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SENT EOY predictions

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-Mainnet goes live
-Binance listing
-$200 mil market cap

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Less than ONE

>> No.15235792

a new shit coin shilled by pajeets
didn't you learn your lesson with LINK?

>> No.15235795

Let's be fair, you have no idea of SENT has real users. Users on any network can easily be faked, and it unfortunately happens all the time in the tech world.

And SENT going to "low" volume is an understatement. It was completely dead, a few thousand in bot trades a day. Nothing has changed fundamentally about the project as far as I can tell. The only thing that changed is that on July 11th a shill army came to /biz/, Reddit, and a number of other crypto forums and started scheming people into putting money in. It was OBVIOUSLY coordinated, you'd have to be a total brainlet to not understand that.

Whether or not SENT is a real project I don't even care, the use case is paltry. It has no long term chance at survival, and the recent price action absolutely STINKING of PnD doesn't help it in my eyes.

That plus the volume is still embarrassingly low. Any real money in will be hard to get out if this price action continues at this amount of volume. The real fear is that volume dies off and you're literally stuck for another 2 years with not even being able to sell. That opportunity cost is high because you will, in the meantime, miss out on plenty of solid tokens & coins continuing their upwards trajectory.

Anyway, you do you, but for me the SENT risks vastly outweigh the potential rewards, and not being able to put in more than $1,000 or so without worrying about if I'll get my money back even after a pump makes it multiple levels beneath my stack grade.

Good luck to those of you chasing the pump, I hope you come out on top, but for me this is a hard pass.

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0.05 USD anon. Big exchanges coming soon.

>> No.15235862

at least ATH

weak copypasted fud literally reposted in every sent thread

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^copy pasta NSA bot

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Disprove it. SENT is a shitty scam. Everyone knows it.

>> No.15235888

300 vits

>> No.15235906

The Sentinel DVPN is just a copy of a tutorial they are using as a way to trick you into installing malware.
The Sentinel DVPN binary is NOW A CONFIRMED TROJAN.
What is more obvious than a precompiled DVPN being pushed by scammers on /biz/? Nothing. Ever.
The first reports will be in shortly of people losing their funds and control of their machines. You have been warned anons

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.5 Harmony ONE's. MAYBE.

>> No.15235980

200 sats. Easy.

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you are just speculating sentinel has no usecase and no real path for adoption, but its just a guess.
im taking the opposite bet time will tell who is right.
also there are some statistics from their mobile app available it clearly shows that people who use sentinel are from totalitarian regimes.
they need consumer level bandwidth to use internet freely, sentinel aims at helping those people, for now its not aimed at westerners.
the market for unused bandwidth is huge and vpn usage is growing each year more and more, in the east 1 every 3 users uses a vpn, so there is a clear market for that, also sentinel has announced they will partner with an already existing hardware manifacturer so they will be also going against tha businness model.
sentinel started getting shilled here after they launched their testnet, so thats why the sudden interest.
orderbooks are very thin so it can go up very quickly, it just needs a big exchange and it will shoot past ath.
reward outweight risk imo it will be the privacy coin of the cosmos ecosystem and it will be able to offer mixing services to binance dex and other products will be laucnhed on main net like dchat and privatenets which are aimed at governments and corporations.

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The market disagrees retard. 0.03 cents OP

>> No.15235999

post proof or parts of the code you think are malicious otherwise stop spreadin fud

>> No.15236002

This meme pasta has been refuted already. I raped you so hard in that thread. Kek. Sent is a dogshit scam.

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So salty hehehe. Sent is going to mars. This Copy pasta fud bot is a bull signal.

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150 sats Op.

>> No.15236015

"The market disagreed" that bitconnect was a scam too retard

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Sent is pamping, and you are sour anon. Hmm...

>> No.15236031

post the thread and the link to your previous reply you liar

>> No.15236032

half the posts about SENT are copypasta at this rate, including >>15235795. bullish as fuck when this many people are FUDing it so hard for more than 7 days straight. I invested based on principle, the idea of a dVPN is cool as fuck and the VPN market is massive. plus they're implementing relay hops and Tor exit nodes. this is a fucking game changer.

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Incels dont have the capital to take risk. So they fud instead, this blows up their feminine ego.

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250 sats OP. Than 2020 is a mission to mars.

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Yes the SENT bulls are pumping their hard cocks through your mothers vagina.
Get fucking rekt. I dumped on you noob. Stay poor.
You invested 15 rupees into this shut up poor street shitter. I wipe my ass with 100 dollar bills. Cry for me more bitch. SENT is truly a dogshit scam. Stay away at all costs anons. I dumped my bags on these poor pajeet retards hahahahahahha.

