the big alt run. I have a feeling it might start very soon, and I’m ready to start hunting. /biz/ what are you preparing for alt season?

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That a nice dog, I like to see that on the spit fire with some jajang sauce

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Seeing as normies will be buying from cuckbase, they’d lose that 3% in fees and end up with no benefit

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Genius or retard. Bitcoin have made amazing gains since January, I thought of giving Bitcoin option too, but in the end didn’t do. I have my bet on MITx. Working product, small cap and have much news to announce. Today they announced LINK partnership, more will come.

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******Currency of the Internet *******

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Read into xFutures. Next futures offerings is announced. XAKRO did 7x, and it was just a beta launch too. They’re backed by OKEx, so your funds are safu

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>Invested in Real Estate
Stupid fuck.

Staking on xFutures Roi 35-60%
Real estate Roi 3-6%

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Why don't they give us flags on this fucking board

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This. Bad deal for all except bitcoin-fiat gateways.

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>Prepare for Alt season
>Sit back and relax

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Get your BTC on bitcloud pro OP. Aggregated trading software to check prices over multiple exchanges.

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>7PM in New Delhi
I see you guys are on the late shift

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