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Vechain will lead the next alt-run, the vechain subreddit is such a gold mine.

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I truly have never seen a forum filled with more delusion. Seriously, they are down 99% and talking as if their shitcoin is marketleader in all but name. When will they realize it is all smoke and mirrors? When VET is at 30 sats? 20? 10? or must volume actually go to zero before they accept they've been conned?

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The saddest part is that there are so many posts of people going all in or selling all their BTC, ETH for Vechink. They need to cope or they will probably kill themselves.

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The worst part is they keep buying it

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>Vechain will lead the next alt-run
Ah yes, we all know Vechain is the one crypto raking in the massive collaborations with the likes of Google Cloud, Swift, Oracle, ... as well as half the known crypto world, including NEO and Waves just yesterday, as well as the one crypto that's been the number 1 performer by a wide margin over the past 12-ish months, rising from rank 100+ to rank 16.
Yes, that is totally Vechain.

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At this point only complete retards are left holding vechink. Everyone else accepted the fact they got scammed and moved on.

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Vechain subreddit is cope central

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omfg haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I can't take it

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>Reddit going all-in on some literal who coin that prides itself on getting partnered with the chinese Walmart
What did you expect

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so many people who say that this was going to be con artist game, that this was gonna be a scammer game,
"Hey! You're gonna lose all your money!" M

y wife still doesn't believe in me! I'm telling her

"Oh honey, this is real!" "Oh no no no no no, that's a scam!"

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Invested wifey's money into meme shitcoins fucking lmao. Even if a miracle happened and he got rich if I were his wife I'd still hate him for gambling our money lmao

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Vechink reddit is truly insane. I got banned for saying the word Vechink.

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