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Bought a penthouse with bitconnect roi anon.

>> No.15236078

Nah, I only invested $800 at 900 sats. Should've thrown in another grand or 2 but it's all good. Willing to bet there's plenty of burgers and eurofags who invested as well.

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you didn't dump shit, also if you already dumped whats the point of you being here spamming all sent threads and reposting the same shit over and over

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Post order history cuck.

>> No.15236108

To make you street shitters seethe hahahahhaa and my mission is accomplished. Seethe more retard.

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0.02 USD. Easy x10ish OP

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20 cents EOY $5 2020

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so you feed on negative emotions, good luck living your life that way, you probably have no friends and live alone.

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So jelly, so jelly

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He is lonely. Give him a break. He is welcome in this thread (:.

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Are you even allowed to use crypto exchanges as a minor?

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You need a friend anon?

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300 sats OP. The Chinese are eating this up.

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where can i buy SENT?

>> No.15236560

idex hotbit hitbtc

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>> No.15236609

25891 cents
Jan 1 2020
Global Sentinel empire

>> No.15236643

Just my predictions, fren

>> No.15236679

Yes your sub 1 cent coin will be worth $5 soon and you'll finally be able to afford to move to America and enjoy delicious white bobs and vagene

>> No.15236950

Unironically, yes.

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nobody posted the source for this image yet

>> No.15237331

$0.00 screen cap this

>> No.15237377

0.03 usd OP

>> No.15237379

sent is top volume on idex and its printing big green candles don't let your bias loose you profits

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Learn to reverse image search fag

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Okay I did, now post your adress so I can send you a bag of dicks when your are miserably wrong. 2020 sent will be greater than >0.20 USD

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>> No.15237616

The volume is so low that a single whale bot could be manipulating the whole fucking thing.

>> No.15237704

Do you know what prop trading desk are? This is how all markets work retard.

>> No.15238852

This is a scam, bros

>> No.15238883

Yeah, no shit.

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lmao these fudders in this thread, THIS is what is truly the shills, literally no other coin has had this much concentrated fud, in this short of a time

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IDEX crashing through buy walls. 400 sats EOY easy.

>> No.15240311

400 sats EOY easy. Huge buys on IDEX.

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>> No.15241119

checked and confirmed , 400 sats EOY

>> No.15241129

Why the fuck is this shitcoin so volatile? I have a notification set for it on Blockfolio for it it changes 10% in an hour and the fucking notification keeps going off every 20 minutes.

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Once 60 sats break the cup and handle is complete. Off the to races. 9 figure market cap here we come. We can still get to $100m this year.

>> No.15241213

is 1.5m enough to make it??

>> No.15241222

Technical question: does SENT mask the IP’s of the relay nodes?

>> No.15241230

Where can I buy SENT tokens?

>> No.15241237


>> No.15241243 [DELETED] 

Yes. Not even the exit node will be able to see the users IP. This is a world’s first and Sentinel have proprietary tech over the entire multi billion dollar vpn industry. Yes it’s a bit deal. Yes the FUD is baseless and regarded. Probably by lagging competitors.

>> No.15241252

>Yes. Not even the exit node will be able to see the users IP. This is a world’s first and Sentinel have proprietary tech over the entire multi billion dollar vpn industry. Yes it’s a bit deal. Yes the FUD is baseless and retarded. Probably by lagging competitors.

>> No.15241257

I meant the nodes themself. So if one participated as a node, is their IP masked? I’d imagine it can’t be?

>> No.15241263

Yes sir! Good bag. Try and get to 2m then you’ll be in the top 1000 people on the planet!

>> No.15241269

With Sentinel yes it can. They can do anything. Team are geniuses

>> No.15241275

>This is a world’s first and Sentinel have proprietary tech
>Really just a trojaned copy of OpenVPN
Have you checked your exchange accounts and wallets to see if they have emptied them yet?

>> No.15241290

Is there any explanation of how this is done? My understand of the fundamentals of how the internet works is that a valid IP is required to send data from the website to the viewer. Even using exit nodes, etc, at some point a real IP has to be used. Of course this isn’t the users IP, but I’d imagine it would then have to be the node’s IP.

This is fine if it’s someone who doesn’t care given personality or nationality but I’d imagine US citizens for example would not want to serve as nodes then for that reason?

>> No.15241303

(I hold 2m sent, but I’m just wondering)

>> No.15241329

$.50~ screenie this.

