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Prove that /biz/ isn't the best board.
>pro tip: you can't.

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no trannies

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no caturdays

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no zyzz

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If you ignore all the scam and cryptards it's actually not so bad. Make a random thread about anything and you get halfway redpilled and based replies. You don't have this on any other board.

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We just need flags and we would be the best

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/biz/ is a close second after /pol/.

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based and redpilled

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Yeah lets just make this into another /pol/ + /int/ board, that will surely increase post quality.

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Wanna post?
Solve 3 of those.

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I still watch this


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too many pajeets and other untouchables shilling their bags here. pic related would make this the best board

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Anyone have a version of op's pic but with a smile on apu's face?

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/ck/ is still up

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there is literally no answer to this

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It's circular shift right, change shape (o->t, t->x,x->o), first col circular shifts down.
>t 160+ iq

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huh, that's right , <90 iq here

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/pol/ hasnt been this funny since 2013.

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Cuck/pol/ has been unusable dogshit since 2015. Expect a lot of actual /pol/acks to show up here now that full/pol/ is down.

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