>> No.15241364

As someone extremely familiar with Tor and VPNs, I’d also like to know as well. The biggest fault with Tor is exit nodes, hence why onions (network routed between relay nodes with no exit nodes) is regarded as secure. With this, wouldn’t an exit node incorporation involve exit nodes seeing the dVPN host IP, unless some funky relay hops were used? I’ve heard packet standardization will be implemented, which is another fault of Tor exit nodes (packet sniffing in regards to packet size; theoretically packets of same volume/size can be linked between origin IP and exit)

>> No.15241378

Also Sentinel is fixing the latter with packet standardization, just to clarify. Still, I’d like to have my question answered. Exit nodes -> dVPN IP -> origin machine seems to be how this would be unmasked, so obviously some kind of obfuscation is needed with one of those steps

>> No.15241408

They're using vanilla OpenVPN now, so I'll let you figure that out.
These guys barely know what they're doing. The code that's out is highly questionable, and no one wants to provide any explanations. Especially jarring is that they use OpenDNS, which logs all queries and sells them. So much for privacy.

>> No.15241436

>Exit nodes -> dVPN IP -> origin machine seems to be how this would be unmasked
The current code, as far as I can tell - and no one has ever addressed it yet - doesn't even have sandboxing (so you're letting a stranger to your whole LAN), and has a system that just checks for a keypair in a fixed folder, which - again, never addressed - I see as a huge MITM risk since literally any user can drop their own keypair to decrypt the traffic.

>> No.15241442

LINK could've made you six figures if you bought in 2017 when it was shilled here and sold at $4 you absolute moron.

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File: 483 KB, 1125x1393, B9E03B84-29C3-4457-89A4-8CBF0E46F400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit... wait... did they solve this by obfuscating through tor, thus using tor exit nodes as the final touch point, rather than their own staker’s nodes???? Am I understanding this correctly?

>> No.15241489

I don't even know anymore, they've been back and forth on tor exit nodes being optional or not, and they didn't release the code for the relays.

>> No.15241508

Conceptually, this is an incredibly brilliant solution though, no?

>> No.15241518

And it could be optional as preferred by the node itself I’d imagine? Sacrifice speed for greater anonymity?

>> No.15241519

You don’t understand it correctly. They have done nothing to solve the problem with exit nodes. They have done nothing to protect edit node users. The entire platform is laughable and technical smoke and mirrors.

>> No.15241524

Not really? It will only slow down the Tor network exponentially, and there's always the issue of presumed exit node compromisation. You can do the same by using VPN over Tor yourself.

>> No.15241539

Also samefagging, I know, but you're also forgetting the issue of Tor exit nodes being known and blocked by a large portion of the internet.

>> No.15241545

Bottlenecking tor isn’t really their concern and the network actors will accommodate with further development. Tech always meets need. As for diy vs integrated solution, integrated seems like a nice convenience for someone who would like to be a node and utilize tor without the know how/effort

>> No.15241560

Hm? I’m not samefagging? And couldn’t you say the same for nord or any other provider. Also adding a final centralized touch point post-tor could close the gap lol

>> No.15241566

Ie a nord IP or the like

>> No.15241578

How is it not their concern, when everyone using their service is looking at potential speed crawl back to the 90s?

>> No.15241597

Non-tor nodes would perform faster. And again it’s nascent tech. It will optimize overtime. And this bottle neck would be solved with the full backing of ever tor-active dev, not just sent. So it’s a relatively well addressed pressure point all things considered.

>> No.15241600

No, I was samefagging by posting two successive replies, so I wanted to make sure I'm well aware of that not being the ideal post format. And no, Tor is blocked outright by a VERY large portion of the net, and because of the lack of exit nodes, they can't really keep up with the cat and mouse game. Commercial providers are usually blocked very rarely, I've only ever encountered block on 4chan and BBC iPlayer.
Also, don't use Nord. They shouldn't be trusted.

>> No.15241613

$1 easy with all thats going on in china

>> No.15241617

Tor team doesn't really accept money for nodes, because they're trying to be careful with who is serving the network. They will definitely not go for some partnership, if you mean that.

Either way, you should be focusing more on the real issues this has, rather than speculation.

>> No.15241619

I’m not the most knowledgeable in the space so I could be mistaken but it seems like a relatively well constructed start. I’d find it hard to imagine a *more* viable solution.

Re: Nord, Haven’t they taken legal flack for how well the uphold user privacy?

>> No.15241640

Sorry, I didn’t mean partnership. They are basically parasitic to the tor network. And, their throughput is bottlenecks by tor, not their own tech. So opening that constraint would be through advancements in tor, not sent. The more they leach, the more incentive there is for tor to be more efficient. Maybe I’m mistaken

>> No.15241676

Look, I'm gonna be yelled at by people for being a "fudder", but they have the complete opposite of a good start. They're making people run software that's half obfuscated/closed (for now), and from what is released you can see they made literally every beginner mistake they could have.

Routing DNS thru commercial company which logs traffic, using weak keypair, no DNS encryption, no apparent sandboxing of the VPN itself, looking for hardcoded ovpn logs and keypair... Even the "enforced encryption" is only a line looking thru the OpenVPN logs. It's kind of a nightmare, if you ask me.

Tor is critically underfunded, they're not gonna get much better any time soon.

>> No.15241701

Appreciate the insights mate. I disagree a good bit desu. But I’ll respond more after some rest. I don’t think it’s perfecr for sure, not will it solve every issue immediately, but incrementally it has a strong path forward imo. I also don’t reallly have the same reservations as use re: using tor. Seems like a smart play imo

>> No.15241733

Has anyone done a code review of their github at all?

>> No.15241767

There isn't much to review, it's all trash

>> No.15241774

i think they are releasing a new implementation in the next month, with new config files and better security overral.

lets just remember that this is still a free testnet
after main net launches and they will get funding through dao tresury they can do an audit

>> No.15241793

Yes but a review would showcase the trash.

>> No.15241801

You can’t predict. But we can predict one of the first real world application built on decentralised infrastructure. What will it be worth, no one knows.

>> No.15241814

You are not only illiterate but also an asshole. I don’t give a damn about the price but don’t pass judgement if you don’t even know how to read code.

>> No.15241817

Me along with other people have already posted all the shit, the shills don't want to listen to.
Very brief tldr
>using easyrsa defaults to generate keypairs and move into set dir
>setting up OpenDNS as a DNS (this is just alarming and completely fucked up)
>no apparent sandboxing or keypair verification
>logging is too verbose because of their shitty system of parsing logs as "enforcement"

>> No.15241829

Oh yeah, I also forgot that the docker image STILL allows for 128 bit cypher suites.

>> No.15241867

>But we can predict one of the first real world application built on decentralised infrastructure.
...what the hell are tou talking about, one of the first real decentralized application? What?

>> No.15241925

Cashed out my 100k SENT down to 30k. Made my stack invested + 25% plus 30k to let ride. Fuck it. Announcement will likely take it higher but this looks like bullshit pie to me.

>> No.15241981
File: 87 KB, 518x587, 09A1FB34-E9EC-4BDB-BD68-10BF0DEF6AE5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes. It won’t be very clear now. Like it was not clear a few years back.

>> No.15241986

any fud can be addressed, software is not set in stone, don't let fud shake you out

>> No.15241989

It does till it doesn’t.

>> No.15241994

I still have no idea what your definition of "decentralized app" is.

>> No.15241999

Fud is designed to shake you out.

>> No.15242026

30k is good.

If it goes to a fabled 1 USD that's a nice chunk of change.

>> No.15242057

Not decentralised app. DAPP is a lie. I said application on decentralised infrastructure. The future is about application that’s built on an infrastructure not owned, controlled or governed by a single party. An example used to get cited back in 2010-2011 was services such as VPN that can be hosted by several unknown entities who are paid using Bitcoin to support their bandwidth usage.

A network that can be successfully build may have a larger impact on society as a whole where your contribution is rewarded using cryptocurrency. That’s one of the first use case on Bitcoin and it was not possible so far.

Sentinel will pave the path for how applications are built on decentralised infrastructure.

It’s not clear now and should not be. Not many people spend their lifetime researching cryptography, private internet, hardware to support such medium of communication, payment rails and private communication networking.

I care little for the price. I care for what being built. Price will always follow usage. And usage growth in then network makes me feel positive.

>> No.15242081

Always do what your heart tells you to do. There is always the next big thing. But good things take time. Ether took 4 years to go from 60 cents to 600 dollars.

>> No.15242108

And after such an intelligent comment, you go out there and ask people to buy LINK.

You should be ashamed of yourself to play with the minds and take advantage of those who are gullible.

>> No.15242115
File: 250 KB, 1280x814, matrix1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also we have always that this project its going through its infancy stage, and had only 1.89m$ in funding.
more developers will probably be hired as the value of the network increases, third party teams can get funded through the dao model.
bounties can get created, having a dao on the blockchain allows for crazy stuff that normal companies can't do.
having your own blockchain is like magic.
every sovereign dao will have its own blockchain

>> No.15242174

Funding is not really important. Satoshi bootstrapped the entire eco system without raising any money.

It’s about building the community and getting highlighted, respected and looked up to. The entire Cosmos/Tendermint eco system is behind sentinel and that’s what I like about the whole thing.

They are loved so much that Interchain foundation delegated them 250k ATOM to increase their voting power as a validator.

>> No.15242244

But... Decentralized technologies have existed for decades. Ever heard of e-mail?

>> No.15242249

I can't wait until this shit crashes and you bagholders stop spamming this shit coin

>> No.15242256

>zero arguments
Nice post m8

>> No.15243113
File: 60 KB, 755x692, delegation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah when that happened that was quite a bullish sign, i think partnership with cosmos will be more then just atom delegation

>> No.15243289

My prediction for EOY after Sentinel hub mainnet is: $100 million marketcap

>> No.15243691
File: 33 KB, 465x240, jesus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah thats very possible, thats around x10 from here, main net will lock most of the tokens

>> No.15243992

My prediction is 500m cap during 2020

>> No.15244444

Also tendermint shared a tweet about sentinel recently

>> No.15244510

woah this is insane, been following SENT some time and didn't knew all those facts

>> No.15244670

what a waste of quints

>> No.15244679

checked and SENTpilled

>> No.15244692
File: 551 KB, 1946x3312, D92Yb_oWsAAQA6t.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Henlo sirs SENT will make every other VPN obsolete sirs

please buy

>> No.15244717

Winner winner, chicken nigger.

>> No.15244942

Once a good entry point for someone trying to accumulate more? I have very little btc to work with now so I’m not trying to get rekt. But thus could be another link/ren where it would have been better to all in versus st $4.20

>> No.15245279
File: 47 KB, 1172x464, idex.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ive been buying some every time it touches the red trendline, and i have some big buys if it ever touches the green trendline again (but i doubt it)

>> No.15245839

That trend seems very solid can you project it and see where we would be if we followed that trend till Dec 2019

>> No.15246322

well over 80 vits

>> No.15246356


Q3 2020 possible, EOY I say $100m

>> No.15246672

what coin are you guys shilling next?

>> No.15246693
File: 9 KB, 224x224, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got given $100USD in BSV from a friend. Made a thread bout what to reinvest in and SENT was first answer. What so good? Any reason or just mooncoin?

>> No.15246800


Excellent take. Doing the lords work

>> No.15246975

SENT has 10k daily users on their first product which is a dvpn, they will launch many more products after main net.
interblockchain mixer
relay net
ios app

sentinel is built on tendermint whic is the same consensus algo that cosmos ren matic libra tezos use, it makes all blockchains using it very fast and interoperable.
sentinel was the first project after cosmos that started to build on tendermint thats why cosmos team delegated 500k atoms to sentinel team (and also cause sent team was one of the main contributors during cosmos bug bounties)

>> No.15247446

Very good sum up, I didn't know libra was building on tendermint too, that's very bullish for the whole ecosystem, maybe users from libra will be able to use sentinel mixer

>> No.15247995
File: 64 KB, 598x843, tendermint-sentinel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tendermint received some direct investments from coinbase, and they pinned the tweet where they show the progress of sentinel testnet blockchain

>> No.15248437

Sentinel seems to have lots of support from big guys

>> No.15248885

Thats why it will break past ath before the end of the year too much stuff
cosmos and tendermint endorsement mentioned on binance research page on cosmos
low raise under 2m
Team holds low % of the supply
It will have stacking
10k daily user most of them in places that truly need this tech

>> No.15248906

okay, everything else i own is shitting the bed. should i just put everything into SENT? i'm already like 40%

>> No.15249368

1 cent seems possible

>> No.15249521

i would even say quite lickely
always have some BTC in your portfolio, surely sent offers the best risk reward, its low cap and its showing amazing strenght against BTC while all other alts are dumping hard

>> No.15250114

Having always some btc is a must it act as a hedge when alts dump and you can always scoop up cheap alts later

>> No.15250677

yeah ive been holding mostly BTC from december , if i wanted to right now i could scoop up very cheap alts

>> No.15251071

When are you going to buy ?

>> No.15251590

around the 25 of september

>> No.15251794

It is kind of meant for big players like


>> No.15251812

That would be nice.

>> No.15251816

0, filing a report with the Department of Treasury to investigate this product for maleware

>> No.15251878

code is completely open source anybody can check, no malware is there

>> No.15251904

hahahaha my whole portfolio in red and SENT almost 100% up in last 7 days

Moving all other shitcoins into more SENT today

>> No.15252230

SENT has shown ingredible strenght during the last period

>> No.15252722
File: 373 KB, 1059x633, photo_2019-07-16_22-55-04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15253451
File: 58 KB, 463x609, HELATHY-BANDWIDTH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15254084

Hey man, mind getting a tripcode so I can screencap your post?

>> No.15254103

nice English by the way


Here's your favorite song you retarded faggot


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